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Sacrifices [Novel]
by Anna S. Greener MKASHEF Enterprises

"This novel takes place on Vulcan. Young Spock's cousin, S'Tev'Fon, comes to realize that his achievement of Kolinahr leaves him yearning to discover the diversities of life, emotions and beliefs. He questions the tenets of Surak." [I didn't note the source of this summary. Probably a catalog.]

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* Sahaj Collected
by Leslye Lilker, Sasheer Press, Lynbrook, NY, December 1977, 202 p.
Cover: Alice Jones; back cover: P.S. Nim
Art & illustrations: P.S. Nim, Alice Jones, Signe Landon

[Editorial] / Leslye Lilker, p. 1
Loved I Not Honor More / Trinette L. Kern, p. 3-19
Sets the stage for the Sahaj series.
While serving under Captain Pike, young Spock is captured and tortured while on a landing party. Thereafter, he behaves oddly as - unbenknownst to himself - he enters his first pon farr, along with suffering the emotional effects of the ordeal. Pike and Boyce force him to take shore leave on Ventura, where he holes up in a room until Pike orders him to attend a function at the Vulcan embassy for him. There, the ambassador T'Marr recognizes his situation and decides to take advantage of it. Spock is, of course, bonded to T'Pring at the time. On return to the Enterprise, he shoves the whole disgraceful episode to a corner of his mind.
Interlude / Leslye Lilker [?], p. 21-22
Glimpse of Sahaj's life at 5 years of age. His mother is distant and demanding; his closest relationships are with ambassador Jeremy Gill, his father-figure, and the Gill boys, with whom he pretty much runs wild in the streets.
The Ambassador's Son / Leslye Lilker, p. 23-81
[reprinted from IDIC #1]
T'Marr has died of illness, leaving orders that her son Sahaj, now eleven, be returned to Vulcan and placed for adoption. Enterprise is assigned to transport him. No one is prepared for the willful little hellion and his panda-like pet smoocha, Romulus, who proceed to wreak delightful havoc aboard, of both the deliberate and the inadvertent type. Sahaj knows that Spock is his father, and will have nothing to do with him, instead latching onto McCoy as his only ally. Spock obtusely does not figure out the relationship for some time. Lots of great fireworks among Sahaj, Spock, McCoy, and Kirk. The resolution is unfortunately contrived - Romulus the smoocha turns out to be a powerful telepath who has been controlling Sahaj; Spock rescues his son and destroys Romulus through a mind-meld.
Without Pomp or Circumstance / Leslye Lilker, p. 83-91
[reprinted from Beyond Orion #2]
Sarek has been busily going through applications to adopt T'Marr's son when Spock shows up with the panic-stricken and unruly child to explain that he is turning the boy over to Sarek and Amanda to raise.
No One on this Planet Looks at Rainbows / Leslye Lilker, p. 94-100
Bored, distraught, and definitely not resigned to his fate, Sahaj goes exploring in the desert, only to get himself caught, first in a monsoon storm, and then in a quagmire. An unsympathetic Sarek comes to the rescue.
It's Boring / Leslye Lilker, p. 103-111
Sahaj starts school, makes enemies with his classmate Selak and friends with Selak's young sister T'ian, begins pestering his grandparents to give let him have a sehlat cub, and generally keeps pushing the boundaries, trying to get a rise from them that will show that they care about him.
The Price of a Thousand Horses... / Leslye Lilker, p. 113-142
[rewritten version of The Bonding, published in IDIC #2]
Sarek, with a little help from McCoy, gets Spock to come home on leave and take a hand in dealing with Sahaj, who is certainly disrupting Sarek and Amanda's ordered life, and has decided to enroll in a boarding school back on Ventura. On Spock's return, Sahaj makes all kinds of plans looking forward to some one-on-one time with Spock, only to have Spock's time and attention taken up with the study of an old tapestry which is the key to a present political crisis. Sahaj manages to steal a document vital to deciphering the tapestry, leading to a lovely scene of confrontation between Spock and Sahaj. The pair do eventually get some time together, and Sahaj gets a short reunion with his friends on the Enterprise - and his sehlat cub - before Spock deserts him once again.
Twilight and Evening Bells / Leslye Lilker, p. 145-172
[reprinted from IDIC #3]
Spock is reported missing, presumed dead. Sahaj eventually feels his father's presence through their bond, but his grandparents believe it is only a residual effect. They perform the Chi'Takhl ceremony to sequester grief, but Sahaj refuses to participate. Sarek barely manages to rescue Sahaj from delving too deep in his own mind in the attempt to reach Spock, but Sahaj continues to insist that Spock is on a ship, on his way home, and in need of assistance. Enterprise arrives and McCoy makes an attempt to adopt Sahaj, but is rebuffed by Sarek. McCoy also fails to respond to Sahaj's certainty that his father is alive; so does T'Pau. Finally, Sahaj steals T'Pau's shuttle in an attempt to fly to his father, but crashes in the desert instead. Despite lematyas, he makes it home in time for a row with Kirk, who has just arrived to give condolences, and then Sarek arrives with - did you guess? - Spock in tow, fresh from the healers, but still weak.
And Watch 'Til Daylight Comes / Leslye Lilker, p. 175-188
[reprinted from IDIC #3]
Kirk and McCoy reunite with Spock as he slowly recovers, but no one will let Sahaj in to see his father. Sarek argues that Spock must sever his forbidden link with his son; Spock is reluctant. Nice reunion scenes when Sahaj is finally allowed to visit.
The Lesson / Leslye Lilker, p. 191-200
[reprinted from IDIC #4]
Sahaj continues to be rash and disobedient, this time attempting to use Spock against Sarek to get his way about going to a concert with his friends instead of with his family. Caught out, he is grounded, but sneaks out to the concert anyway. Caught again, Sahaj learns of Vulcan methods of discipline - the anxiety caused by withdrawal of the parental bond.
untitled / Lucy Miner, p. 2
Discovery / Marian Kelly, p. 20
Apologies from a Smoocha / Juanita Salicrup, p. 82
The Inquiry / T.L. Kern, p. 92
untitled / T.L. Kern, p. 102
It's Boring! [filk] / T.L. Kern, p. 111-112
Twilight and Evning Bells / ? p. 143
The Son; Wanting; Haiku for Sahaj / T.L. Kern, p. 172
untitled / Lucy Miner, p. 173
Patient Child / T. L. Kern, p. 174
Reflections and Recall / T. L. Kern, p. 190
Vulcan Plains [filk to Neil Diamond's "Brookly Roads"] / T. L. Kern, p. 201
untitled / W. Fisher, p. 202


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Additional Sahaj Stories:

** "The Bronze Cord" / Leslye Lilker, p.123-155.
[In Dagger of the Mind.]
Two years after Spock has taken Sahaj from his foster father Jeremy Gill to put him in the care of Sarek and Amanda, Gill has become ambassador to Vulcan in hopes of being near the boy again. Enterprise is taking him there, and all the crew conspire to keep Gill and Spock from coming to blows. Delightful writing, excellent characterization for both the new and familiar players. Nice touch in this one is the game of Olympic Chess that runs through Gill's mind at opportune moments throughout the story.
* And the South Shall Fall Again / Leslye Lilker & Juanita Salicrup p. 95-135
[in Guardian #1]
McCoy's sister Jackie Lee sends a stargram that their father is dying and he hurries home; Kirk, worried about his reaction, sends Spock along for support. When McCoy and Spock arrive at Rev. Alan McCoy's home, Laurel Hollow, they find him quite well and also find Amanda, Sarek and Sahaj there visiting as they have come to attend a Grayson family reunion in the vicinity. The rest of the story is a delightful little romp of family dynamics as Jackie sets her cap first for Sarek, then for Spock, who dumps her in a stream. It all wraps up with a family ball game in which the three Vulcans conspire to cheat for Amanda. I didn't get the last bit - Sarek has apparently released all of Jackie's canaries (which Sahaj had done once before), and Sahaj's explanation of Sarek's "final duty" before they could leave is to sing "The Bonny Blue Flag."



"Conceived and Designed by Mary G. Buser," 1979, 104p.
Cover: Mary G. Buser; inside back cover; Heather Firth.
Original price: not stated.

An Injury ot the Living / Cathy Strand; ill. Beverly Zuk, p. 6
Safe / Barb Greenwood; ill. Daryl Murdock, p. 16
Landscapes: an art portfolio / Harriet Stallings, p. 21
An Essay / Michele Arvizu, p. 33
Eulogy for a Starship / Dennis Bahm, Cathy Strand and Kay Johnon; ill. Jann Frank, p. 36
An Opportunity / Barb Greenwood; ill. Cathy Strand, p. 91
To See and Touch Once More / Kay Johnson, p. 94
An Essay / Wilhelmina, p. 100
The Contributors, p. 102

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Satire Trek Cartoon Comics
H. Roli, Pittsburgh, PA, 40 unnumbered pages

no credits, no date on item (copy viewed is a photocopy)

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Item in hand [klh]



Saurian Brandy Digest
ed. Sylvia Stanczyk, Sehlat Press, Erie PA

1977 #1 Apr 1977 Data source: Trexindex
1977 #2 May 1977 Data source: Trexindex

#3 Jun 1977

Data source: Trexindex

Saurian Brandy Digest #4
ed. Sylvia Stanczyk, Sehlat Press, Erie PA, August 1977 (2nd printing May 1982), 47p
Cover: Dorosch; bacover: Burnside
Original price: $2.00

The zine overall is pretty mediocre - some fun filks are the best of show here.

Is This Starfleet (Ain't We Crazy) Paul Simmons, p. 4
Spockadile Rock (Crocadile Rock, Elton John) Carol Lee, p. 5
Going for Broke (Where Have All the Flowers Gone) Carol Lee, p. 6
A Matter of Principle / Carolyn Meredith p. 8-21
Points for episode tie-ins and Tellarite cultural bits such as near-worship of the pregnant, but otherwise rather pedestrian writing. Post "Whom Gods Destroy," Kirk investigates mysterious disappearances on Tantalus, now being run by a recovering Dr. Van Gelder - and finds that a Tellarite engineering team has stumbled onto the principle of the Tantalus Device, as used on the ISS Enterprise.
Sensor Scan (word-search puzzle)
Succubus / "Helmsman Collins", p. 23-24
Black Magic fantasy short
"Snoopy" trektoons, p. 25-26
Beyond Communications / Jackie Bielowicz, 27-42
An early (and it shows it) effort by a well-known fanfic author. Uhura, assigned to chaperone a princess on a planetary mission, ends up having to engineer their escape from an evil Klingon plot.
Stargazing (poem) / M.K. Unger, p. 43

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  #5 Sep 1977  
  #7 Dec 1977  

Saurian Brandy Digest #8: Holiday Cheer
ed. Sylvia Stanczyk, Sehlat Press, Erie PA, January 1978 (2nd printing May 1983), 51p
Christmas issue
Covers: Susan Ceci
Art & illustrations: Susan Ceci, T;Erri Dorosch, C. Faddis, Desire Gonzales, Madeline Rodgers
Original price: $2.00

Solitary (poem) / Barbara Kelly, p. 4
Of Paramount Importance / Barbara Kelley, p. 5-10
The Save Star Trek campaign, from the pov of a Paramount PR person. Pretty dull.
Christmas Filks, p. 12-15:
Scott the Red-Eyed Engineer (Rudolph)
Christmas Aboard the Enterprise (Deck the Halls) Paul Simmons
Red Alert (Jingle Bells)
Jump on the Transport (Up on the Rooftop)
The Captain's Lament (Hark the Herald...)
Twelve Years in Starfleet (12 Days of Xmas)
Safety Tips for New Crew Members / Kage Hydryn & Kathleen Ganhuan, p. 16
This Shell Called Man / Naomi Bradfield, p. 17-42
Muddled, silly tale combining several plots, none of them well. Best thing here is the promising premise - Spock and McCoy being told off by Kirk and teaching him a lesson by becoming all buddy-buddy - but it was so poorly executed that it did not redeem the rest. The rest being: a popular, family-crazy young man suddenly coming up with a fatal blood disease, then combining, through Vulcan mental magic, with the last member of a race whose extinction by a human race the Enterprise has just witnessed.
You Know You're a Star Trek Fan When... / Carol Lee p. 43
Ode To Flopcon / Two Suckers Who Should've Known Better p. 44-49
Cute, but overlong ballad of "The Con from Hell."

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

  #9 Feb 1978  

Saurian Brandy Digest #10: "Collector's Edition"
ed. Sylvia Stanczyk, Sehlat Press, Erie PA, April 1978 (2nd printing March 1984), 48p
"First Anniversary Edition"
Cover: Madeline Rodgers; bacover: Desire Gonzales
Art & illustrations: Susan Ceci, T; Connie Faddis, Desire Gonzales, Kathi Higley, Kathy Mellon, Miguel, Madeline Rodgers, Melinda shreve, Laurraine tutihas
Original price: $2.00

Demon in the Shoebox / Nancy Collins p. 4-5
Black Magic fantasy short.
The Puzzle (poem) / Dayle S. Palke, p. 7
Kirk on loss of his memories of Rayna.
All Her Tomorrows / Diana Barbour p. 9-21
Zarabeth finds herself pregnant and determines to repopulate the planet with her son Spock. Good descriptions, and an interesting take on this one if you can get past the hybridization, incest, and limited gene pool problems.
To Amanda (poem) / Kathleen Ganhuan, p. 22
A Matter of Destiny / Paul Pence p. 24-44
Interesting tale of a poet rescued by the Enterprise from suicide in 1985, his adjustment to the future, and his fateful(?) loss in a transporter beam.
Hot Toddy Trading Post (ads), p. 45-46

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Saurian Brandy Digest #32
ed. Sylvia Stanczyk, Sehlat Press, Erie PA, AFebruary 1984, 61p.
Cover: Virginia L. Smith; back cover: Suzan Lovett
Art & illustrations: Anne Davenport, Kathi Higley, Suzan Lovett, Helena Ming, Cheryl Newsome, Melody Rondeau, Virginia L. Smith, Kiel Stuart.
Original price: $3.50

Sprinkled with nice "Friendly Skies" Enterprise cartoons by Cheryl Newsome.

From the Bottom of the Bottle (editorial), p. 4
For the World Is Stupid / Kiel Stuart "For the World Is Hollow..." spoof p. 5-14
Not bad. Best line, Nadira, giving McCoy the rules: "...Don't cross against the light. Wear your pixie hat when it rains... And this is the Book of Many Things. Don't mess with it or you'll be sorry. Now give me all your funky love."
They're Coming to Blow Us Away (filk) / Anne Davenport, p. 15-16
Who Was That Lady I Saw You With / Lynda Carraher, p. 17-31
Mildly amusing if predictable tale of Kirk attempting to help an IIB man track down the notorious prankster Kilroy.
The Trilling Fur Gift (The Blacksmith) / Cheryl Newsome, p. 33-34
* A Night at the Movies / Cheryl Newsome, p. 35-45
The bridge crew view ST:TMP, with some very entertaining commentary.
TV Guide Galactic Programs Fall Preview Issue / Stephen Mendenhall, 46-55
The Ghastilions / Robert J. Tucker, p. 56-59
Memo exchange between the new Equal Opportunity officer and Kirk, on the necessity to include scary Ghastilions in the crew.

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Scandals of Shikahr [ADULT; K/S]
ed. Sue Meek & Tina Pole, Tyne & Wear, England

From ad in Duet #8:
"a humorous K/S zine, which deals with Jim and Spock's visit to Shikahr for what they believe will be a quiet wedding - Shikahr may never be the same again! The zine features stories by Jane J. Coulson, Lena Marson, Teresa White, etc., all done in the best possible taste!!"

Data source:
Ad in Duet #8



The Scapegoat [Novel]
by D. DuBois, Ed. Doreen Dabinett

"This novel takes place on Vulcan. Young Spock's cousin, S'Tev'Fon, comes to realize that his achievement of Kolinahr leaves him yearning to discover the diversities of life, emotions and beliefs. He questions the tenets of Surak." [I didn't note the source of this summary. Probably a catalog.]

Data source:
Trexindex S2



Scattered Stars [ADULT: K/S]
Merry Men Press, El Cajon, CA

  Scattered Stars #1  
  Scattered Stars #2  


Scattered Stars #3. 19??, 198p
cover & bacover by "Deeb"
undated, but some time after the 25th Creation con in L.A., which is mentioned in the editorial

Prime Directive / Karla Kelly, p 4-11
Queen Leonora the First, of some rather medieval society, is caught in a web of political intrigue, accused of allowing Kirk - now her Captain of the Guard - to escape a death sentence. Kirk and Spock had suddenly appeared in the midst of a battle to lead her forces from rout to victory over an enemy that has benefitted from Klingon weaponry. Nicely poetic writing, steering clear of smarm, and an interestingly strong character in Leonora.
Direct Hit / Gena Moretti, p. 12-55
Kirk and Gary Mitchell, lovers in this alternate universe tale, are stranded on an uninhabited planet after a disastrous battle with the Xulkhans. After adventures in love and wilderness survival, they find there has been at least one other survivor - the Xulkhan Spock. When Gary is killed by a local carnivore, Kirk is mad with grief and takes it out on his remaining companion until eventually (and inevitably) the castaways find solace with one another.
Irresistable Force / Greta Foulard, p 62-90
Kirk, Sulu, and McCoy have gone into the planetary exploration business on their own in this alternate universe (no mention of such a thing as Starfleet here). Kirk is on his own when Spock flies into his camp, deeply enough into pon farr to rape Kirk, though fortunately not so farr gone as to damage him irreparably. With a little understanding and conniving from McCoy and Sarek, Kirk gradually finds his way to accepting, then enjoying, the bond he did not choose.
A Terrible Rightness / Ann McClean, p 92-136
Mirror Universe. Spock has been taken captive in an Imperium attack in which his beloved and pregnant wife T'Pring was murdered before his eyes. Kirk, the perpetrator of the attack, requisitions Spock and his companion Stopek as slaves to work on the Enterprise computer systems. (A premise of inviolable Vulcan honor makes this idea not quite as stupid on Kirk's part as it might seem.) Despite their hatred of one another and Kirk's innate homophobia, Kirk and Spock soon find themselves drawn into frantic coupling by a legendarily rare and irresistable link of true love. They try to avoid their fate by having Spock bond with the eager Stopek, but at the last moment Kirk decides to accept the unasked for gift of the bond himself - and take the Enterprise and her crew into the service of the Vulcan-led resistance to the Imperium.
The Rasputin Effect / Janis E. Laine, p. 138-198
Well, now, that was fun. Mirror Universe of a sort. Kirk's family was wiped out by Imperial forces when he was six; after a stint on the Enterprise, he now makes his way in the world by working a variety of cons and scams. Having inadvertently trespassed on Talos, he has been captured and sent for execution (in the "electrolethe") to a prison facilty which happens to be managed by Warden Spock. Spock, it turns out, was lamed in an accident and sent to this out-of-the-way position. An alcoholic McCoy is presiding over the prison hospital, where he is managing to evade the imperial requirement that he use condemned prisoners for experiments to find a cure for Schwab's disease - from which the emperor's son suffers. Despite a fondness for Kirk, Spock will not disobey the execution order. He does, however, grant Kirk's last request and comes to Kirk's cell in a "courting robe" for chess and sex. Things do not go quite as expected, and Kirk ends up joining a jailbreak and almost escaping in the warden's yacht. An ion storm brings him down, but has given him magical healing powers. McCoy is delighted, and after Kirk has healed everyone on the premises (one healing to a customer), the doctor convinces Spock to send word to the emperor in hopes of a pardon for Jim if he heals the Atheling. Kirk does so, but no pardon is forthcoming. Kirk is duly executed, but as McCoy prepares to dispose of the body he discovers that some portion of residual healing energy can be transfered back to Kirk, and manages to get a heartbeat and get the body on life support. Of course, to really get Kirk back means recalling his katra; only Spock can do that, and only through sex/bonding. The author has included a clever little framing story involving Organians and Talosians to aid us in suspension of disbelief over the annoyingly magical bits.

