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Pat Seiler, St. Charles, MO.




Kalifee [ADULT: K/S]
Ed. Sherri and Sandi Hawke, published by Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe


Kalifee #1 Dec 1990, 168p.
Ed. Sherri and Sandi Hawke, published by Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe, Lansing, MI
Art by Deb Lewis
Cover price: not stated.

This zine has some very funny obscene cartoons and a couple of entertainingly bawdy filks ("But His Cock Stayed Stiff"). Sadly, these are its high points; the writing is not noticeably edited.

The Ending / Anna Parrish p.4-26
The ISS Spock puts on an elaborate charade to force his Kirk to confront his abuse as a child and free himself from the need to show no weakness, in order to love him. Some interesting aspects, but generally rather tedious and improbable. The father is unmitigatedly evil, and the all-knowing Spock is not terribly interesting.
A Gift Beyond Price / Liliath Garrick p.27-46
Kirk goes undercover to rescue Spock from drugged sexual slavery. Well-written for an overdone premise.
A Debt Repaid / C.A. Mallett p.53-133
Convoluted, unedited and way overlong hurt/comfort novella involving a human/vulcan hybrid "mary-sue" - Tulann. Kirk has left Spock to take his promotion to admiral. Spock has been blinded by either an explosion or tumor, refuses to have the tumor operated on, and is dying of pon farr. Kirk and McCoy reconcile to go find him. Tulann appears, controlling everybody's pain, seducing McCoy and being raped by Kirk despite the fact that as a psychic healer she's not supposed to bond, ever. Oh, yes, and btw, she's Spock's little sister. She goes around making long unintelligible speeches about everybody's needs. Eventually all four are put through the Warriors' bonding ritual, McCoy marrying Tulann, Spock marrying Kirk. Just about all the zine cliches you can get, rolled up in one poorly written story. Though... well, I *did* read it.
This I Would Give / Sherri Hawke, Rachel Cavendish, Sybel Morgan p. 137-165
Spock's a vulcan vampire. (Oy.) Trapped with Kirk too long, he indulges in his blood, forcing an orgasmic bond. Sarek is furious, not wanting the family secret out. Aboard Enterprise, Kirk throws out McCoy's supply of subsitute (McCoy has known all along) to force Spock to take him again.

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Lana Brown, Lower Hutt, NZ

  #1 1985 34p 4 stories  
  #4 1986 95p  



Keep On Trekkin'
John Robinson, Loyal Order of Trekkies, Bronx, NY - Club Zine

Blish Must Die / J. Robinson



Keeper of the Katra [Novel]

[Orion Archives 2001 Re-Issue: Keeper of the Katra (2284); also in Orion Archives #7]

"... sequel to ST: FF, Chris introduces [us] to Spock's bondmate, T'Liba, and explains why the name of Sybok has not been spoken in decades. The Vulcan political intrigue, Kirk's anger toward Spock, McCoy's mediation skills, and Sarek's family history are all fully explored so that the readers can actually read this story and make sense of what we see in Star Trek V. Sexual themes."

[KLH] Fine writing & characterization as Spock carries Sybok's katra and Kirk confronts Spock's neglect to reveal himself
Keywords: Lyre; share the pain; containment; IDIC vs logic, Gol vs. Sarek; ; words vs. deeds




Kefrendar [Novel]
Uhura has made a decision to take leave from Starfleet to serve on board another race's starship. It's a decision which may cost her her friend, career, and possibly life, as she ventures far beyond the borders of the Romulan Empire into territories never before seen by Federation Humans.

catalog: Hupe (?)



Kevas and Trillium
Alicia Austin, Ontario, Canada

  #1 Jun 1968  



Khan Reports
Page Lewis, Wilmington, DE
Van Hise: "This is a family oriented fanzine.Artwork by: Christine Myers, Sylvia Liske and Anja Gruber.
Writers are: John Mills, Sylvia Liske and Mimi English, plus many, many more."

Van Hise



Kiku [Novel]
Comben Hupe: 60p,
Hupe: "Sometimes Uhura feels as if she has to say the words "Hailing Frequencies open" one more time, she'll scream. During one such period the opportunity arises to lead a Survey party on a newly discovered planet."

catalog: Hupe



Killing Time [Novel]
by Della Van Hise, Pon Farr Press.
[Van Hise] "The original manuscript as it was first sent to Pocketbooks."

Van Hise



A Kindred Spirit [Novella]
Gloria Fry; ScoTpress, 75p
"Sequel to "A Gift beyond Price", continues to follow Kirk's early days on the Enterprise and Mitchell's jealously of Spock"

[Data source: catalog (Hupe); image contributed by Morgan Dawn]



King(s?) Of Prophecy [Novella]
by Gloria Fry, 106 pages
Landers: "Part two of a Star Trek fantasy adventure in which Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Chapel, Sulu & Chekov are snatched away to a universe where magic rules. They accept their destiny to save a land from the Evil Lord and his minions."
Hupe: sequel to Book of Prophecy.

Landers: TWR,
catalog: Hupe



Shatner yearbook by Sonni Cooper.

Van Hise



The KiScon Zine [ADULT; K/S]
Jenna Sinclair, 86 pages, no art.
"Eleven short, short stories and fourteen poems that were the entrants in the KiScon writing contest. Plus a play by Lezlie Shell and other assorted inanities. Fun stuff! The short shorts had to be no longer than 10 pages and contain one of these words: duck, circumnavigate, or trauma. Imagine the possibilities!"

Landers: TWR



Ed. Sue Frank, 216p
"this all-Kingon zine is required reading by the Klingon High Command... or else. Loads of stories and a free bookmark"

catalog: Hupe



Klingon index, non-fiction

Van Hise



Know Thine Enemy [Novel]
L. Viviens; ScoTpress, 47p

catalog: Hupe



Kobayashi Maru
STUFPress, Silver Spring, MD, 1983, 138p.

[Data source: catalog (Rondeau); image contributed by Morgan Dawn]



Kolinahr II: Homecomings [Novel]
Jim and Melody Rondeau, 180 pages
"A Kirk Spock friendship novel. It sequelizes both "Kolinahr: the Parting" (see Vistions of Future Past) and ST:TMP. Spock has returned to his friends on the Enterprise but, after nearly destroying their friendship by leaving, isn't sure he can stay until after the redesigned Enterprise's shakedown cruise, when a shared leave with Kirk and McCoy shows him that their friendship is still intact and even stronger than before. Color collage cover and interior art by Gamin Davis."

catalog: Rondeau(?)



Ed. Sue Frank
"smut Klingon style. Stories to tantalize, including some rather graphic art. But would you expect any less from Klingons?"

catalog: Hupe




Oh, my, where to begin... I do not care for the Kraith universe, myself - it strikes me as the same weird and unappealing vision of Spock that was in the early "professional" Star Trek novels from Phoenix. Spock is both mean and arrogant, and apparently in true command of the ship. The Vulcan culture is highly ritualized and gaudy, and not particularly admirable

Van Hise strikes perhaps a more balanced note: "... one of the most well known alternate universe Trek fiction series. It involves a universe in which Spock becomes Kirk's liege and Kirk is bound to follow Spock's instructions and orders to the letter. The series is controversial and highly detailed."

Be that as it may... here are the Kraith