Item in hand




**Scryer [Novel]
by Zaquia Tarhuntassa, Spartiwerks, Pacific Grove CA, 1990, 112p.
Artwork by the author.

The Enterprise gang are transported into medieval romancery with a Vulcanoid culture. Well written and altogether a real delight - even though this genre is not generally my cup of tea. Great little art sketches sprinkled throughout, nicely evocative.

Data source:
Item in hand



ed. Mary Ann Bentz, Pittsburgh PA

fan comment & zinelist zine

#1 (1977) - #16 (1979)

Data source: ?

1977 #1 May 1977 17p.  
  #2 July 1977  
  #3 Sep 1977  
  #4 Dec 1977 16p.  
  #5 Jan 1978  
  #6 Apr 1978  
  #12 Mar 1979  
  #15 Sep 1979  
  #16 Nov 1979  



Second Age
Peter David, New York, NY

Data source:

Lone Western Blazes New Season / L. Winfrey
Constellations / F. Perez
The Mark of Zelazny(A) / N. Harris
The Sauroid Encounter / S. Noel
Undesireable Alien / G. Baker
A.P., U.P.l., U.F.O.(A) / R. Schwabach



Don't Let it Rain on My Parade(A) / W. Goldstein
Power Play / S. Kitty [also in Tetrumbriant #10]
Two Views on Space: 1999(A) / L. Winfrey
The Old Folks / P. David
The Apprenticeship / W. Goldstein
The Incompleat Ellison(A) / S. Paul
Marathon Attracts 1,300 Sci-Fi Buffs(A) / S. Stecklow
Star Trek Script that Was Rejected / A. Finkel
Two Reviews(A) / "Emjay"
The Rocks / "Pad" [Peter David?]
Janis and Reality / "Emjay"
Philcon(A) / W. Goldstein
The Beer Can / J. McKendrick
Turnaround Maneuver / P. David
Electron Wind / M. Spatz
The Sun's Bravado/ P. David
Return of the Sensuous Dirty Old Man(A) / W. Goldstein
Who's On Bridge(A) / S. Kitty
The Idea Man / L. Varriochio
Time and Time Again / M. Spatz
Whodunit?/ P. David
Jackie Lichtenberg(A) / G. Best
"A Boy and His Dog" (review)(A) / C. Sawyer
The Earthman and the Android / P. David
1976 #6 Fall 1976
"Stories by David, Dell, O'Neill; interesting interview with Ben Bova (R&R 2)"
Data source:
Ad in R & R #2



Second Best [Novel]
by J.M. Lane, 78 pg.

"McCoy is tired of being treated like a second class citizen, threatening to leave the ship and take Christine with him if they are not treated better by Kirk and Spock. (This also has an S/C subplot)." [I didn't note the source of this summary. Probably a catalog.]

Data source:



Second Chance / A Cold By any Other Name [Novel]
by Kay Stagg , 77 pg.

"previously appeared in Stargate 1 and 2. Second Chance: Spock is cloned and out to destroy Kirk and the Enterprise. Loyalty and friendship are tested to the limits. A Cold By Any Other Name: When Kirk gets a cold, everyone on the Enterprise knows about it.

Data source:
catalogs: Hupe, Rondeau



Second Chance [Novel; ADULT?]
by LRH Balzer; illustrations by Warren Oddson, 150 p.

"This gen fan-novel picks up several months after "Second To None", once again dropping Kirk, Spock, Chekov, and Sulu into the world of the Castorians. With unresolved emotions about their last visit, they are immediately faced with murder, war, and deception as they try to find out what has happened to the Pre-Contact team." [didn't record where I came across this.]

Data source ??



Second Comings [ADULT; K/S]
70 p.

"Stories by JIC and SM which previously appeared in Diversity and Never and Always with Lighter Shades"

Data source:
catalog: Hupe



Second Five-Year Mission
Karen Funk, Manilus, NY

Data source:

Editorial / Karen Funk
Science Dept: Dilithium / D. Cheyney
Second Five-Year Mission - What's That?" K. Funk



Editorial / Karen Funk
Science Dept: The Transporter" / B. Cline
Editorial / Karen Funk
Interview with David Gerrold (A)- / K. Funk
Day of the Frito (A) / R. Nordheim
Second Romulo-Federation War (A) / W. Hiestand
Scond Five-Year Mission Goes to the Con(A) / D. Cheyney
The Great Bird's Wild Goose Chase(A) / K. Funk
Editorial / Karen Funk
Ti-Ho Class: Federation Heavy Cruiser(A) / B. Cheyney
Science Dept: Warp Speeds(A) / R. Cline
Editorial / Karen Funk
Progress in Star Trek Revival(A) / C. Norman
Time Travel in Star Trek(A) / M. Fasman
Science Dept: Impulse Engines(A) / B. Cline
Klingon Heavy Cruiser(A) / C. Norman
How to Make a Starship(A) / D. Cheyney
Concerning Tribbles(A) / T. Reed
Editorial / Karen Funk
So This is a Convention(A) / K. Funk
Science Dept: Neutronium, The Densest Element (A) / D.Cheyney
Communications(A) / K. Funk
Fleet Warfare:Ti-Ho Class vs. Kahtew Class / C. Norman
Alternate System of Federation Starship Designs(A) / T.Verillo
Editorial / Karen Funk
Communications(A) / G. Hunter
Enterprise Religions(A) / H. Cord
On Science and Star Trek(A) / B. Cline
Letters to Spock(A)
Press Conference in Syracuse(A) / G. Roddenberry
Trek kon Summer (A)
Editorial / Karen Funk
Science Dept: A Rebuttal to Neutronium, the Densest Element(A)
The Trekkies Science Fiction Primer(A) / K. Farrel
The Last Mission/ K. Funk
Letters to Spock(A)
Harlan Ellison and Star Trek(A) / K. Funk
Not Again! Dept An Episode We've Already Seen
Mixed Reviews(A) / C. Doherty
Report on the Star Trek Movie(A) / J. McGrath
Interview / G. Hunter
Editorial / Karen Funk
Snoitacinummoc(A) / G. Hunter
What's A Wiz? / K. Funk
Cationsinummoc(A) / C. Doherty
Mixed Reviews(A) / C. Doherty
Interview / G. Hunter
The Enterprise Energy Crisis / T. Blue



Second Star to the Right
ed. Cassandra M. Stewart, Inglewood CA


Second Star to the Right #1
ed. Cassandra M. Stewart, Inglewood CA, no date, 62 unnumbered pages

This is very much a beginner's piece, and rather sloppy work. No date, no page numbers, no table of contents, etc., and apparently unedited and unproofed. Presumably the stories are the work of the publisher.

Second Chance p. 1-15
Kirk keeps watch over comatose Uhura, vowing to take the time to get to know her if she recovers.
Reunion p. 16-24
McCoy meets and spars with his old flame Dr. Cynthia Sharp, presenting her with Stanic roses and eliciting a promise that she will visit the Enterprise to see that he does more than dispense aspirin. Kinda cute story with some nice Kirk/McCoy interactions as well as good bits between Cynthia & McCoy. Insufficiently proofed, and lacking a plot, but a few nice little scenes.
Good Night p. 25-28
Chekov has frozen at his station, causing three deaths on another ship. Spock assists him in coming to terms with his failure. It's a nice little vignette, though I take exception with the assumption that some such "has happened to us all" and find it unrealistic that Chekov's training would leave him able to freeze up in a crisis, or that it would be forgiven by Kirk and Starfleet.
The Meld p. 29-40
Unconscious due to electrical shock, Spock accidentally melds with Uhura, resulting in traumatic mind-rape and transfer of memories between them - which can only be remedied by further meld with Spock, which she desperately fears.
Dana p. 41-61
Mary Sue. Scott falls in love with engineering cadet Dana.

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]




Second to None [Novel; ADULT?]
by LRH Balzer; illustrations by Warren Oddson, 190 p.

"A Chekov novel that takes place right after Amok Time and Who Mourns for Adonais. Note: This fanzine concerns adult situations. It is not a slash novel." [didn't record where I came across this.]

Data source ??



Secret Agent: Enterprise [Novel]
by Martin Bartel, Baltimore, MD

Data source:
Trexindex S1



The Sehlat's Roar
ed. Randy Ash, Flat Rock, MI



Cicago Con; Detroit Star-Con (A) T. Holmes
Forgotten Beasts of Eld (A) (review) R. Ash
The "Les Mesdamoiselles Federation" Affair (Part 1) T. Holmes
Kirk's Women (A) P. Cullen
How to be a Penniless Movie Mogul (A) J. Broadbent
Fanzine Reviews (A) T. Holmes
Death, Where is Thy Sting T. Holmes
Return from Tabs J. Cantor
Vulcan Pendant (A)
Some Thoughts on the Maraneti of Cait (A) T. Holmes
Visit to a Strange Planet (A) H. Holmes
A Visit to the Federation Zoo: Slime Devil, Deneb 111 (A)B. Ash

Data source:

The Sehlat's Roar #2
ed. Randy Ash, Flat Rock, MI, June 1976
Cover: Elizabeth Marshall; back cover: Joni Wagner
Art & illustrations: Randy Ash, John Broadbent, Mary Ann Emerson, Amy Falkowitz, Leslie Fish, Phil Foglio, Theresa Holmes, Elizabeth Marshall.
Original price: $2.00

The Roar (letters), p. 4

Inteview with Jacqueline Lichtenberg, p. 8
Afterthoughts on Kirk's Women / Patrice Cullen, p. 14
Now We Know... / Randy Ash
Well, We Tried! / John Broadbent, p. 17
A Visit to the Federation Zoo: Kant, Vulcan / Randy Ash, p. 18
Summary of the Physiological Boots of Andorian Culture / Leslie. Fish, p. 22

Candle in the Dark / Kathie Sabo, p. 40
Moon Child / Jeanne Powers, p. 62
The Demise / John Broadbent, p. 67
The "Les Mesdamoiselles Federation" Affair (Part 2) / Theresa Holmes & Randy Ash, p. 68
Epilogue / Jeanne Powers, p. 92

Bite / Howard Holmes, p. 1
A Conflict of Interest / John Broadbent, p. 39
Crystal Message / Howard Holmes, p. 61
The Commical Killing of the Captain / Michael Broadbent, p. 96

Reviews, p. 98-115
Federation News Notes, p. 112-115

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


The Sehlat's Roar #3
ed. Randy Ash, Flat Rock, MI, January 1977
Cover: Theresa Holmes; back cover: Elizabeth Marshall
Art & illustrations: Randy Ash, John Broadbent, Mary Ann Emerson, Amy Falkowitz, Theresa Holmes, Elizabeth Marshall, Signe Landon
Original price: $2.25

The Roar (letters), p. 4

Some Thoughts on the Tellarites / Theresa Holmes, p. 8
A Visit to the Fderation Zoo / Randy Ash, p. 23
For Sale / John Broadbent, p. 24
Puzzle / Randy Ash, p39

The Same Wilderness / Beverly Clark, p. 32
The "Les Mesdamoiselles Federation" Affair / Theresa Holmes & Randy Ash, p. 84

Sehlats / Mary Ann Emerson, p. 78

The Grand Kraith / Amy Hartman, p. 1
The Everlasting Ordeal / Susan Hasa, p. 31

Reviews, p. 106-108
Federation News Notes, p. 115

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



  #4 May 1977  

The Sehlat's Roar #5
ed. Randy Ash, Flat Rock, MI, December 1977, 114 p.
Cover: Mary Ann Emerson; back cover: V.M. Wyman
Art & illustrations: Randy Ash, Clare Bell, Gordon Carleton, Mary Ann Emerson, Connie Faddis, Amy Falkowitz, Leslie Fish, Theresa Holmes, Signe Landon, Martynn, Catalina Mellon, Monica Miller, Elizabeth Marshall, Marty Siegrist, V.M. Wyman
Original price: $3.00

"Special Issue" [because of calendar & poster "suppliments"?]

This issue has a fun frame - there is a story featuring each of the regular cast. However, it is a zine in need of proof-reading. Most seem rather like beginning efforts.

There is fine Gordon Carleton cartoon (p. 39) of Sulu in D'Artagnon mode accosting Darth Vader.


Editor's note, p. 1

A Sociopolitical Survey of the Rim Worlds / Leslie Fish p. 6-36
Long description of a number of alien worlds.
The Federation Zoo: Singjoy / Theresa Holmes p. 37-38
Illustrated description of critter
Vigil / Theresa Holmes, illustrated by Leslie Fish p. 40-45
Kirk and Spock are dying as air runs out of their suits after a crash. Though Spock is dead, Kirk manages to make mental contact and thereby warn the base of a strange and disasterous device, as well as effect their own rescue.
Of the Essence / Amy Falkowitz p. 46-51
Spock/Sarek reconciliation, mediated by a crystal. Eh.
Home is the Sailor / Ingrid Cross p. 52-56
McCoy snaps at Chapel, eliciting the tale of her ill-fated betrothal to Roger Corby, and finds that the father-confessor role is rather good for him.
Scott's Passion / Leslie Fish p. 57-60
Cute but rather over-long joke about Scott's secret vice - playing the bagpipes. Lots of innuendo.
Marooned / Randy Ash p. 68-78
Reminiscence of Uhura earning a medal during a crisis on the Kongo by going EV to punch a hole in a tank to get the ship moving by propulsion.
Rota / Jane Aumerle p. 80-86
Mirror Sulu finds himself floating in space watching his air go dry and realizes he's been neatly assassinated.
The Great Invention: a Fable / Beverly Clark p. 87-94
Chekov cheats to get assigned to the Enterprise, and is forced to 'fess up. Cute.
The First Step / Jeanne Powers p. 95-98
After Roger Corby goes missing, Christine's friend casually suggests Starfleet.
Contest Winner / Mary Schmidt p. 103-105
Presumably a "write a story for this illo" contest. A Paula finds herself aboard the Enterprise as the replacement selected by the computer for the last navigator, Mary Sue Turnipseed, who pined away and died before they determined if she was after Kirk, Spock or McCoy. Cute.

Sehlat Portfolio / Clare Bell p. 61-66

Sehlat's Song / Richard Novotney, p. 1
Rom Trade / Yetfa, p. 67
Daughter of the Sun / Sarah Leibold, p. 94
Flights of Fancy / Sarah Leibold, p. 98
The Jacobean Chronicles / Adrina Lewis, p. 99
Brandy Snifter / Dyale Palko p. 102
McCoy paen to Saurian Brandy
Another Flask / Sarah Leibold p. 102
Kirk(?) mourning (McCoy? Spock?) in brandy.
Lira / Dayle Palko, p. 105
Two Explanations / Dayle Palko, p. 106

Reviews, p. 108-113

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Sensor Readings
ed. Tim Farley, pub. Randall Landers, GA

ST non-fiction zine


Sensor Readings #1

ed. Tim Farley, pub. Randall Landers, GA, Apr 1984 50p

treknology articles;
spoof of Wolf in the Fold;
interview with Robert Bloch & David Gerrold.
An Angle of Attack System for Shuttlecraft Approach / Steven K. Dixon

Data source:



The Sensuous Vulcan [ADULT]

Data source:
eBay listing



Serenidad Series [Adult]
by Rick Endres, Orion Press, GA, 312 p.

ST non-fiction zine


Landers: TWR:
A complete collection of award winning author Rick Endres' Serenidad saga. All stories ("The Wages of Vengeance," "Oath of Vengeance," "The Cost of Freedom," "Teresa" and "Aftermath") have been reedited, retyped and reillustrated for your enjoyment. This is truly one of the best series ever published.

[KH] Well, I wasn't all that taken with it. I find all the Serenidad stories rather tedious, adolescent & gruesome. The tiresome princess Teresa seems to be only there for torture fantasies. And it doesn't fit to me that Klingons would give some kind of special protected status to healers. But plenty of other readers like them fine :-)

The Wages of Vengeance / Rick Endres
[rep: Stardate ?; also OA 2001 - 2nd Mission - 2]
The first and one of the more interesting of the Serenidad set - Kirk is seen to assassinate the president of Serenidad, so he and the crew have to find the Klingon double. Lot of rape and torture of pretty-little-thing women.
Oath of Vengeance / Rick Endres
[rep; Stardate (GA) #8; also OA 2001 - 2nd Mission - 3]
The Klingons have returned to Serenidad to lay claim to that planet's vast dilithium wealth. They have captured both Prince Consort Carlos and Princess Teresa and plan to extract their vengeance on the young lovers - unless a certain starship captain can stop them in time.
The Cost of Freedom / Rick Endres
[pt 1 - ?; pt. 2 - Orion 22; pt. 3 - Orion 24; also OA 2001 - 2nd Mission - 4]
Grisly continuation of the Serenidad saga. Teresa has been raped, tortured, and mind-wiped and finds she is pregnant with a Klingon baby which McCoy refuses to abort. Klingons virtually wipe out the Serenidad government and put Carlos and Teresa under the mindsifter. Carlos gets converted into a Klingon puppet. Teresa can't be converted, so she is tortured instead. Just about everybody is dead (Jim), in very bloody ways, by the time the Enterprise ignores orders and joins the fray. Valkris appears here as sister/lover assassin-buddy to Klingon warrior wonder woman L'yan, whom Carlos manages to kill in the end. And McCoy (pushing 50?) is in love with Teresa (18 or so). Uh-huh.
Teresa / Rick Endres
[also OA 2001 - 2nd Mission - 4]
After the Klingons are repulsed, Teresa must deal with those who would have her get rid of her half-Klingon child, ponder her growing affection for McCoy, bury Carlos, and assert her crown rights to the Council. Valkris discovers how her lover died, and vows vengeance.
Aftermath / Rick Endres [also OA 2001 - 2nd Hiatus - 1]

Data source:
Landers [TWR]




Setting Course: The Jenna Sinclair Collection [ADULT; K/S]
ed. Kathleen Resch 204 p

A reprint zine. Three novellas and four short stories from the Sharing the Sunlight series, gathered in one zine. Follow Kirk and Spock from the first flush of their love for one another through the inevitable adjustments and trials as their relationship matures. Plus poetry and filks, and a cover by Shelley Butler.
"Reflections on a Lunar Landscape" Originally printed in Counterpoint # 7.
"Pursuing Hyacinths" Originally printed in T'hy'la # 12.
"Heart's Delight" Originally printed in Counterpoint # 9.
"Primal Scream" Originally printed in Charisma # 17.
"Parallel Courses" Originally printed in No Greater Love # 1.
"Double Trouble" Originally printed in No Greater Love # 1.
"Son of Sarek" Originally printed in T'hy'la # 14. Cover by Shelley Butler.

Data source:



Seventy Ophiucus
Jenny Elson, Leicester, England

The Promise / P. Proctor
The Race / H. Lennon
The Freshman / B. Waters
The Case of the Vanishing Plough / P. Proctor
Fade in to Starlight / J. Elson
The Jealous Planet / J. Elson

Data source:



Shades of a Romulan [Novella]
by C. Allery, 38p.

"When Jim Kirk is taken prisoner by a group of natives on what was to be a routine landing party mission, there seems to be no easy options for his rescue, Then Saavik decides to take matters into her own hands."

Data source:
Catalog: Hupe



Shades of Grey [ADULT; K/S]
MKASHEF Enterprises


  #1 This issue features material by A. Arat, A.F. Black, D. Blacque and more. Data source:

# 2 Surak Award Nominee!! This issue features material by D. Blacque, M.L. Cade, A.L. Hughes, S.B. Leonard and more

  # 3 This issue features material by M.L. Badger, D. Blacque, M.S. Brown, Dragon, L. Frankel, A. Reed and more.  
  #4 This issue features material by M. Seda, F. Vincent, D. Blacque, D.A. Marsh, The Southern Cross and more.  
  # 5
K/S plus a 3rd party including Zefrem Cochrane, Capt. John Christopher, McCoy, Marlena Moreau, K'T'lk and original characters. This issue features material by M.L. Badger, G. Seta, D. Blacque, G. Moretti, B. Kale, T. Roderick.


Shadows [Novella] [= Abode of Strife #6]
by Bill Hupe, Lansing MI, 1987, 250p.
Cover: Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin's fine cover is, unfortunately, the only redeeming feature of this zine with its long, tedious story of disfiguration and death.


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Ed. Dawn Atkins, Moore, OK

General fiction, includes one Star Trek story


Shadows #1
Ed. Dawn Atkins, Moore, OK, June 1979, 116p.
Cover: Wayne Coe
Art & illustrations: Wayne Coe, Christina Williams, Larry Jones, James Jones, Dawn Atkins
Original price: $4.00

Remember Me / Dawn Atkins, p. 2-4
Not ST. Injured spaceman finds his lost love just in time.
We Don't Have Much on Your Visionary File / Paul Marek, p. 6-16
Not ST. Office worker discovers that the afterlife is allocated the way one spent one's actual life.
Limbo Status / Victoria Schoolcraft, p. 18-50
Enterprise rescues a time-traveler from her dying ship, and must find a way to return her.
The Romantist / Mike Rae, p. 51-52
Not ST. Young man feeds his girlfriend to a dragon.
The Peacemaker / Paul Marek, p. 54-64
Not ST. Joseph Mannings builds himself a spaceship in the garage in order to broadcast a "make peace or die" message (a la Day the Earth Stood Still) to Earth's warring nations. It works great for the planet, but unfortunately there really is a Galactic League of Federated Planets, and they have a non-interference directive (on pain of death) which they believe he has violated.
The Maze / Dawn Atkins, p. 66
Not ST. Surviving daughter of a clan awaits discovery in a bloody maze, by friend or foe.
Red Christmas / Alan Baldasari, p. 67-70
Not ST. Christmas horror story of family massacre.
A Pattern for Survival / Mike Rae, p. 71-74
Not ST. Post-apocalyptic. A day in the life of a surviving writer who spends his days writing best-sellers.
The Decision / Dawn Atkins, p. 76-77
Not ST. Torture vignette.
The Higher They Climb / Paul Marek, p. 79-94
Not ST.
Black Angel / Michael Philliber, p. 96-100
Not ST.
Long Cold Night / Dawn Atkins, p. 102-116
Not ST.
Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Shadows behind Us [Novel; ADULT; K/S]
by Anna Parrish 200p

"A novel: Spock disappears from the Enterprise and James Kirk is brought upon charges of rape. This is a novel of desperation and love, ghosts and guardian angels, and shadows so thick and so dark, they can kill the soul."

Data source:
catalog: Hupe



Shadows in the Rain and Other K/S Stories [ADULT; K/S]
MKASHEF Enterprises

Collection of previously printed K/S stories by Dovya Blacque, Faris Vincent and Arlan Symons such as "Shadows In The Rain," "Gamblers," "Fog," "Star Tripper," "Tango" and "Brother To A Dragon." Cover by Merle Decker.

Data source:



Shadows of the Mirror [Novella]
by Gloria Fry, 130p.

"...right after "Mirror, Mirror". Federation concern mounts as the region of space around Halka shows signs of instability; after Kirk purges all those against him, is unable to resist an opportunity for vengeance on his and Spock's counterparts."

Data source:
Catalog: Hupe


Sha-Lin [Novella]
by D. Owens Yorkshire, England

Data source:



Sharing the Sunlight Series by Jenna Sinclair

Stories in Jenna Sinclair's "Sharing the Sunlight" K/S universe:

Sharing the Sunlight - novel, Merry Men Press
Promises to Keep - novel, published by Kathleen Resch
[in Promises to Keep, it is stated that a third novel was planned]
Short fiction:
"Reflections on a Lunar Landscape" Originally printed in Counterpoint # 7.
"Pursuing Hyacinths" novella in T'hy'la # 12.
"Heart's Delight" novella in Counterpoint # 9.
"Primal Scream" short story in Charisma # 17.
"Parallel Courses" short story in No Greater Love # 1.
"Double Trouble" short story in No Greater Love # 1.
"Son of Sarek" novella in T'hy'la # 14. Cover by Shelley Butler.

Data Source:

listed in novel Promises to Keep




Sherlock Bones Series
from the Editors of 'The Intergalactic Corporation of Quadrotriticale Quirps, Ltd.

Apparently Sherlock Bones stories began appearing in "The Intergalactic Etc." and were collected, together with some new ones in the same vein, for these special editions. With the help of his Medical Unit Irregulars (Nurse Watson, Chekov & just about everyone else), McCoy pursues mysteries in a Sherlock guise, trying to track down arch-villain Spockiarty and driving the captain - who occasionally appears as Sherlock's brother Kirk-??? - crazy. Intership mail generally is pivotal to the stories somehow. They are pretty silly spoofs, and not the best-written zines around. At first I was very disappointed in them, having paid way too much for one on eBay auctions - but they've grown on me and now I think they're pretty fun.



The Adventures of Sherlock Bones
Ed. Elena Andrews, Sharon Gumerove, Karin A. Meyer, Margaret McMahon, [1975?], 30p.
Cover: not stated
Original price: not stated

The Mystery of the Devil's Foot, or, Did Spock Climb My Wall / S. Gumerove, p. 2
The Illustrious Acquisition of a Heroic Hero's Name / M. McMahon, p. 7
The Great Bird / K. Meyer and S. Gumerove, p. 11
Hail, Hail, the Mail's All Here or Is It? / M. McMahon, p. 15
The 58.37% Solution / S. Gumerove, p. 20
The Mystery of the Mysterious Editor / K. Meyer, p. 23
The Case of hte Absentee Adventurer / M. McMahon, p. 28

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


The Adventures of Sherlock Bones #2
Ed. Elena Andrews, Sharon Gumerove, Karin A. Meyer, Margaret McMahon, 1976, 34p.
Cover: not stated
Original price: not stated

"The Intergalactic Corporation of Quadrotriticale Quirps, Ltd. is proud to announce its second exclusive sherlock Bones Edition:"

The Adventure of the Watermelon Seeds / Elena Andrews, p. 2
The 58.37% Solution / Sharon Gumerove, p. 8
The Adventure of the Artful Dodger / Elena Andrews, p. 11
One Crewmember, One Vote / Margaret McMahon, p. 16
The 39.62% Answer? / Sharon Gumerove, p. 19
One of Our Starbases is Missing! / Margaret McMahon, p. 22
The Medical Unit Irregulars Theme Song / Margaret McMahon, p. 30
Percentage Remaining / Sharon Gumerove, p. 31

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Sherlock Bones Strikes Again!
Ed. Elena Andrews, Sharon Gumerove, Karin A. Meyer, Margaret McMahon, 1980, 52 p.
Cover: Kathy Rao
Artwork: Elena Andres, Kathy Rao, Sharon Gumerove
Original price: not stated

Nothing to Marvel At / Elena Andrews, p. 3
Truth and Justice for All / Karin Meyer, p. 10
No Man's Enterprise / Sharon Gumerove, p. 18
The Case of the Effect of the Efficiency Expert / Margaret McMahon, p. 26
MUI Notice / Karin Meyer, p. 34
The Ad / Elena Andrews, p. 35
The Game's Afoot / Margaret McMahon, p. 42
It's Only Logical / Kathleen Rao, p. 46

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Shieldbearer & Other Stories
by Gloria Fry, 124p.

Hupe: "A collection of stories by Gloria Fry, including Shieldbearer, Strike Force, Like Steel to Magnet, and Time Trek, a Star Trek/Time Tunnel crossover."

Data source:
catalogs: Hupe; Rondeaus



Ship's Log
Lee S. Pennell, Mableton, GA

Data source:
Van Hise



Ship to Shore
Trudy Burke, Omaha, NE

Data source:



Ed. Sharon Emily, Washington, IN

Showcase appears to have its own universe of relationships, including Sarek and his second wife Lorna.

  #1 1974 233p. Hupe: $16.00
Stay N. Smith
Take Care of My Son S. Maiewski
The Misfit S. Emily
Lengthy Mary Sue in which the heroine marries Sarek
Data source:
catalog: Hupe
  #2 1975 186p. Hupe: $16.00
While We're Apart S. Emily
Sequel to "The Misfit," Showcase 1
More Than One Way "Barbara Katherine"
Proof Positive S. Emily
Spock goes back in time to meet a religious figure.
Threshold Anna Mary Hall
Mind-Sifter Shirley Maiewsky
This was reprinted,drastically altered, in New Voyages
Data source:
catalog: Hupe

Showcase #3
Ed. Sharon Emily, Holy Roller Press, Washington, IN, Dec 1976,142p.
Cover: Doug Herring; back cover: Doug Herring
Original price: not stated

Teammates / Barbara-Katherine; ill. Karen Flanery, p. 5
picks up the story of Gary Seven & Roberta
Complications (cartoon) / David Lomazoff, p. 20
New Start / MAE, p. 21
Scotty / Mira Romaine
The Doctor's Lady / Sharon Emily & Anna Mary Hall; ill. Gee Moaven, p. 30
relationships of Sarek & Lorna, McCoy and an unnamed love interest, Chapel's marriage to Klingon Karm, all while McCoy seeks a medical solution for a problem of Spock's.
Thoughts in the Night (poem) / Shirly Maiewski; ill. a. Grose, p. 50
Death by Tradition / Anna Mary Hall; ill. Barbara Miner, Doug Herring, Gee Moaven, A. Grose, p. 52
Kang goes to work for the Superiors (Gary Seven's keepers)
Viewers' Thoughts, or so Do We, Mr. Seven, So Do We ("visual meditation")/ David Lomazoff, p. 64
Simple Song / Sharon Emily and Jean Lorrah; Ill. Barbara Miner, Doug Herring, Claire Mason, Virginia tilley, p. 65
Sarek, Lorna and Spock story
Romantic Afterthoughts / Sharon Emily, p. 123
Grain of Sense / Sharon Emily and Anna Mary Hall; ill. Signe Landon, Amy R. Falkowitz, p. 125
Kang asks Sarek and Lorna to join him working for the Superiors.
Vulcan Reflections (portraits) / Claire Mason
Data source:
item in hand [klh]



Trinette Kern, Pittsburgh PA


  #1 ST/TNG, Quantum Leap/ST, TNG/Brady Bunch, TNG/Aliens, TNG/Back to the Future, TNG/Red Dwarf, TNG/Planet of the Apes (novella with Q) Data source:
  # 2, 174p Star Trek crossovers with: Terminator, Predator, Quantum Leap, Pigs in Space. Data source:



The Silken Thread that Binds Us [Novella]
by R. Senior, 49p

Data source:
Catalog: Rondeaus



Simple Gifts [Novel]
by Claire Gabriel, 250p.

"Highly acclaimed for its thought-provoking plotline and its in-depth characterization of Spock."

Data source:
Catalogs: Hupe, Rondeaus



Skylarking Annual


  #4, 106p Data source:
catalog: ?



Slaveworld [Novella]
by Gloria Fry, 90p.

"On an alien planet 'where the humanoid population are subjugated by Vulcanoids, Kirk is captured by slave traders and sold to a brutal owner/ Spock disguises himself as one of the ruling class in an attempt to rescue his captain... adult themes, non-explicit"

Data source:
Catalogs: Rondeaus; Hupe




Forum for examining the social aspects of Star Trek - letterzine
#1 (1987) - #5 (1987)

Data source:



Sodde's Gambit [Novella]
by Brenda Kelsey; ScoTpress, 91p.

Sequel to Fifty Ways

Data source:
Catalogs: Rondeaus; Hupe



Sojourns [Novel; ADULT; K/S]
by Jean Hinson, Downey, CA, 300p

Van Hise:
"An adventure of discovery never before fully explored; a new perspective on the K/S relationship."

Data source:
Van Hise



Sol Plus
Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz, Tulsa OK



Sol Plus #1
Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz, Tulsa OK, 84p

IT / K. Fleming
Star Trek Animation:Pro and Con (A) / K. Fleming
The Missing Link / J.W. Randell
More Deadly than the Male / K. Fleming
Memories / J. Beilowicz
Readers' Reference Guide (A) / K. Fleming
Star Track / M. Wallace
Play it Again, Sam' / J. Fleming
Now There's No More Mornin' Dew / B. Arnold

Data source:
Trexindex; catalogs: Hupe, Rondeaus

Sol Plus #2
Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz, Tulsa OK, 48 p.

A Controversial Shade of Green (A) / "S'Ki"
On the Job Feigning / S.F. Kimery
Star Trek or Star Trick (A) / J.B. Wilson
Reunion / J.W. Randell
Tribble Dribble (A) / J. Bielowicz
Contact / J.W. Randell
Girl of Your Dreams / V. Kirlin
Survival / J. Bielowicz

Data source:
Trexindex; catalogs: Hupe, Rondeaus

Sol Plus #3
Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz, Tulsa OK, 162p

Tribble Dribble (A) / J. Bielowicz
Changes / D. Fouquet [Also in Wm. Shatner Letter Exchange Dec. 74]
Cats in the Cradle / R. Hoffman
From the Office of M.L. Dodge (A)
Manna / J.W. Randell
Blood Chemistry and Color (A) / S. Kimmell
What is Science Fiction? (A) / S. Kimmel
I Am Albert Einstein Anyway (A) / J.R. Wilson
Hell Minus Three / J.W. Randell
Domestic Scene With Sehlat / J. Lorrah
And the Fanzines They Were Free (A) / R. Schultz
Hero's Welcome (A) / J. Bielowicz
Definition of a Star Trek Fan (A) / A. Kramer

Menagerie 11 states that this issue has lyrics and illos for filks from "Filk Songs for Folks Who Ain't Even Been Yet " (Fish)

Data source:
Trexindex; catalogs: Hupe, Rondeaus

Sol Plus #4
Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz, Tulsa OK, May 1977, 99p
Cover: Mark Wallace; back cover: Joe Fleming
Art & illustrations: Cheree Cargill, Leslie Fish, Joe Fleming, Signe Landon, Gee Moaven, Jim Rogers, Mark Walace, Edmond Walzer
Original price: $3.75

Editorial: Tribble Dribble, p. iii
You Are My Son (poem) / Brian Gray, p. 1
Kemper County Co-op / Stephen Kimmel, p. 3
non-ST SF
How to Get from Here to There in Nothing Flat, or, Can somebody Tell Me What the Hell I'm Talking About / J.R. Wilson, p. 9
It All Began With... / Frances Zawacky, p. 12
Graffiti, p. 13
Among the Ways to Babel / Jean Lorrah, p. 14
[NTM story; reprinted in NTM Collected #1]
Journey to Babel and it's background and aftermath, from Amanda's point of view, with explanations about Vulcan culture. Sarek had been hiding his first heart attack from her, leading her to believe he wished to be free of her.
Treklett Showcase / Mark Wallace, p. 45
Sundered Duties / Jacqueline Bielowicz, Linda Deneroff and Frances Zawacky, p. 47
Kraith story on Spock's decision to enter Starfleet.
Alas, Babylon / Sandra Gent, p. 79
Point-Counterpoint / J.R. Wilson & Stephen Kimmel, p. 81
editorials on strengths and weaknesses of Star Trek
Computer Fireflies / Stephen Kimmel, p, 88
non-ST SF
Sensor Readings, p. 93
You're Getting This Because, p. 99

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Sol Plus #5
Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz and Mary Robbins, Tulsa OK, July 1978, 108 p
Cover: Mark Wallace; back cover: Dennis Drew
Art & illustrations: Cheree Cargill, Dennis Drew, Gayle Ferrar, Joe Fleming, Brad Frank, Sheila Hallman, Amy Harlib, Mark Shepherd, Marty Siegrist, L. Tutahasi, Anji Valenza, Laura Virgil, Mark Walace
Original price: $4.75

Tribble Dribble (editorial), p. iii-iv
Ode to Mary Sue / D.K. Brewer, p. 1
Alter Egos / Nancy, p. 2
The Last Unicorn / Sheila T. Hallman, p. 4
So Dime It Flickers Blue / Randy Vereyken, p. 10
Note: / Mark Wallace, p. 11
Miss-Match / Nancy, p, 13
Tiger, Be! / Diane Tessman, p. 15
4 Poems / Mark Shepherd, p. 30
The Rule of the Dead in Vulcan culture / Karen Fleming, p. 33
Mechanomorphosis / Joseph Cown, p. 37
FUture shock / D. K. Brewer, p. 54
Showcase: Brad Frank, p. 56
Graffiti, p. 60
Trekletts / Mark Wallace, p. 61
Stardrifter / Randy Vereyken, p. 63
In Prinipio / Beverly Clark, p. 65
OKon '77 Postcard Auction stories, p. 67-70:
The Hand of Venca / Wilson "Bob" Tucker
The Rite of Passage / R.A. Lafferty
The Daily Planet / Jim Rogers
Putting on the Bite / Lee Killough
Ghengis Con / Gary Phillips
Bridge Between Souls / Karen Fleming, p. 72
Point-coutnerpoint / J.R. Wilson & Stephen Kimmel, p. 86
Mnemosyne / Mark Shepherd, p. 95
Sensor Readings, p. 104

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

  #6/7 160p Data source: catalog?
  #8 Mar 1981 133p all-Trek, 8 stories Data source: catalog?
  Sol Plus Special Edition #1: Epilogue
(see Epilogue)



Ed. Jacqueline Bielowicz, Tulsa OK



Sol Three #1
Ed. Rebecca Baggaett, Raleigh, NC, April 1974, 86p.
Covers: Signe Landon
Art & illustrations: Signe Landon, Cara Sherman
Original price: $1.00

Enterprise Involuntary (Being an Exercise in Wishful Thinking) / G.M. Carr, p. 2
Uhura / Liza Gregory, p. 43
Trelane and Red Hour / Rebecca Baggett, p. 44
Hair of the Dog / Jacqueline Lichtenberg, p. 45
I, Asimov / Becky Baggett, p. 48
Scotty's Lament and A Glimpse of Illusion / Liza Gregory, p. 50
Spaceman, Stranded / G.M. Carr, p. 51
Who's that Sleeping in hte Captain's Bed? / Becky Baggett, p. 52
Letter form the Smithsonian Institution, p. 67
Talon: Min the Pram-Trained / Cara Sherman, p. 68
The Last Word, p. 82
Ads, p. 85

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Sol III #2
Ed. Rebecca Baggaett, Raleigh, NC, October 1974, 105 p.
Covers: Signe Landon
Art & illustrations: Susan Armstrong, Amy Falkowitz, Doug Herring, Signe Landon, Elizabeth Schnoor, Cara Sherman, David Winfrey
Original price: $1.00

Enterprise Involuntary / G.M.Carr, p. 2
Earthling / Vicki Kirlin, p. 39
Sorry I Asked That / Claire Gabriel, p. 40
Talon: Whatever Happened to Botany Bay? / Cara Sherman, p. 44
Eowyn the Brave / Amy Falkowitz, p. 62
The Charge of the Rohirrim / Amy Falkowitz, p. 63
Strange New Worlds / Susan Armstrong, p. 65
Lest You Forget / Rebecca Baggett, p. 66
A Black Hole Ain't Black / David Windfrey, p. 78
Lenore: Soliloquy / Rebecca Baggett, p. 83
Leonard Nimoy: ISTC '74, p. 84
Chekov: On Russia / Liza Gregory, p. 90
Miri / Rebecca Baggett, p. 90
Nightingale Woman / Susan Armstrong, p. 91
Just in Passing / Rebecca Baggett, p. 95
The Homecoming / Amy Falkowitz, p. 97
The Last Word, p. 100
Ads, p. 103
Let Labels Lapse, p. 104
Hugo Winners, p. 105

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Something Hidden [Novella]
by Sheila Clark; ScoTpress, 64p.

Data source:
Catalogs: Rondeaus; Hupe


Something Lost [Novella]
by Sheila Clark; ScoTpress, 69p.

Sequel to Something Hidden

Data source:
Catalogs: Rondeaus; Hupe



Something Missing [Novella]
by Sheila Clark; ScoTpress, 114p.

Sequel to Something Lost

Data source:
Catalogs: Rondeaus; Hupe



Something to Remember [Novella]
by by Gamin Davis; ed. Jim and Melody Rondeau; 185p.

" A mostly Spock/Christine zine featuring two stories by Gamin Davis: "Memories Born of Fire", an "Amok Time" sequel focusing on how Spock deals with aftermath of nearly killing Kirk, and "Something to Remember", a S/C pon farr story set after ST:TMP in which Spock and Christine are married and Spock has to get Sarek to accept his choice of bond mate. Full color cover and interior art by Gamin Davis."

Data source:
Catalogs: Rondeaus; Hupe;
Landers [TWR]


Song of the Nargase Witch [Novel]
Hrubes, 2v.

Data source:
Trexindex S1



Song of the Stars Novel]
[=Abode of Strife #13)
by Betsy Fisher, pub. Bill Hupe, November 1988. 207p.
Cover: Michael Goodwin

Hurt/comfort for the aging Three. Some good characterization, but occasionally sappy and the plot got a bit tedious. It would have been a better tale at less length. McCoy with a heart condition, Kirk with galloping arthritis, and Spock paralyzed from an act of heroism, the three take turns almost dying as the other two rally 'round. Some good flashback stuff in the meantime. In the end, they all run off to join Pike and Vina on Talos where they can be young and hale forever.

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Songs of a Stargazer [poetry]

Data source:
catalog: Rondeaus



The Sound of Rain [ADULT; K/S]
by Natasha Solten MKASHEF Enterprises

"A collection of four K/S stories and poetry. This is not a "reprint" zine!"

Data source:
Landers: TWR


Sounds of Star Trek [songbook]
Chuck & Jean Gordon, San Diego, CA

Data source:



Southern Star
Rebecca Ross Hoffman & M. A. Carson, Greer SC


Southern Star #1

Phaser Fire (A) R. Ross
The Klingon Korner (A) Carson, M.A.
ScenesWe'lI Never See (A) B. Boss
Vulcan's Eve View (A) "T'Bibekkah"
Klingon's Eye View (A) "Karsun"
Changing Times M.A. Carson
Oona A. Bagley
Make Amy Too A. Bagley
Star Logs (A) R. Ross
The People and Holding Wonder (A) A. Bagley
To My Son Randall M.A. Carson
Yippie V. Kirlin
Night of the Rat R. Ross
Shadow of Greatness R. Ross
Please Do Not Staple, Fold, Mutilate or Spindle M.A. Carson
The Hegemony of "Astounding" J. Faile
Daughters of the Sun R. Ross



Southern Star #2, February, 1976, 189 p.
Ed. M.A. Carson & Rebecca Hoffman.
Cover: Ron Juge; bacover: Katy Wolfe
(second printing, July 1976)

"The Klingon issue" [from editorial]

[Cartoons, amusing little twisted vignettes from the series, riddles, and so forth are sprinkled through the zine. Missives from a Romulan spy aboard the Enterprise are scattered between stories. And there is a puzzle section.]

Empire-ical Perspective (editorial) / M.A. Carson, p i
Logically Speaking (editorial) / Rebecca Ross Hoffman, p i-iv
Essay on the Possible Evolution of Spock's Unemotionalism (A) / M.A. Carson, p 3-4
The "Lost" Weekends (A) / Sharon Emily, p5-7
review of Space 1999.
Nexus / M.A. Carson, p8-13, 149-161
Rand, now a lieutenant serving on a small survey vessel, and Klingon Kel end up stranded together on an uninhabited planet after a deadly battle between their ships. The struggle to survive does wonders for cross-cultural friendship.
Short Outlined History of the Human Race (A) / Lawrence Fury, p 14-17
Trek timeline
A Story only a Klingon Could Love / Ann Bagley, p 18-20
Parting scene between a Klingon officer and his wife of 15 years, who is about to be executed for the purification of the race.
A Parting of Ways / Amy Falkowitz , p. 21-23
Parting scene between Vulcan brothers, one of whom has joined a brotherhood of Surak, the other clinging to the warrior culture.
The Penultimate Mary Sue Story / M.A. Carson, p. 24
Mary Sue encounters Spock - all over the ship.
Gone Before / Vicki Kirlin, p. 25-26
Graceful death of an aged dragon.
Crew List of the USS Enterprise (A) / [4 pages]
The Women in Mr. Spock's Life / Sharon Emily, p. 28-36
Letters to Spock from Zarabeth, T'Pring, Leila, and Amanda - which by an astounding coincidence have been dropped onto the author's bed by a transporter malfunction in an alternate universe.
Photon Torpedoes (book review column) / Rebecca. Ross, p 37-38
Review of Star Trek Lives.
The Choosing / Rebecca Ross, p. 39-60
Starship Republic story; no main characters. Biologist Thera is being pursued by the bellicose, bigoted, and all-around objectionable communications officer Keel. She is much more interested in the Vulcan physicist, Saraith, which causes Keel to become violent. Things come to a head when the three are included in a landing party attempting to return a baby dinosaur to its home planet - and end rather too tidily with the villain racing off suicidally into the jaws of a plesiosaur. The dinosaur was amusing, if contrived.
Helling Frequencies (letters of comment on issue #1), p. 62-65
Will the Real Count Dracula Pleaes Bare His Fangs / Rebecca Ross, p. 66-69
Game show has a last-minute subsitution.
Night Terror / Linda Cappel, p. 70
Horror vignette.
Future Shock / Paul Gadzikowski, p. 71-81
Reporter Kolchak of Night Stalker encounters the strange case of a shooting with a strange weapon that melts much of the victim rather than putting holes in him. After some research in a former girlfriend's Star Trek collection, he realizes that the killer was a Klingon, and Kirk and Spock have traveled to his own era in pursuit. When he confronts them, they beam him up (along with Darvin), and eventually discover that the Enterprise bunch has not just traveled in time but slipped into an alternate universe (oh, those handy ion storms - they explain so much!). Each party, it transpires, is fictional in the other's universe.
Kolaar, the Soft / C.A. Wiggins, p. 83-94
Klingon power struggles and the transformation of the unusually "soft" and artistic Kolaar into Kolaar the Rock.
*Trials and Tribble-ations / M.A. Carson, p. 95-100
Events aboard Koloth's ship Skyclaw immediately after our guys transport the tribbles over to them. Points for physiological explanations of just why Klingons detest tribbles (the frequency of the critters' chitters throws their nervous systems into disarray) and tribbles detest Klingons (Klingons stink to tribbles). Also points for smugly happy ending - Koloth has to pay exorbitantly at the nearest planet to have non-Klingons sweep the ship and beam all the tribbles downplanet to give to delighted children.
They Call the Wind Mariah / Rebecca Ross, p. 101-121
This series of stories postulates that Sarek has two young women in his household as wards, step-sisters Miranda (human) and Mariah (human / Jivaarlan hybrid). Felinoids and telepaths are remarkably populous in Trekfic; Mariah is both.
Devious Korax has taken Sarek and Mariah prisoners as part of a plot to provoke war and become emperor, and carried the hostages off to Kyron, where Kang is in charge of the Klingon outpost. When Korax attacks Mariah, her useful telepathy uncovers the plot. She convinces Mara, Mara convinces Kang, and Kang calls in Kirk, who has pursued the raiders. Rescue is effected, and Korax summarily executed.
"Amok Time" Sidelights / Rebecca Ross, p. 123-124
Alternate vision of the episode, in which Chapel looks after Spock on the way to Vulcan.
The Fanzine Congolomerate (A) / Sharon Emily, pl 125-126
proposal for joining forces at the con tables
Phaser Fire (fanzine reviews) / Rebecca Ross, p. 127-128
Reviews Spock Enslaved by Diane Steiner
War Game / M.A. Carson, p. 130-135
Our heroes and a party of Klingons find themselves mysteriously equipped with outdated but effective weapons and proceed to wipe each other out. Again and again and again. Fortunately (or hideously?) they are on the Amusement Park Planet, where Ensign Jameson and a Klingon buddy are amusing themselves.
The Games Some People Play / Rebecca Ross, p. 136-147
A young human lieutenant addicted to practical jokes is assigned to a mostly-Vulcan ship.
Amok Time: II / M.A. Carson, p. 148
alternate ending; Kirk has killed Spock in the challenge; he takes T'Pring to spite her.
The Klingon Dictionary (A) / M.A. Carson, appendix (23 pages)


Item in hand

SOUTHERN STAR #3 1977 (info from locs in #4)
Carmilla (reprint from Berengaria 5)
Three Fragments from Romulan History / Leslie Fish
It Brings On Many Changes / Paul Gadzikowski - MASH story
Spock the Barbarian / Tim Johnson - Spock's reaction to an overdose of cordrazine
The Quest Begins (a Mariah story)
Death Comes At Midnight (Dracula)
Once Chosen - more Vulcan marriage stuff
Zenna / Ann Bagley - Spock
Eye / Kar-Sun
The Sighing of the Desert Winds / Kathleen Resch
Amok Time III - Mirror story
The Quest Begins - non-Enterprise Federation story


LOCs in issue #4


Southern Star #4 March 1978, 100p.
Ed. M.A. Carson and Rebecca Hoffman. Cover: Ron Juge; bacover: Has Dietrich
Reduced print.

Lots of shorts, mostly ST, some SF & media stuff, many rather juvenile efforts. High spot is plenty of pretty amusing cartoons.

The Physiological Roots of Andorian Culture (A) / Leslie Fish p. 1-6
The Only Truth I Know Is You / Ann Marie Kitz p. 7-20
Planet of the Apes story
* The Unicorn / Deborah Murphy P. 21-24
Romp. As Enterprise awaits inspection, an Eathen (Klingon-like) crewman magically calls a very large unicorn from a bottle of whiskey - which proceeds to escape and trap the captain.
Spock on Black / Sheila Dickerson p. 25
rather pointless dialogue of Spock with a 70's jivin' dude.
Farewell / Kit Vee p. 27
Kirk dies horribly burned in shuttle explosion, Spock melding & mourning.
The Burglar Over India / Stephen Langford p. 27-28
Skylab crew see a gremlin stealing their service module. Echoes of TZ's "Incident at 30,000 Feet."
Bite the Bullet / Terry Kelley p. 28
Gandalf vignette.
Lani / Ann Bagley p. 34-40
Lani, Uhura, & Spock are trapped in a cavern after a quake, Spock deep in healing trance, the rest of the landing party dead. Enterprise is unable to cut through the rock of the planet and after 30 days is ordered away. Fortunately they return just as the survivors surface and Lani is being eaten by a bear. Some nice scenes, but weak plotting.
You Will Work Together / M.A. Carson p. 40
Vignette: after the war, Kirk has the Enterprise back - and is working for the Klingon empire, in a twist to the Organian promise.
A Token of Esteem / J. Thomas Ross p. 41-47
Spock saves the only survivor of a Klingon landing party from a carnivorous plant, placing her under a life-debt she insists on repaying. Pretty standard stuff.
Cevalan Raid / Mattie Jones and Marilyn Ambos p. 51-55
Rather dull little battle story.
The Leirion / Dianne L. Menesini p. 57-63
Poorly written and plotted tale of ill but otherwise magically empowered aliens abducting McCoy, Spock and Uhura to treat them.
Pathathon / Vicki Kirlin p. 67 -71
Non-Trek. Story of a looping nightmare.
The GX Factor / Jim Peurifoy p. 73-74
Another somewhat flat war story - dealing with new engine.
Mirror, Mirror II / Michael B. Smith, p. 76
snippet; McCoy doesn't make it onto the transporter, and Spock refuses to let Kirk retrieve him
Turnabout Intruder II / Cindy Sirmons, p. 76
snippet; Captain Lester & Christine tut-tut over Kirk's fate in an insane asylum
Dov Day Afternoons / M. A. Carson, p. 81-84
Dov is a werewolf, apparently Carson's ongoing creation; here, he meets up with vampire Carmilla (of Berengaria #5)

Item in hand

See: ECHOES OF THE PAST / Rebecca Ross (Carmilla, Mariah stories) 1978

Sounds like a Mary Sue with a Navajo/Scot heroine.



Southern Style
ed. Karolyn Popovich, Denver, CO

Newsletter of the DeForest Kelley Association of Fans.

con reports and ads, Kelley's Kredits, interviews, tributes...

#5: Dec 76 / Jan 77
#15: Dec 78 / Jan 79

Data source:
Items in hand[lkh]



Space-Time Coninuum
Ed. Sandy Weissman, Glenside, PA [Club Zine]

Data source:

1973 #1 Jul 1973
By Way of Introduction (A) A.E. Le Velle
Star Trek Fans Way Out (A) J. Smart
Message From the Fditor (A) S. Weissman
Students Use Computer to Play Star Trek H. Knight
How I Spent My Washington's Birthday Weekend (A) A.F Velle
Vulcan Transfusion (recipe) (A)
James Doohan (A) A. Hreha
ST. Con-Tinuum (A) E.R. Meroth
STC's Sleeping Bag Service (A) A.F. Le Velle
Fontana's Revenge" A.F. Le Velle
Genesis, Too? R. Thorne [Also in Vaslovi Archives #1]
Data source:
Kraithment J. Lichtenberg
Does Star Trek Live On? Yes! (A) W. Cullen
EquiCon '73 (A) R. Franco
McCoy's Bleeding Heart (recipe) (A)
On Finding The True Meaning..Of the Space-Time Continuum (A) A. Lappin
LunaCon - The Impoverished Girl's EquiCon (A) R. Thorne
New York 1973 A Far Cry From New York 1930 (A) R. Gabriel
Star Trek Animation (A) H. Young
Snore Trek "T'Bored"
Thus Spake Leonard Nimoy (A) A. Lappin
Leonard Nimoy - Featured Star (A)
Beltane (A) A.F. Le Velle
Data source:
Black Holes (A) A. Lappin
The Loneliness of the Vulcan-Human Adolescent "Mykel"
Damn "Delvon"
Runamok Time "T'Boss"
Ramar, the Intruder P. David
Story S. O'Niell
William Shatner (A) S. Kotar
Visitation S. Weissman
The e Trouble With Trekkies N. Harris
Runamok Time "T'Boss"
The Snowflower J. Elson [Also in Beta Niobe #2]
Vul-Con, '72 (A) H. Young
Genesis Too? Two Plus One "T'Honne" [Also in Vaslovi Archives #1]
Data source:
An Animated Star Trek (A) M. Tibbetts
Reunion J. Elson
Three Teams find a "Black Hole" J. Shurkin
The God mg Encounter S. Noel
Kirk's Loving Cup (recipe) (A)
Hawaii Telescope To Give a Better Look... (A)
StarCon Report (A) "Janice"
DeForest Kelley (A) A.E.LeVelle
A Tie Into Every Organ" S. O'Niell
Speech at ISTC (A) D. Katz
The lnnocence of the Sparrow (Part 1) "Mykel"
Data source:
Fizzbin-lnstructions (A)
The lnnocence of the Sparrow (Part 2) "Mykel"
Richard Nixon, Even I Can Sympathize (A)
"Questor Assignment Earth" (review)" J. Oeschger
An Explanation (A)
Life Support J. Elson
This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land B. Toder
Report of Star Trek Con '74 (A) D. Kelley
Making a Trek to See the Stars (A)
Fire Water "Delvon"
Uhura's Hailing Frequency (recipe) (A)
Data source:
Silent Spirit R. McCoy
Escape into Reality (speech) (A) I. Asimov
I'm a Doctor, Not a Speech Maker (speech) (A) D. Kell
He Who Takes Five, Survives D. Rose
"Star Trek" Creator Makes Flat "Earth" (A) L. Winfrey
Blood of a Different Color Anna Mary Hall
Data source:
Chapel's Sundae Prayer (recipe) (A)
Blood Lord T.R. Conly
The Vows of Vulcan J. Allen [Also in Pastak #3]
These Are The Voyages (A) A.E. Le Velle
From the Back of Mini-Con (A) P. David
Prologue L. Worgul
Defense Contract F. Severn
Where No Person Has Gone Before" S.L. Bochenik
Of The Black Holes in Space (A) J. Booth
Data source:
Change it to Lithium (A) F. Dineen
Contact" M. Collins
Epilogue "B. A. Quarters"
Music Has Charms S. Paul -
A Matter of Priorities P. David
Space Colonies are Far Out (A).. G. O'NieII
Data source:
Star Trek Convention i5... (A) D. Palenik
Star Trek Producer Speaks at Wilkes (A)
Shore Leave "T' Lay" [Also Furaha #1]
Star Schmeck S. Kitty
The Ambush R. Blackburn
Aftermath J. Cantor
Paramount Seeks Out Original Cast (A) L. Winfrey
Data source:



Ed. Jeff Johnston (= "M. J. Fisher"), Toledo, OH
Newsletter; all issues have a fanzine review column by M. J. Fisher

#1-#17 were a local club newsletter; #18- were aimed at broader fandom
Boldly Writing: "mostly editorial...but always interesting"
#1 (197?) - #39 (1979)

Data source:

1975 #18 Jul 1975
Highbrow Fandom (A) M.J. Fisher
1975 #19 Aug 1975
'Zines in the Attic (A) M.J. Fisher
The Right to Say (A) M.J. Fisher
Convention Reports: ReKwestcon; Wonday Con"
1975 #20 Oct 1975
Vulcan Lit or "Spock's Problem" (A) M.J. Fisher
CONfusion (A) M.J. Fisher
1975 #21 Nov 1975
IDIC and the Prime Directive (A) K. Fleming
The Fall of the Terran Empire (A) M.J. Fisher
"Star Trek Lives" (review) (A) S. Ferraro
1976 #22 Jan 1976
Future Shock (A) M.J. Fisher
A Short History of the Ster Trek Welcommittee (A) H. Young -
Death Wish" C. Rice
1976 #23
Con Descending (A) M.J. Fisher
A Tale Tale (A) M.J. Fisher
"Contact" (review) "H.O. Petard"
1976 #24 Apr 1976
Underground Fandom (A) M.J. Fisher
1976 #25 May 1976
"Dear Fandom Annie"
The Golden Age of Strekdom (A)
ConCenSus (A)
To Censor the Art Critic (A) Merrie K."
1976 #26 July 1976
Caveat Emptor (A)
"Star Trek:the New Voyages" (review) (A) L. Tutihasi
Commercialisrn in Strekdom (A)
The Strekfan's Glossary
1976 #27 Aug 1976
"Dear Fandom Annie"
The Right of Fanzine Reviewing, Part 2" M.J. Fisher -
The Right of Fanzine Reviewing, Part 1 (A) S. Em ily -
1977 #31 Apr 1977
Debates on fanzine pricing
1977 #32 May 15, 1977  
1977 #33 July 1977  
1978 #35 Jan 1978 two covers - 'Wicked Wanda' and a plain cover
discussed controversy over explicit material
1978 #36 Jan 1978
fanzine graphics
1978 #37 May 1978  
1978 #38 Jul 1978  
1979 #39 Jan 1979  



Speed of Light [ADULT; K/S]
by Alexis Fegan Black MKASHEF Enterprises

"A reprint collection of K/S stories. [...] Originally Alexis' portfolio of her own stories that were out of print."

Data source:
Landers: TWR



Spin Dizzie
Ed. Marilyn Johansen, Eden Prairie MN

Boldly Writing: "issues 1-3 had lots of beginner's mistakes; improvement with issue #4"


1980 #4 1980
Opening Gambit / Rayelle Roe
Side Trip / Virginia Zanello
What would really happen if a Mary Sue got aboard the Enterprise
Data source:
  #5 Feb 1981 from Vault #2: 105 p, fiction, art, poetry, reviews.]
Incl. A Rayelle Roe story
Spin Dizzie #6
Ed. Marilyn Johansen, Spin Dizzie Press, April 1982, 98 p.
Cover: Marilyn Johansen, back cover: Mel. White
Art & illustrations: Diane Christensen, Ann Crouch, Nancy Gervai, Marilyn Johansen, Mel. White
Original price: not stated.

An Obligation / Rosalie Blazej p. 4-20
Enterprise is sent to see about saving the dying Lorn, a single immortal being symbiotically linked to the Stiven people. The planet is lethal to Vulcans due to radiation. However, a telepath is required to communicate with the Lorn, and the one assigned to the job turns out to be a Klingon spy who blows up the briefing room, nearly killing Kirk and putting McCoy out of commission. So Spock goes. McCoy figures out the danger too late. The Lorn uses Spock to give the Stiven its knowledge of their history, the evil it had protected them from along with the good. Christine gets Spock back to the Enterprise. McCoy gives up, deciding to let the Vulcan die with dignity, but Christine refuses to go along with him, and they manage to dig a cure out of the Fabrini work. Some good philosophical agonizing, despite a rather silly premise.
Drums on the Wind (poem) / Judy Darnell, p. 20
To Do, For You (poem) / Crystal Ann Taylor, p. 21
* The Gift / Joy Mancinelli p. 22-28
Charming romp. Scott & McCoy order a spare-no-expense night of R&R for Kirk, only to discover that he gave his reservations to Chekov.
The Bells Are Jingling (poem) / Denise Habel, p. 28
Dream With No Name (poem) / Dian Hardison, p. 29
A Question of Loyalty / Virginia Zanello, p. 30-39
A half-Klingon crewwoman comes into the clutches of the Imperial Secret Service, and must trade her loyalty for her mother's life. She acquits herself honorably by giving away the secrets of the meatloaf recipe. And the honorable captain lets her go. Nice touch is the Klingon parting wish: May we never meet in battle.
You Have to Say Hello Before You Can Say Goodbye (poem) / Judy Darnell, p. 39
* Fair Exchange / Carol Christenson p. 40-46
In order to investigate the necessity of evacuating a non-technological society on a volcanically active planet that keeps swallowing up communities, a landing party dresses up as cheese traders on the recommendation of the sociologist. It turns out that the cheese traders are actually bride-traders. And that the men in the party are expected to prove their worth by firewalking in a lava river. Very cute.
Leila's Song (poem) / Judy Darnell, p. 47
Tales of Wreck and Wrong / Rosemarie Eierman p. 48-50
Laments of an Enterprise cook trying to fatten up Spock on McCoy's orders, during & post-Vejur.
Brief Encounter (poem) / Judy Darnell, p. 51
A child in the Night, Cries (poem) / Rene Arceneaux, p. 52
* The Last Gift / Carol Maschke p. 53-60
McCoy get-'em. Spock, beaming down to check on a missing landing party, finds two dead at the hands of the locals and McCoy trying to escape with Tomkins, who was about to be sacrificed. They escape but both McCoy and Spock are poisoned, and the Enterprise will not return before it kills them. McCoy uses his only dose of starin, a drug that suspends diseases for a time but has its own lethal effects later, to keep Spock alive until the ship returns. The shuttle gets to them five minutes too late for McCoy, who dies saying to Spock: "Prepare yourself... I love you."
Starship (poem) / Linda Neel, p. 61
Perceptions (poem) / Linda Neel, p. 61
** Kirk Enslaved / Rayelle Roe p. 62-75
A howler romp. To investigate a culture of not-quite-bright vulcanoid masters and happy humanoid slaves, Spock & Kirk beam down as a gaudy gem-trader and his slave. One silly situation leads to another until Spock tries the local narcotic, loses his inhibitions, and sells Kirk. He then must try to win him back at the gaming tables.
Filk Song / Linda Lakin & Sandra Randant, p. 76
Come to Me Spock (poem) / Pat Seiler, p. 77
The Legend of Werner's World / Denise Habel p. 78-79
Shaggy dog story with punch line: Take Flime to smell the towers.
** Orphan's Father / Carol Christensen p. 80-85
The legal parents of Chekov's illegitimate daughter Heather are killed in a traffic accident. In explaining to Chekov that he has no legal right to have anything to do with his daughter (to keep him from resigning), McCoy takes the opportunity of that pain to push him into reconciling with his own parents, using a little "creative reminiscence" at Kirk's expense - an example of a captain driven with remorse for not having reconciled before his father died.
* A Civilized Man / Lynda Carraher p. 87-96
Chased, captured and abused by a Thonlonn who has just killed his guide and friend, McCoy must face his own beast within when he frees himself by burning his captor's eyes out. He keeps trying to insist that he can decide "not to kill today," while his enemy keeps insisting that we are all killers. Wounded, McCoy keeps hauling his enemy over the desert, but the Thonlonn is dead when they are found.
Transition (poem) / Sharon Fetter, p. 96
Reena, If Only I Could Forget (poem) / Nancy Gervais, p. 97
Ads, p. 98
Reruns (poem) / Virginia Zanello, p. 98

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

  #7 Aug 1984 110p
Kin the Same Womb Born / Rosalie Blazej novel
Romulans & life entity transfer



Spinner of Nightmares [Novel]
by Pam Braddely; ScoTpress

Sequel to Weaver of Dreams.
Hupe: "Who are the hostile aliens on Sigma Orionsis IV?"

Data source:
Catalogs: Hupe, Rondeaus



Splendor [ADULT; K/S]
MKASHEF Enterprises

Collection of previously printed K/S stories by Dovya Blacque, Faris Vincent and Time Dahlquist:
"Two Ships Passing,"
"Hello, Earth,"
"The Heat,"
"Splendor" and
"Still Waters."

Data source:



Geoff Allshorn, Victoria, AUS

Club zine - Austrek

Data source:



Spock Enslaved! [ADULT; K/S]
by D. T. Steiner, Grand View, IN, Aug 1974, 156p.

Received a poor review from Joan Verba in Boldly Writing

Data source:



Spock's Showcase
Ed. Cornelie "Sam" Cole, March 1969:

Membership of a Fan Club (A) / J. Crocker
Only the Vulcans Know for Sure (A) / L. STanley
Stage Nine - Cloud Nine (A) / B. Van Riper
Biography of a Retarded Genius (A) / S. Cole
Day of Days (A) / L. Griffin
A Surrealistic Dream (A) / S. Hughes
Distances in Space (A) / J.I. Wood
A Visit to the Future (A) / M. Bose
What is a Space Kook? (A) / C. Lee
So... Wouldn't You? (A) / P. Vickers
August Party Convention (A) / L. PRICE.
Australian Reports (A) / L. Price

Data source:



Ed. Devra Michele Langsam and Sherna Comerford, Garlic Press, Brooklyn, NY

[continued by Masiform D]

Data source:


Spockanalia #1
Ed. Sherna Comerford and Devra Michele Langsam; September 1, 1967; Garlic Press, Brooklyn, NY
[Rep: Poison Pen Press, November 1982. 89p.]
Cover: Kathy Bushman
Art & illustrations: Kathy Bushman, Sherna Comerford, Juanita Coulson, DEA, Dick flood, Devra Michele Langsam
Original price: $0.50

Lettercol, p. 7
letter from Leonard Nimoy
The Territory of Rigel / Dorothy Jones, p. 8
Off the Top: Bulletin & Editorial, p. 10
A Most Illogical Song (filk) / Shirley Meech et al., p. 12
Physiologica Vulcanensis / Sherna Comerford, Juanita Coulson, and Kay Anderson, p. 14
A Proposed Model of a Vulcan Heart / Sandy Deckinger, p. 21
To a Vulcan / Sherna Comerford, p. 24
Also To a Vulcan / Devra Michele Langsam, p. 25
The Vulcan Gambit / Shirley Meech, p. 26
Vulcan Psychology / Juanita Coulson, p. 28
"A Brief Survey of Personality Development and Life Adjustment in a human/Vulcan Hybrid"
Spock Shock / Sherna Comerford, p. 38
Vulcans and Emotions / Devra Michele Langsam, p. 43
Kirk and Spock / Ruth Berman, p. 46
'S Blood / Sherna Comerford and Devra Michele Langsam, p. 47
Thoughts on Vulcan Culture / Devra Michele Langsam, p. 48
Excerpt from the Young Vulcan's Book of Emotional Control / Shirley Meech, p. 55
Record Review / Dorothy Jones, p. 58
Star Drek / Ruth Berman, p. 62


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Spockanalia #2
Ed. Sherna Comerford and Devra Michele Langsam, Garlic Press, April 19, 1968; 113p.
[Rep: Poison Pen Press, June 1984.]
Cover: Kathy Bushman; bacover: DEA
Art & illustrations: Allan Asherman, Janie Bowers, Kathy Bushman, Rose Comerford, Sherna Comerford, Juanita Coulson, DEA, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Susan Hereford, Dale A. Kagan, Devra Michele Langsam, Chester Malon, Shirley Meech, Chuck Rein, Walt Strasser, Mike Symes, Joyce Yasner
Original price: $0.50

Off the Top (editorial), p. 7
Lettercol, p. 9
Includes letters from cast members, in character
A Revisit / Sherna Comerford, p. 17
Graffiti / Sherna Comerford, p. 26
The Man in the Hero Suit / E.A. Oddstad, p. 28
Things Are Seldom What They Seem / Ruth Berman, p. 34
Stars Over Vulcan / V.A.H. Nietz, p. 35
More Illogical Verses / Sundry, p. 44
The Dour Scots Engineer / Ruth. Berman, p. 45
Star Date 6721; Condition: Confused / Poul Anderson, p, 50
My Name is not Paul / margaret Dominick, p. 51
The Illogical T'Pring / Sherna Comerford, p. 55
Two Ni Var / Kathryn Bushman, p. 56
Amok Time / Shirley Meech, p. 59
Terran-Vulcan Genetic Compatibility / Susan Hereford, p. 62
Message Tape / Miriam Langsam, p. 66
Even More Illogical Verses / Sherna Comerford, p. 70
The Big Bang Theory / Dale Kagan, p. 71
The Allure of Uhura / robert toomey, p. 72
Vulcan Love Song / Dorothy Jones, p. 75
The Free Enterprise / Lois McMaster, p. 76
T'Inkerbell / Joyce Yasner, p. 79
Communication from Star Fleet Intelligence / John Mansfield, p. 80
God and the Vulcan Mind / Joyce Yasner, p.89
A Speculation on Spock's Family / Sandra Miesel, p. 93
Personal Diary Entries / Deborah Langsam, p. 96
To Christine / Lyn Veryzer, p. 101
On the Origin of Humanoid LIfe in Our Galaxy / Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt, p. 102
Acknowledgments, p. 112

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Spockanalia #3
Ed. Sherna Burley and Devra Michele Langsam; September 1, 1968, Garlic Press.
[Reprint: August 1982. 103p.]
Cover: Allan Asherman; bacover: DEA
Art & illustrations: Allan Asherman, Alicia Austin, Vaughan Bode, Janie Bowers, Shern C. Burley, Kathy Bushman, Mary Ann Cappa, DEA, Sara Fensterer, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Debbi Langsam, Devra Michele Langsam, Carol Lee, Sue H. Lewis, John Mansfield, Beth Moore, Jane Peyton, Terry Romine
Original price: $0.75

Editorial / Yeds, p. 7
Spock / Marian Turner, p. 9
Lettercol, p. 10
The Most Unforgettable Humanoid I've Ever Met / Allan Asherman, p. 11
The Mysterious Yellow String / Joyce Yasner, p. 18Intimations of Mr. Spock (A) J. Boardman
Proposed Structural Sketch of the Vulcan Language / Dorothy Jones, p. 20
Duty Briefing: Stores and Supply / Juanita Coulson, p. 24
A Slanderous Song / Devra Michele Langsam, Cebbie Michael Langsam, and Joyce Yasner, p. 32
Vulcan Nutrition / Tom Balmer, p. 33
Mari Frigoris / Terri Harris, p. 35
Graffiti / Sherna C. Burley, p. 36
The Vulcan Reforms / Lee Burwasser, p. 38
Klingon Intelligence Report / John Mansfield, p. 46
The Alternate Laura Harris, p. 49
Whoops! and Rank Out? / Yeds, p. 52
Terms and Conditions of Residence Aboard a Starship Class Vessel / Joyce Yasner, p. 53
The Free Enterprise / Jane Peyton, p. 57
The Vulcan Heart: An Alternate Proposal / Dorothy Jones and Sherna C. Burley, p. 62
The Menace / Sherna C. Burley, p. 64
The Probable Place of Art in Vulcan Culture / Sue H. Lewis, p. 71
Alt / Terri Harris, p. 74
Intimations of Mr. Spock / John Boardman, p. 75
A Lament for the Unsung Dead / Jane Peyton, p. 80
Excerpt from the Young Vulcan's Handbook of Emotional Control / Deborah Michael Langsam, p. 84
Visit to a Weird Planet / Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt, p. 89
"or: The inside story behind the anatagonism of a certain network toward a certain segment of teh population."
Acknowldegments, p. 102


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Spockanalia #4
Ed. Sherna Burley and Devra Michele Langsam; April 1969, Garlic Press.
[Reprint: Poison Pen Press, October 1982. 113p.]
Cover: Alicia Austin; bacover: Kathy Bushman
Art & illustrations: Alicia Austin, Vaughan Bode, Kathy Bushman, Mary Ann Cappa, Johnny Chambers, DEA, Dorothy Fensterer, Sara Fensterer, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Sue Johnston, Doug Lovenstein, Rosalind Oberdieck, Jane Peyton, Connie Reich, B. Schlemmer, Mike Symes, Joyce A. Yasner
Original price: $0.75

Editorial and Eulogy / Yeds, p. 6
Leila's Poem / Andra Robbins, p. 10
Lettercol, p. 11
Time Enough / Lelamarie Kreidler, p. 12
Universal Constant (poem) / Rusty Hancock, p. 26
The Free Enterprise / Robin Schuster, Rancy Cowan, Jane Peyton, Carle' Johnson, p. 27
Mr. Spock on Logic / Jacqueline Lichtenberg, p. 33
A Tale of Three Kirks / John Boardman, p. 36
Communication from Star Fleet / John Mansfield, p. 39
Pierce / Sherna Burley, p. 42
Star Trek Song (filk) / Ed Chamberlain, p. 68
Crank Letter / Jean Lorrah, p. 71
Vulcan Graffiti, p. 80
Enterprise Graffiti, p. 81
Scotty: Interpersonal relationships within a closed community / Deborah Michael Langsam and Devra Michele Langsam, p. 82
How to Beat a Vulcan at Chess, or, Your Logical Approach Does Have Its Advantages / Susan Kotar, p. 90
A Vulcan Compromise (poem) / Suzanne Laychock, p. 92
Family Affair / Devra Michele Langsam, p. 94

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Spockanalia #5
Ed. Sherna Burley and Devra Michele Langsam; June 1970, Garlic Press.
[ Reprint: Poison Pen Press, January 1983. 105p.]
Cover: Ev Turner; bacover: Tim Courtney
Art & illustrations: Allan Asherman, Alicia Austin, Mary Ann Cappa, Johnny Chambers, Tim Courtney, DEA, Sara Fensterer, Alexei Gilliland, Dan Hatch, Sue Johnston, Devra Michele Langsam, Doug Lovenstein, Claire Mason, Rosalind Oberdieck, Dennis Pelton, Jane Peyton, Reg, Connie Reich, B. Schlemmer, Mike Symes, Ev Turner, Joyce A. Yasner
Original price: $0.75

Off the Top (editorial) / Yeds, p. 7
Leila in the New Land (poem) / Dorothey Jones, p. 10
Lettercol / William Linden, p. 11
To Summon the Future / Juanita Coulson, p. 12
Septyar / Narda Roushdi, p. 20
Concerning Sehlats / Lee Burwasser, p. 22
Communication from Star Fleet Intelligence / John Mansfield, p. 26
The Skyborn / Dorothy Jones, p. 28
Why? / Robin Root, p. 42
The Free Enterprise Cartoon Supplement, p. 43
Do They? / Nancy Giudice, p. 48
Vulcan-Romulan History / Cliveden M. Chew, p. 49
From the Files of the Terran Bureau of Investigation / Dorothy Jones, p. 52
A Note on the Vulcan Nervous System / Sherna Burley, p. 53
Poem / Alicia Austin, p. 55
The Free Enterprise / Ev Turner, Sherna C. Burley, Shirley Meech, and Rosalind Oberdieck, p. 56
A Preliminary Survey of Tribbles and Martian Flat Cats / Ann Wilson, p. 60
Straw Death / Lee Burwasser, p. 66
Vulcan Graffiti, p. 70
Enterpise Graffiti, p. 71
"Are You Married, Dr. McCoy?" / Sandra Miesel, p. 72
Recreations / Ruth Berman, p. 78
"Or, The Enterprise as Fun CIty, or More about R&R than you want to know."
Cave-In / Jane Peyton, p. 83
Visit to a Weird Planet, Revisited / Ruth Berman, p. 89


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Karen Flanery, Bethel, PA, 1975

Data source:
Trexindex S1



Squired Again [Novel]
by Mary Case

Van Hise:
"Trelane is back again. All grown up and spoiling for a rematch. Is the Enterprise up to dealing with a grown up Trelane? And now he has a yen for Uhura!"

Data source:
Van Hise



Fiction & Poetry Awards Zine, ScoTPress

Data source:



Star Base One
Coleen Cunningham,

Data source:
Trexindex S1



Starbase MTL
Quebec, Canada (Club zine?)
#1 (1977) - #7(1978)

Data source:
Trexindex S1


Frank Gruber, Palisade Park, NJ

Data source:



Starborn [Novel]
by Gloria Fry, 98p.

"After an attack on the Enterprise is dealt with, Spock visits Starfleet Academy. He reminisces about his problems as the first Vulcan cadet there, his meeting and budding friendship with Kirk, and their uncovering of a plot against Starfleet and the Federation." [I neglected to note this source - presumably one of the catalogs.]

Data source:


Starborne [OH]
ed: Michael Verina, Niles, Ohio



Starborne #1
Ed: Michael Verina, Niles, Ohio

Van Hise:
"outstanding feature is the artwork... foldout of Kirk, Spock & McCoy by Mike Verina.... Gayle Feyrer, P.S. Nim, Wagner, Decker, Lewis and an absolutely fabulous fold-out of Kirk and Spock by Pat Stall especially rendered for the tear-jerking story "Forever Autumn" by Della Van Hise...although the story content may be a let-down, Starborne's appearance is beautiful."

"A Logical Choice"
what if Latimer and Gaetano had not been killed and Spock had to choose three of the seven crew members to stay behind on Taurus II?
"Trembles a Rarer Speech"
Spock visiting his mother on her death bed. It's a simple idea and not very exciting.
"En Quatre Parties"
Spock feeling guilty for not reaching Kirk in time to save Miramanee and her unborn child. It's a good story, but too short.
confusing and lacks character depth.
also a disappointment. It has Spock's form being worshipped as a deity...
"Forever Autumn"
Della Van Hise - [one of] the best two stories in the 'zine.
"In Palaces of Sand"
2p vignette by Toni Cardinal Price guaranteed to twist your heart.
Data source:
Van Hise



Starborne [MI]
Ed: Laura & Margaret Basta, Detroit, MI

Star Trek Association for Revival (STAR) newsletter; formed for the purpose of the revival letter campaign
#1 (May 1972) - #13 (Jun 1974)

Data source:

1972 #1 May 1972 Data source:
  #2 Jun 1972 Data source:
Comments (A) / M. Basta
VuI-Con;Tor-Con; Equ i-Con (A) / M. Basta
Letter to Fans (A) / D. Gerrold
Star Watch Notes (A)
Star Bleep / C. Correlli [Also in One Trek Mind #2]
Letter to Fans (A) / D.C. Fontana
Data source:
  #13 Jun 1974
Comments (A) / M. Basta
Star Bleep / C. Correlli [Also in One Trek Mind #2]
Steady as She Goes...Downhill? (A) / E. Larsen
Equicon '74; International Star Trek Con '74 (A) / M. Basta
Care and Treatment of Celebrities (A) / D.C. Fontana
Speech, University of New Hampshire (A) / G. Roddenberry
Data source:


Ed: ?

Nichelle / Nyota; Friends of Nichelle Nichols, Silver Spring, MD
Uhura zine

Data source:
Van Hise



Star Date
Ed: Loise McMaster, Columbus, OH

Data source:

Mind Warp / L. McMaster
The Sagebrush Syndrome/ L. Stewart
Incommunicado / C. Reich
Once Acid Remark Too Many / L. Fyster


Stardate [CA]
Ed: Terry Whittier, Sacramento, CA - Club zine

Data source:

Sci-Fi Introduction (A) / T. Whittier
Fanzine Etiquette (A) / T. Whittier
Starship Gapevine (A)
Star Trek News (A)
How to Calculate Star Dates (A) / J. Broadbent
Nichelle in Chicago (speech) (A) / N. Nichols
Letter From NASA (A)
Fan Info Sheet / B. Trimble
How to Write an Effective Letter (A) / B. Trimble
Why Star Trek? (A) / L. Fish


Stardate [GA]
Ed: Randall Landers, Orion Press, Mableton, GA
[Became Orion with issue #22]

"Randy insisted that stories conform to the "facts" of the Star Trek universe, and attracted more male writers than most fanzines."


Data source:
Verba (Boldly Writing)

1980 #5 1980 62p  

#8 Feb 1981 118p
Oath of Vengeance / Rick Endres [see OA 2001 - 2nd Mission - 3]
Star Trip / Don Harden comic format
Article on space velocities / Tim Farley

1984 #21 Jun 1984
Salt / Linda McInnis
1983 Stardate Logs, Randall Landers, Orion Press, Mableton, GA
collections of favorites from Stardate.
#1 May 1983 224p



Stardate 1701.7
Ed: Roseann Nicodemo, Maspeth, NY

HS zine

The Animated Series (A)
The Last Convention Report (A) / R. Nicodemo
Editorial (A) / R. Nicodemo
Fun Facts From Vendikar (A)

Data source:


Stardate: Unknown
Ed: Gerry Downes, Anchorage, AK



Stardate: Unknown #1
Ed: Gerry Downes, Anchorage, AK, 1976, 97 p.
[2nd printing July 1976, 3rd printing March 1977, 4th printing August 1977]
Covers, art, and writing by Gerry Downes
Original price: $3.50

From the Editor and Fanzine List, p. 2, 96-97
Among the Stars / Gerry Downes, p. 4
The Coming Flame / Gerry Downes, p. 36
Nebula of Orion / Gerry Downes, p. 64

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Stardate: Unknown #2
Ed: Gerry Downes, Anchorage, AK, 1976, 103 p.
Cover: Gerry Downes; bacover: Bill Peterson
Art & illustrations: Scott Jeffery, Tracy Sheinkman, amy Falkowitz, Pat Stall, Marty Siegrist, Gee Moaven, Bill Peterson, Michael Anderson, Gerry Downes
Original price: $4.00 book rate

Editorial and Zine Reviews, p. 2
Nessie / Gerry Downes, p. 6
[reprinted from Berengaria]
Reflections (poetry and art) / Gerry Downes, p. 12
Full Circle / Gerry Downes, p. 28
Fan clubs, p. 36
'Mate / Kathy Penland, p. 38
The Movie / Gerry Downes, p. 41
Crossroads / Juanita Salicrup, p. 42
Journey into Fantasy - poetry contest winners, p. 86
Zarabeth's Farewell / Kathleen Resch
Genetic Child / Merle Taliaferro
The Little Black Box / Morris Liebson
One Last Time / Gerry Downes, p. 90

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Stardate: Unknown #3
Ed: Gerry Downes, Anchorage, AK, July 1977, 130 p.
Cover: Gerry Downes; bacover: Bill Peterson & Gerry Downes
Original price: $4.80 book rate

Editorial, Zine Reviews, p. 2
Tea Time / Jon Aiken, p. 4
Reflections / various authors/artists, p. 20
art portfolio; includes "Your Turn, Doctor"
Winged Joy / Gerry Downes, p. 40
Five ST Episodes, p. 78
Poetry interpretations of episodes
A Grief Well-Ended / Juanita Salicrup, p. 87
"One of fandom's most palatable and likeable characterizations of the much-maligned Christine Chapel." [from a catalog?]
Paved with Good Intentions / Gerry Downes, p. 100
Kirk dreams he's gone to hell.
The Sword at the Gate / Jane Aumerle, p. 117
Paradise Syndrome sequel

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Stardate: Unknown #4
Ed: Gerry Downes, Anchorage, AK

#4: Hupe: 98p, $8.50


Stardate: Unknown #5
Ed: Gerry Downes, Anchorage, AK, 1979, 161 p .

From the Editor - editorial and zine reviews, p. 2
One Final Truth / Shirley Passman; ill. Bill Peterson, p. 9
Reflections, p. 24
Art & poetry portfolio:
Unmasking / L. Jeanne Powers
You're a Vulcan, Commander / Guinn Berger
Siren's Call / Susan Burr; ill. Gil
Spock, I Wonder / Maria Gallagher Sagara; ill. Melinda Shreve
Conscience / Gerry Downes; ill. Susan Armstrong
On Neesha 3 / Jocelyn Feaster
Misty Morn and Heather / Gai Agwiak
Almost / Dotty Barry
Carillon / Sarah Leibold
The Visiting / Elizabeth Dulac; ill. Shona Jackson, p. 40
The Third Way / Guinn Berger; ill. deVera & Downes, p. 43
Presenting the Space Shuttle Enterprise / Evallou Richardsion, p. 45
rollout of the space shuttle, with plenty of photos
Amanda of Vulcan / Jean Lorrah; ill. Beverly Zuk, p. 56
Not for Heroes Only / Jon Aiken, p. 67
The Human Tear / Ginna Lacroix; ill. Gerry Downes, p. 69
A Port in Every Storm, p. 74
poetry by Dotty Barry and and art by Gloria-Ann Rovelstad, Mel Shreve, Evallou Richardson, Dotty Barry, Gerry Downes, and Patti Thompson
A Time of Parting / Joanna Kate Hindes; ill. Gerry Downes, p. 99
Star Trek Episodes, p. 106
"Journey to Babel': Aftermath (poem) / Crystal Ann Taylor; art by Pat Stall
"Errand of Mercy": A Wolf in the Fold (poem) / Audrey Williams; ill. Gerry Downes
"The Menagerie": In the Cage (poem) / Sheila T. Hallman; ill. Kathy Carlson
"City on the Edge of Forever": (poem) / Kathleen Resch; ill. Kathy Carlson
"Turnabout Intruder": / (poem) Carol Crunk; ill. Gerry Downes
"The Tholian Web": / (poem) Carol Crunk; ill. Gerry Downes
"Shore Leave"":(poem) / Kathleen Resch; ill. Mel Shreve
"The Cloudminders": Dilemna [sic] (poem) / Dayle S. Palko; ill. Gerry Downes
"The Deadly Years": (poem) / Carol Crunk; ill. Gerry Downes
"Where No Man Has Gone Before": Delta Vega (poem) / Dayle S. Palko; ill. Gerry Downes
"All Our Yesterdays": (poem) / Kathleen Resch; ill. Gerry Downes
"Lights of Zetar": (poem) / Isabel Real
"Amok Time": (poem) / Kathleen Resch; ill. Gerry Downes
"The Naked Time": (poem) / Gerry Downes; ill. Gerry Downes
"Requiem for Methuselah": The Deadly Decision (poem) / Dayle S. Palko; ill. Gerry Downes
"What Are Little Girls Made Of": Illogical Thoughts of the Woman in Blue (poem)/ Tone Cardinal-Price; ill. Pat Stall
"Elaan of Troyius": Elaan (poem) / Dayle S. Palko
"The Last Episode": The End (poem) / Dotty Barry; ill. Dave Downes
Sometimes It Takes a Walk through Hell to Exorcise a Devil / Gerry Downes; ill. Gerry Downes, p. 131
What If the "T" in JTK Really Did Stand for "Tomcat" / Gerry Downes; cats by Elizabeth Marshall, p. 150

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



JeannieEcklund, Taft, CA

Data source:
Ad in Nexus



Starfleet Annals
Mary Hartery, Jamaica Plain, MA

[Continued by Avatar]

Data source:

Mission of Mercy M. Hartery
Peace at Last M. Hartery
Fate of the Damned (A) M. Hartery
Memory J. Powell
Interstice J. Cantor
The Steel Mallard S. Langford [Also in Vaslovi Archives #1]
The Arcturian Jewels Affair R. Rogow
Maneuver M. Hartery



Starfleet Handbook
Geoffrey Mandel, New York, NY

Technical material

Data source:


#1 Sep 1974

Schematics: phaser, communicator, tricorder, shuttlecraft
Surak's Construct J. Lichtenberg
[Also in Kraith Collected #1; Pastakian Sharturus #2; Pastakian Vesla #2; Best of Tetrumbriant v.1]
Klingon Empire (A)
Vulcan (A)
Romulan Star Empire (A)
Kzinti (A)
Tholians (A)
Caitans (A)

#6 - 1975 Con Issue



Starfleet Library Computer
Harry Randall, Elmhurst, NY


Data source:


Starfleet Mysteries

"A collection of mystery fiction involving the Enterprise and Deep Space Nine"

Data source:



Starfleet Supplemental Communique
Eric Stillwell, Eugene, OR


Data source:



ed. Amie Herick


  #1: A Midsummer Night's Zine, 85 p., Marie Williams cover, 85p Data source:
Catalog: Hupe
  #2 Hupe: 75p
"Lots of Trek stories, including a novella: Starfleet's newest technological wonder ship's first adventure; "I'm Happy I Live in a Split-Level Head" - what if Spock didn't return to life and McCoy retained his katra?; a Worf story; "Deadlock" conclusion, and more. Art by 1987 FanQ nominee Lane, and others."
Data source:
Catalog: Hupe


Pro multimedia zine, numerous ST articles



* Starry Night [Cartoons]
by Michael and Lynne Anne Goodwin, June, 1985, 32p.
Cover: The Great Nebula by Michael Goodwin; back cover: Pegasus by Lynne Anne Goodwin
Cover price: $5.00

Delightful set of Trek cartoons by Michael Goodwin and poetry by Lynne Anne Goodwin.

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Ed. Evelyn Aguilar, San Francisco, CA

Data source:

Capricorn Speaks (A) / K.C. Leake
Spectres of Yesterday / A. Hilliard-Hughes
Space:The Final Frontier (A) / S. Schenkovsky
Son of Empath / H. C. Leake
Where No Goon has Gone Before / A. Hillard-Hughes
Conversation with Grace Lee Whitney (A)
Taking the Con (A) / Cohen
Technical Perspectives (A) / B. Henderson


Star Shadows
Ed. Carol Maschke, Minneapolis, MN

Data source:
Trexindex S2



Ed. Lee Staton, Clarksville, TN

Data source:
Trexindex S1

1977 #1 1977  


Martha Bonds, Baltimore, MD

Data source:
Trexindex S2


Star Trek
G. B. Love, Houston, TX



Star Trek 74
G. B. Love, Houston, TX
(By SFCA, Miami, FL)

Star Trek:The Way it Was (A)
Koenig on Star Trek (A)
An Evening with Leonard Nimoy J. Van Hise
William Shatner, Mr. Versatility (A) S. Jacques
Starship Chronicles: 'The Menagerie"'
New Series Pits 400-man Craft Against Space (A) C. Witbeck
Star Trek's Real Star (A) J. Thornton
Star Trek (review) (A) J. Van Hise

Data source:

Star Trek 75
G. B. Love, Houston, TX
(By SFCA, Miami, FL)

Focus on Walter Koenig (A)
Leonard Nimoy, Vocalist (A)
Interview with James Doohan (A) G.B. Love
Star Trek's Koenig a Big Hit (A)
How to Make the World a Home (A) P. Holter
Star Trek Animation Models (A) J. Ellis

Data source:


Star Trek Adventure
D. W. Wheeler, San Lorenzo, CA

Mr. Oday and Mr. Spock D.J. Wheeler [Also in Archives Log V.2 #7]
Uhura's Friend D.J. Wheeler [Also in Archives Log V.2 #7]
The Essential Sulu D.J. Wheeler [Also in Archives Log, unknown Vol/#]
Scotty and the Children D.J. Wheeler [Also in Archives Log V.2 #7]
Chekov: A Story of Sutt D.J. Wheeler [Also in Archives Log, unknown Vol/#]

Data source:



Star Trek: Analysis of a Phenomenon
Howard Dyckoff, SC Enterprises, NY

USS Enterprise:Science and Technology in the 23rd. Century (A)
Lights...cameras... (A)
Panorama of the Future (A)
The Thinking Machines (A)
The Federation: Man in the Universe (A)

Data source:


Star Trek Bartender's Guide
A. Cane


Data source:



Star Trek Communicator

Pro zine; continues Star Trek: The Official Fan Club

Data source:



Star Trek Concordance of People, Places, and Things

Bjo Trimble
March 1969 (Seasons 1 & 2)
1973 Third Season Supplement
1976 professional edition, Seasons 1-3 plus TAS


Star Trek Cookbook

Data source: ?



Star Trek Fandom Triumphs
Geoffrey Mandel , New York, NY

Trexindex S2


Star Trek Files / Files Magazine Focus on...
John Peel

Semi-pro zine. The Star Trek Files series has episodue guides (in broadcast order) with season commentary, and other features such as technical information and interviews.

See also Files: Focus on... series



Star Trek Files: Where No Man Has Gone Before
John Peel, New Media Books Press, 1985, 93p.
[There are both hardback and paperback editions, as well as paperbacks with this content, in two parts; also reissued as Star Trek Classic Files, SCF 1 & 2]
Cover price: $19.95 (hardback)

Before The Beginning
The Cage
Episode Guide Season One Overview
Episode Guide 1-9
Man Trap; Charlie X; Where No Man; Naked Time; Enemy Within; Mudd's Women; What Are Little Girls Made Of; Miri; Dagger of the Mind
Biography of Jeffrey Hunter
Profile of Capt. Pike
Gene Roddenberry Interview
Biography of Gene Roddenberry
George Clayton Johnson Interview
Technical Section -- Some Drawings

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Early Voyages
John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 52p.
[my copy is "STCF-3" - a reissue of ST-1 as "Star Trek Classic Files #3"]
Cover price: $6.95

George Takei Interview
Character Profile: Sulu
Episode Guide 10-14
Corbomite Maneuver; Menagerie; Conscience of the King; Balance of Terror
William Shatner Biography
Pinup Section

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Time Passages
(ST-2) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1985, 53p.
Cover price: $4.95

The Shuttlecraft
Episode Guide 15-19
Shore Leave; Galileo Seven; Squire of Gothos; Arena; Tomorrow is Yesterday
Ted Sturgeon Biography
Character Profile: Yeoman Rand
Pin-Up Section

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: A Taste of Paradise
(ST-3) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1985, 58p
Cover price: $4.95

Episode Guide 20-24
Court Martial; Return of the Archons; Space Seed; Taste of Armageddon; This Side of Paradise
James Doohan Interview
Photo Fiction
Character Profile: Scotty
James Doohan Biography

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: On the Edge of Forever
(ST-4) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1985, 55p.
Cover price: $4.95

Episode Guide 25- 29
Devil in the Dark; Errand of Mercy; Alternative Factor; City on the Edge of Forever; Operation: Annihilate!
John Colicos Interview
Character Profile: Klingons
Harlan Ellison Biography

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Mission Year Two
(ST-5) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 54p.
Cover price: $4.95

Episode Guide 30-34
Amok Time; Who Mourns for Adonais; The Changeling; Mirror Mirror; The Apple
Photo Fiction
Character Profile: Sarak
Mark Lenard Biography
Jerome Bixby Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Journey to Eternity
(ST-6) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 57p.
Cover price: $4.95

Episode Guide 35-39
Doomsday Machine; Catspaw; I Mudd; Metamorphosis; Journey to Babel
In-Depth - the Doomsday Machine
Norman Spinrad Interview
Mark Lenard Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: The Deadly Years
(ST-7) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 59p
Cover price: $4.95

Episode Guide 40-44
Friday's Child; The Deadly Years; Obsession; Wolf in the Fold; The Trouble With Tribbles
Character Profile: Checkov
Walter Koenig Biography
Gerald Finnerman Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Return to Tomorrow
(ST-8) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 53p.
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide 45-49
Gamesters of Triskelion; A Piece of the Action; The Immunity Syndrome; A Private Little War; Return to Tomorrow
George Takei Biography
The Planet Vulcan
David Gerrold Interview
Robert Bloch Interview
Dorothy Fontana Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Assignment: Earth
(ST-9) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 53p.
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide
DeForest Kelley Biography
Character Profile: Doctor Leonard McCoy
Leonard Nimoy Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: The Enterprise Incident
(ST-10) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 49p
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide 56- 59
Spock's Brain; Enterprise Incident; Paradise Syndrome; And the Children Shall Lead
Leonard Nimoy Biography
Character Profile: Spock
DeForest Kelley Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: The Tholian Web
(ST-11) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986 51p
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide 60-64
Is There in Truth No Beauty; Spectre of the Gun; Day of the Dove; For the World Is Hollow The Tholian Web
Character Profile: Uhura
Nichelle Nichols Biography
Nichelle Nichols Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: Whom Gods Destroy
(ST-12) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 198651p.
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide 65- 69
Plato's Stepchildren; Wink of an Eye; Empath; Elaan of Troyius; Whom Gods Destroy
Mike Minor Interview (Special Effects)

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: That Which Survives
(ST-13) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 198551p.
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide 70-74
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield; The Mark of Gideon; That Which Survives; The Lights of Zetar; Requiem for Methuselah
The Film Director
A Return To Television

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Files: All Our Yesterdays
(ST-14) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 198551p.
Cover price: $5.95

Episode Guide 75- 79
The Way to Eden, The Cloud Minders, The Savage Curtain, All Our Yesterdays, Turnabout Intruder
Character Profile: James T. Kirk
The Actors Index
Writers Index

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]
  Star Trek Files: The Animated Voyages 1
  Star Trek Files: The Animated Voyages 2



Star Trek Movie Files / Files Magazine Spotlight on...[movie]

These become confusing. There appear to be two different series, one by John Peel, one by Ed Gross, both published by Psi Fi Movie Press, with very similar but not identical content. Titles are inconsistent. I'm listing them here in movie order.



[I haven't actually seen one of these for the first movie, but I'd be surprised if there weren't one.]


Star Trek Files: The Wrath of Khan
(ST -18) John Peel, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 51p.
Cover price: $6.95

The Wrath of Khan (summary and analysis)
The Players
Character Profile: Saavik; Kirstie Alley credits
Character Profile: Dr. Carol Marcus; Bibi Besch credits
Character Profile: Khan; Ricardo Montalban credits
Paul Winfield credits
Ike Eisenmann credits
The Novel
Nicholas Meyer interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Star Trek Movie Files: The Wrath of Khan
(STMF -2) Ed Gross, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1986, 55p
Cover price: $5.95

Space Seed (episode summary)
The Making of Star Trek 2
The Adventure Continues (movie summary)
Scoring a Movie
Star Trek in Comics
A Star Trek Retrospective
William Shatner Interview

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Files Magazine Spotlight on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
(ST3) Ed Gross, Psi Fi Movie Press, 1985, 51p.
Cover price: $5.95

The Story
Making the Search
The Voyages Ahead

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

Files Magazine Focus on The Star Trek Files: The Voyage Home
John Peel, Pop Cult, 1987 unnumbered pages
Cover price: $6.95


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Star Trek Magazine
Richard Clabaugh, St. Petersburg, FL

Data source:
Trexindex S1

  #2 April 1976  


Star Trek Nuts & Bolts
Club Zine Mark Behrend, Brookings, SD

Data source:

Chessgame J. Walter
Communications Officer M'Ress (A)
One Small Step...One Giant Leap D. Simmons
Never Judge a Man F. Cox
Helmsman Arex (A)
The Shadow K. Fredrickson
Women? L. Jones
The Kindislian Mission F. Cox
The Hobbyist P. Beters
Network Needs Tour of the Enterprise T. Freeman
Data source:
Newsl News!! News! (A)
The Celebrations K. Cordray
Data source:
"The Man Who folded Himself" (review) (A) G. Perkins -
War Games B. Woolworth
To Battle, To Battle J. Schultz
"Midworld" (review)" M. Behrend
The Sepron Assignment B. PohI
Editorial: Happy Birthday (A) G. Perkins
"Questor Tapes" (review) " G. Perkins
Pro/Con Space: 1999 (A) B. Wookworth
Data source:

"Star Trek:the New Voyages" (review)"- D. Bubin
Star Trek Con (A) J. Hoover
Dr. Who" (review) (A) B. PohI
Interview with Gene Roddenberry (A) D. Osio
"Six Million Dollar Man Book 5" (review) G. Perkins -
Brain-Storm R. PohI

Data source:
With the Wallop of His Fist G. Perkins
"Vulcan Reflections" (review) (A) M. Berend
Star Trek Telephone Survey (A)
Data source:



Star Trek Primer: A Child's Garden of Space
Paula Smith, 1975

Primer-style satire on Star Trek concept and episodes

Data source:


Star Trek Prospers
Joanne Bennett, Riberhead, NY (Club Zine)


Data source:

My First Con (A) J. Bennett
A Starship Doctor Tells All (A) J. Bennett
Star Trek News Items (A)
Did You Know? J. Bennett
Did You Know? J. Bennett
"Star Trek Lives" (review)" J. Simmons
Did You Know? J. Bennett
Gorn Jokes (A) G.H. Wells
Dinner and a Show With George Takei (A) J. Simmons
Convention Reports (A) J. Simmons
Departed J. Bennett
Star Trek News (A) J. Simmons
Loyalty V. Bedene
Did You Know? S. Maurer
Super Duper Blooper (A)
Trek fic: a Guide. (A) J. Simmons
  #26 Apr 1977  
  #27 May 1977  
  #28 June 1977  
  #29 Aug 1977  
  #30 Aug 1977  
  #33 Nov 1977  


Star Trek Scene Annual
Kevin Cook, McDonough, GA

Vulcan Religion (A) / J. Baker
The New Star Trek (A) / J.M. Schmidt
The Final Sport / M. Bell
"T-Negative" (review)" / W. Prindle
The Trigger-Happy Oriental (A) / C. Valcarcel
EquiCon (A) / C. Motts
The Real STar of STar Trek (A)/ J. Thornton
"You and I" (review) / J. Schmidt
Spotlight on Bjo Trimble"/ J. Price
Questions and Answers with David Gerrold" / B. Sparks -
"Questor" (review)" / B. Morgan
Star Trek Chrnnology" / G.M. Carr
Not Necessarily Where No Man Has Gone Before' / D. Coffman
"Kraith Collected": (review) (A) / V. Kirlin
'More Tribbles, More Troubles' (review) (A) / T. De lorme

Data source:


Star Trek Songbook

Data source:



Startrektennial News
Susan Sackett, Burbank, CA

[continues INSIDE STAR TREK]

Data source:

Stars, Stars, Stars (A)
Star Trek II Report (A)
The New Film
One To Beam Up: Gene Roddenberry, Jr. (A)
Data source:
Stars, Stars, Stars (A)
Star Trek II Report (A)
One To Beam Up: De Forest Kelley (A)
Questions (A)
Data source:
Stars, Stars, Stars (A)
Star Trek II Report (A)
Questions (A)
One to Beam Up: Matt Jeffries (A)
Data source:
One to Beam Up: Grace Lee Whiney (A)
Data source:
Movie Writers Set (A)
Inside Star Trek (A)
One to Beam Up: Bill Theiss (A)
Data source:
  #18 Nov 1976 Data source:
  #19 Jan 1977 Data source:



Star Trek: The Official Fan Club
Dan Madsen, Aurora, CO

[Continued by Star Trek Communicator]

Include letters, reviews, and a "Star Treks" notes col on actor activities


  #48 Jan 1986 29p
William Shatner: the man behind the myth
Leonard Nimoy: Directing STIV
Ken Ralston: creating Movie Magic at ILM, Part II
  #49 Apr 1986 29p
Walter Koenig: navigating the Voyage Home
Merritt Butrick: the life and death of David Marcus
Harve Bennett: creating an epic with STIV
  #51 Aug 1986 29p
Nichelle Nichols: Hailing Star Trek IV
Grace Lee Whitney: Trekking back to the 23rd Century
Kirk Thatcher: Assistant to Leonard Nimoy
  #52 Nov 1986 29p
Mark Lenard: Another Voyage to Vulcan
Happy Birthday, Star Trek
Explorations, a voyage to the God of War
Robin Curtis: Bringing new life to Star Trek
Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek IV update
  #53 Dec 1986 29p
Catherine Hicks: Making Waves in Star Trek IV
Roger C. Carmel - obit
Ralph Winter: Overseeing the Voyage Home, Part I
William Shatner, Looking Towards the Future
Explorations: Giants of the Deep, Part I (whales)
  #54 Feb 1987 29p
DeForest Kelley: Medicine's Miracle Worker, Part I
Ralph Winter: Overseeing the Voyage Home, Part II
Explorations: Giants of the Deep, Part II (whales)
John Schuck: Ambassador of the Klingon Empire
Item in hand
  #55 Apr 1987 29p
Harve Bennett: Wrapping Up Star Trek's Trilogy, Part I
DeForest Kelley: Medicine's Miracle Worker, Part II
Robert Walker, Jr: Remembering Charlie X
Explorations: The Permanent Occupation of Space
Item in hand
  #56 Jun 1987 29p
Leonard Nimoy: the Enduring Appeal of Mr. Spock
Teresa Victor: Behind the Scenes with Leonard Nimoy
Harve Bennett: Wrapping Up Star Trek's Trilogy, Part II
Explorations: The Arrows of Time
Mysteries of the Humpback
Item in hand
  #57 Aug 1987 29p
Gene Roddenberry: Creating a New Generation
Taking Shore Leave on Trekcruise '87
William Shatner: Boldly Directing Star Trek V
Explorations: This Title is Censored
Item in hand

#58 Oct 1987 13p
Jonathan Frakes: Looking Out for Number One
D. C. Fontana: Exploring New Worlds Once Again
Explorations: Vessels of Exploration
William Shatner:Directing Star Trek V

Item in hand
  #59 Dec 1987 13p
Denise Crosby
Michael Westmore
DeForest Kelley: Still the Real McCoy
J. M. Dillard
Item in hand
  #63 Aug 1988 13p.
George Takei: Looking Toward the Final Frontier
William Shatner:Directing Star Trek V
Diane Carey
The Star Trek Adventure
Item in hand
  #64 Oct 1988 13p.
Marina Sirtis
Tracy Torme (TNG writer)
Diane Duane
Harve Bennett - STV
Item in hand
  65 Dec 1988 13p.
Gene DeWeese
Brent Spiner
Robert Justman
William Shatner - STV
Item in hand
  #66 Feb 1989 13p.
D.C. Fontana
Diana Muldaur
Harve Bennett
Marc Daniels
John DeLancie
Barbara Luna
Carmen Carter
Item in hand
  #67 Apr 1989 13p.
Michael Jan Friedman
James Doohan
William Shatner
Bruce Hyde
Item in hand
  #68 Jun 1988 13p.
William Shatner, STV
Item in hand
  #69 Aug 1988 13p.
Laurence Luckinbill
J.M. Dillard
Item in hand
  #70 Oct 1988 13p
Lisbeth Shatner
Gene Roddenberry
Spice Williams
Item in hand
  #71 Dec 1989 13p
DeForest Kelley
Ricardo Montalban
Item in hand
  #75 Aug 1990 13p
Walter Koenig
Leonard Nimoy
Item in hand
  #80 Jun 1991 13p
Jonathan Frakes
Ralph Winter: STVI
Item in hand
  #81 Aug 1991 13p 25th Anniversary issue
Actor interviews - everybody
Star Trek VI
Item in hand
  #82 Oct 1991 13p
Brent Spiner
Ralph Winter: STVI
Item in hand
  #83 Dec 1991 13p
Gene Roddenberry obit
Nicholas Meyer - STVI
Item in hand
  #84 Mar 1992 13p
Gene Roddenberry tribute issue
Item in hand
  and many more, but I'm tired of typing them...  



Star Trek Today
Jim Meadows, Carbondale, IL

Data source:

Letter From the Editor" E. Wolff
Voice Your Protest" E. Wolff
"Andersonville Trial" Honored by Critics
Interview with Gene Roddenberry" M. Mooney
"Star Trek One" (review)" S. Evans
Star Trek Teletype" E. Wolff
"The Immortal" Succumbs" E. Wolff
The Homonym Incident C. Evans
Letter From the Editor" E. Wolff
Star Trek Teletype" J. Meadows
Voice Your Protest" E. Wolff
'A Piece of the Action (review) T. Lichtenstein
Biography of a New Crewmember T. Lichtenstein
Galactic Psycho (A) S. Marcus
What's This?" E. Wolff
Star Trek, Book Four (review)" J. Meadows
Survival C. Evans
The Great Bird of the Galaxy" T. Lichtenstein
Where No Man Will Go Again (Part 1) J. Meadows
Letter From the Editor" E. Wolff
Star Trek Teletype" J. Meadows
Good Morning, Mr. Marcus" S. Marcus
Where No Man Will Go Again (Part 2) J. Meadows
'The Way to Eden' (review)" T. Lichtenstein
Their Surprising Transitions (Part 1) J. Meadows
A Time for Deceit (Part 1) T. Lichtenstien
Letter From the Editor" E. Wolff
The Great Bird of the Galaxy" T. Lichtenstein
Star Trek Teletype" J. Meadows
My Experiences at the MID Telethon" T. Lichtenstein
You Told Us" S. Arbogast
Mysterious Explorer of Lakus II C. Evans
Their Surprising Transitions (Part 2) J. Meadows
The Great Bird of the Galaxy" T. Lichtenstein
Star Trek Teletype" J. Meadows
Open Letter" E. Wolff,
The Kirk You Never Knew" D. Moses
Our Very Own Noreascon Report" D. MOses
The Fifth Quadrant" J. Meadows
That Fascinating Phenomenon" F. Whiting
Till Woman Smiled: Confusion Thy Name is Kerenon J. Butler [Also in One Trek Mind #5]
The Great Bird of the Galaxy" T. Lichtenstein
Star Trek Teletype" J. Meadows
Till Woman Smiled: Getting Settled J. Butler
Vul-Con Report" J. Butler
Their Surprising Transitions (Part 3) J. Meadows
Trexindex (A)
Star Trek Lives?" J. Meadows
Star Trek in Print"
News of Trekdom"
Tale of a Sleepless Spirit J. Guttridge
Convention Reports: Chicago 1975 (A) M. Bayard
  #8 Mar 1978  


Star Trek Tomorrow
Lawrence Fury, Sandpoint, ID

Data source:



Star Trip
collection of Star Trip cartoons from Stardate #3-19. 58 p

Data source:
Van Hise



Star Voyages

#1, 50p.

"Kirk, Spock, and McCoy must solve the mystery of a colony plant where the colonists have disappeared, except one; Amanda must deal with a family crisis; an old enemy returns; the story of Richard Daystrom's son, more."

Data source:
Catalogs: Hupe, Rondeaus



Starry Seas, Earthly Planes [ADULT; K/S]
" Pon Farr Press anthology"

Data source:
Catalog: Hupe


Richard Heim, Lincoln, NE Club Zine

Data source:

Science in the News (A)
Newspaper articles on UFO (A)
Star Trek Tachyonic (A)
Star-Wave Xi (A) R. Heim
Science in the News (A)
Devil's Triangle (A) B. Parrish
The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 1)
The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 2)
Science in the News (A)
Newspaper articles on UFO (A)
Star Trek Tachyonic (A)
THE Star Trek Convention, N.Y. '75 (A) G. Savoie
Letter from Gene Roddenberry (A)
The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 3)
The Algobeurian Discovery (Part 4)
Science in the News (A)
Newspaper articles on UFO (A)
Star Trek Tachyonic (A)
Star Trekon, Kansas City, Feb '76 (A) N. Munden
Star-Wave Corona Borealis (A) R. Heim
Science in the News (A)
Newspaper articles on UFO (A)
Star Trek Tachyonic (A)
Logan's Run (A) in review
The Tribble With Troubles (Part 2)



Starwind Rising [= McCoy's Illegible Log Special Issue #1]
by Kathryn Anne Evans, ed. Cahterine P. Smullen, Grey Haven Press, Manhattan Beach, CAFall 1984,

"On a world threatened by destruction, the crew of the Enterprise discovers a strange culture - and MCCoy finds the answers to some long-held questions.

Data source:
Ad in McCoy's Illegible Log #1&2


Stellar Gas
Ed. Della Van Hise, Pon Farr Press, San Diego, CA

Nicely produced zine, with excellent illos



Stellar Gas #1
Ed. Della Van Hise, Pon Farr Press, San Diego CA, 1979, 71p.
Cover: Ralph Fowler; back cover: Jim Kuzee
Art & illustrations: Ralph Fowler, Cheryl Newsome, Scott Gilbert, Kerrr7 Gammill, Matt Fertig, Craig sattler, Bev Zuk, Martin Cannon, Jim Kuzee.
Original price: not stated

By the Way (editorial), p. i
Lost in Thought / Tracey Alexander p. 1-41
The Commander plots her revenge by travelling back in time to try to kill one of Kirk's ancestors. Enterprise gives chase, and she captures Kirk, sticks the Mindsifter into a young earthwoman's subconscious, and uses it to suck Kirk's mind into the girl's. (Nice touch here is McCoy's point that the body requires at least a subconscious will to live, or it cannot even be kept alive by machine.) She uses this leverage to coerce Spock into making love to her. However, Spock finds Kirk in Mikimu, moves him into his own mind, and lets Kirk take over his body while it's in bed with the Commander. Cheater. Spock shows the Commander that the Praetor set her up to be killed; she kills Tal, defects, and helps restore Kirk to his body. Spock and Mikimu slay the Mindsifter. Mikimu is mind-wiped and sent back to Earth to be killed in a few days, so that Kirk's ancestor David may survive and the timeline be restored.
Good premise, but the story would have been better at half the length - there's a tedious amount of mind-melding and Spock/Kirk agonizing over one another's pain in this one. I mean, really. Is it logical for Spock to keep going on and on about how alarming the prospect of sex is for Vulcans?
Carolyn's Apollo (poem) / Pamela Rose, p. 42
** Death, My Old Enemy (poem) / Leslie Fish p. 44
McCoy putters about setting all to rights in Sickbay at the end of the day, with an orphaned Capellan power-cat nibbling on his ear while his subconscious brashly throws down the gauntlet to Death.
Transition (poem) / Jeanne Powers, p. 45
The Logic of Life (poem) / Marilynn Lebo, p. 46
* The Gift / Christopher Randolph & James Van Hise p. 47-62
Kirk and Spock become immortal through a "gift" presented by an elfin alien. This leads to complications when a young officer demands to be included as well, and forces them back to the planet. He is killed by the aliens' "Watcher" - a dino-like critter - when he tries to phaser it. However, he has rigged the shuttle to explode, leaving McCoy to piece together the bits despite everyone else's assumption that they would be better off dead. McCoy discovers that they will regenerate, but it will take 5 years; he takes them to Talos to rescue their sanity for that amount of time. He is prepared to languish in prison for violating General Order Seven - the death penalty was revoked after the Pike affair - but the Talosians offer to include him in the illustions they have prepared for the pair.
The reliance on magical hoo-ha to place the pair in this bind can be forgiven in light of the good writing and very interesting ramifications of the situation. Sets up a good premise for K/S here - Spock does not wish to face pon farr every seven years for eternity.
* Feast of Dust (poem) / Dell Van Hise p. 63
Spock musing on choosing death himself when Kirk comes to die.
Birth Pains (poem) / Marilynn Lebo, p. 66
Don't Tell Me (poem) / Merlin Adams, p. 67
The Song of Pon Farr (poem) / D. J. Biehl, p. 69

Data source:
Item in hand [klh]


Stellar Gas #2
Ed. Della Van Hise, Pon Farr Press, CA, 1979, 78p.
Cover: Mike Verina
Art & illustrations: Vel Jaeger, jim Kuzee, LeE, Ruth Kurz
Original price: not stated

Again, nicely produced, professional-looking zine. This one is full of get 'ems and anguish.

A Thousand Winged Unicorns / Della Van Hise p. 1-5
Written for the cover illo. Having died of injuries from a Klingon attack, Kirk wakes on a pretty planet to find Spock riding over the horizon to him on a winged unicorn. These heaven stories aren't much to my own taste.
A Price to Be Paid (poem) / Liz persic, p. 6
Where Two Halves (poem) / Wendy Rathbone, p. 8
A Time to Refrain / Jan Mike p. 9-10
City on the Edge. Kirk decides to let McCoy save Edith, so that it is McCoy who is run down by the truck and dies slowly of his injuries, and Earth turns to a Nazi-ruled hell. The rest of the crew come down; they form the nucleus of a resistance group, but are killed off one by one. Interesting take.
Edith and Forever (poem) / Wendy Rathbone, p. 12
the unfairness of gaining our universe at Edith's expense.
On Striking a Chord / T'Rhys p. 13-16
A union organizer leads the crew on strike - until the bridge crew court Klingon attack and then go on strike themselves. Cute.
The Murder of James T. Kirk / Mary A. Smith p. 17-23
A breast-beater. Spock takes leave on the Shore Leave planet in order to live out atonement for his murder of Kirk in "Amok Time."
One Question / Wendy Rathbone p. 24
Kirk resigns after having saved the ship at the expense of leaving Spock to die.
Paradise, Are You Listening? / Anthony Cervettes p. 25-26
Musings on fan writing and reality.
Not for the Captain's Log / Joyce Tullock p. 27-28
Spock unexpectedly rescues McCoy's dignity when the doctor falls down a ravine, then falls asleep while awaiting rescue.
Expectations of a Phoenix (poem) / Merlin Thomas, p. 29
Shadows (poem) / Liz Pietrzak, p. 30
McCoy muses on his third-wheel situation
Uhura's Alien / Ruth Kurz p. 32-36
A not-quite-material alien stows away on the Enterprise, leading to charges of kidnapping.
Idylls of a Gentle Healer / Vel Jaeger p. 37-38
Something between supposed poetry and prose. Musings on various of McCoy's Enterprise adventures.
* Peter / Pamela S. Rose p. 39-59
Ensign Peter Kirk is feeling sullen and pushed when his uncle requests him for Enterprise, leading to a rift between them. Peter becomes the hero of the day when their rescue party is captured by a madman who believes himself to be Satan, torturing everyone he can find in a ritual of atonement for the planet's long-ago destruction in nuclear war. Kinda trite, but interesting and the characters are nicely drawn.
Hold Onto Your Hat! (poem) / Liz Persic
Spock considering the dangers of their situation in A Piece of the Action - specifically with regard to Kirk's driving.
Time Cannot Console / Christine Thomson p. 61-63
Spock pulls the plug on brain-dead Kirk, joining him in death through the mind meld. Standard H/C fare. One unusually nice touch is McCoy reciting words from the marriage service at the funeral: What God has joined together..."
Amanda Est (poem) / Twyla J. Peacock, p. 64-65
This Side o Paradise (poem) / D. J. Biehl, p. 66
The Language Barrier / Vel Jaeger p. 67-74
Technical difficulties - the transporter dumping them in a pond instead of near it, the new-fangled U-translators not functioning - force the landing party to get by with pantomimed communication. This was cute, but with some more work it could have been hysterical.
T'Pring's Dilemma (poem) / Gene S. Delapenia, p. 74
Escape (poem) / Bonnie Guyan, p 76
Tales My Mother Told Me (Filk) / Della Van Hise, p. 76-78
teachings of Amanda & Sarek from Spock's pov (with chords)


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]



Ed. Charlene Terry, Dayton, OH

multimedia feminist zine

Data source:

  #1 Summer 1981 incl. 2 ST articles & one ST story  
  #2 May 1982 only 1 ST story, featuring a female Klingon  
  3 1985 72p 1 ST, 1 SW  


Ed. Cornelie "Sam" Cole - Club Zine

Data source:


#2 - March 1969

'The Enterprise lncident'(review)" / S. Hughes
'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' (review) (A) / S. Bowen -
A Eulogy to the Good Ship Enterprise (A)
A Fan's Tribute to Star Trek (A) / J. Fudala
The Empath' (review) (A) / S. Hughes
All Our Yesterdays" (review) (A) / H. Corstvelt
'Enterprise Incident' (review)" / S. Bowen
In Memory Of... (A)/ L. Stanley
'Is There In Truth No Beauty?' (review)" / S. Hughes
The Fudalian Awards (A) / J. Fudala
Is There in Truth No Beauty?' (review)" / H. Corstvel -
"The Cloud Minders" (review)" / D. Pace
A Day in the Life of a Star Trek Viewer / T. McGeehan
Day of the Dove' (review)" / S. Hughes
On Marrying a Vulcan (A) / N. Smith
'Spectre of the Gun' (review)" / H. Corstvel
Vulcan Recipes (A) / M. Kissell
'The Way to Eden' (review)" / S. Bowen
A Special Tribute (A) / D. L. Gurnett
'Whom the Gods Destroy" (review) / S. Bowen
Requiem for Methuselah' (review)" / S. Hughes
'Spock's Brain' (review) (A) / S. Hughes
Save Star Trek? NO! (A) / C. Cole
'The Savage Curtain' (review) / S. Bowen
'Plato's Stepchildren' (review)" / H. Corstvel
When Old Friends Meet (A). / D. Gurnett
'Plato's Stepchildren' (review)" / S. Hughes
What Star Trek Taught Me (A) / D. Pace
'The Paradise Syndrome' (review)" / S. Hughes
Lights of Zetar' (review)" / S. Hughes
Once Upon a Star Trek (A) / C. Cole



Ed. Kay Anderson & Juanita Coulson, Hartford City, IN

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  #1 Jan 1968
One Ship's Family (A) / J. Coulson
What Price Knowlege (A) / B. Vardeman
What We Did on Our Visit to Desilu (A) / B. Trimble
The Original Star Trek Idea (A) / G. Boddenberry
Star Trek:66-'67 Season (A) / K. Anderson
Star Trek Structure (A) / R. Berman
Preliminary Study on Vulcan Cultural Evolution (A) / S.M. Hereford
  #2 Nov 1968
Improbability of Vulcan Cyclic Patterns (A) / F. Mullen -
Liberalism in Outer Space (A) / E.A. Oddstad
The Secret Censors (A) / G. Mason
Star Trek: '67-'68 Season (A) / J. Coulson
The Unity of 'Operation:Annihilate (A)' / J. Lorrah
Where It's At (A) K. Anderson [Also Inside Star Trek #10, #11]
Subtle Threads Among the Stars (A) / J.K. Colander
What I did on my Lunch Hour (A) / R. Berman



Straight Trek
Syn Ferguson, Eugene OR 1982 180p

"4 straight stories, 3 of them reprints, by a famous slash author"

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Martha Bonds, Margaret Delorenzo, Nancy Kippax & Bev Volker, Baltimore, MD

discussion forum for fanzine editors on mechanics of editing, selecting, etc.

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  #1 Dec 1980 26p  
  #2 Jul 1981 27p  
  #3 Sep 1982  



Styx and Stones [ADULT; K/S]
by Alexis Fegan Black MKASHEF Enterprises

"A new collection of three never before published K/S stories by Alexis Fegan Black"

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Landers: TWR



Sublight Reading
Susan Crites, Chained to the Typewriter Press, Lamar CO

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  #1 Jul 1978  



Club Zine - STAR Sacramento, CA

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Beyond the Barrier (Part 1) / D. Norman
The Last Voyage / B. Libe [Also in Babel #5]
The Last Challenge / D. Corson
Graffiti Wall" / "Kert Rats"
Gabriel / D. Corson
The Hand of Landru"
Quest for Planet Earth" / D. Corson
Life Begins at 20? / M. Mowder
The Visitor / C. MacDonald
Unofficial Transcript of an Unofficial War"./ "Vary Lowder"
Beyond the Barrier (Part 2) / D. Norman
Universal Solvent / B. Libe
Gene Roddenberry at EquiCon"/ J. Fund
Gene Roddenberry at Stanford University" / J. Fund
Star Trek in Wax?" / D. Corson
Looking Glass / M. Riley
Spaceberg / D. Corson
The Mirror / K. Weaver
Star Trek Chicago (A) / D. Olds
The Amdromeda Six (Part 1) / A. Donovan
Change of Space / M. Riley
  #5 1976
Starfleet Submissions II" / B. Dominguez
Letter of Explanation / F.J. Schnaubelt
Synergy / D.B. Morgan
The Amdromeda Six (Part 2) / A. Donovan



Subspace Chatter [CA]
Gerald M. Williams, Interstellar Trading Post, San Diego, CA

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Filmclips, Care and Feeding of (A)
Logan's Run" (review)" A. Wildur
Editorial" G. Williams
Home, Home on Deranged "Anonymous"
Star Trek News"
"These Will be a Reality" F.J. Schnaubelt
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Subspace Chatter [DE]
Delaware Valley SF/ST Association



Subspace Chatter #1
Ed. Maureen Leise & Lucy Carroll, Delaware Valley SF/ST Association, June 1982, 99p
Cover: Lucy E. Carroll
Art & illustrations: Lucy E. Carroll, Maureen Leise, Heidi Rabinowitz
Original price: not stated

Star Trek:
The Portal / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 6
Stellar Evolution (poem) / Ruth Williams, p. 15
Personal Log entry / Randy Voldish, p. 16
A Wee Bout / Maureen Leise, p. 18
A Taste of Freedom / Maureen Leise, p. 24
Kleeg's Sabbatical / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 42
The Adventures (puzzle) / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 48
The Vogon / Heidi Rabinowitz & Sashi German, p. 50
A Superior Woman / Maureen Leise, p. 53
Who Said That? (quiz) / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 54
Alone (poem) / Ruth Williams, p. 55
The Davies Incident / Mary Davis, p. 56

Doctor Who:
The Doctor in King Arthur's Court / Maureen Leise, p. 63
Key to Time (puzzle) / Maureen Leise, p. 77

General Science Fiction:
Invasion / Maureen Leise, p. 79
Caught / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 83
In His Image / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 84

Trekchatter (column), p. 90
A Toast (song) / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 92
Cartoons / Heidi Rabinowitx, p. 64, 76, 82
Cartoons / Lucy E. Carroll, p. 95


Data source:
Item in hand [klh]

  #2 96, catalog: Rondeaus
  3 180p  
  #4 on eBay - "Generation to Generation" - 189p, 1989 eBay listing


Subspace Communications
Cory Haibloom, Lauderdae Lakes, FL


  Vol. 2 #1
'Menagerie' Uncaged (review)
When In New York, Do as the Klingons Do" "Admiral Kor"
For Klingons Only"
Believe It Or Else!"
Mucky Time C. Haibloom
Would You Believe...Venus?"
Subspace Bulletin Board
Data source:
  Vol. 2 #4
Kor's Further Adventures in New York" "Admiral Kor"
Journey to Babel Parody C. Haibloom
Would You Like to Bide in My Beautiful Baloon?"
For Klingons Only"
Star Trek '75"
Subspace Bulletin Board
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Swap [Novel]
by Jane Seaton; ill. by Teegar Hupe: 200 p

Hupe: "A mission to negotiate with the Duke of Eaye goes terribly wrong, leaving Ensign Chekov to make a terrible decision."


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catalog: Hupe



Swords and Sulu [Novel]
by Janice K. Hrubes, Alvin TX

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Trexindex S1


T'Khutian Press

multimedia fanzine

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Van Hise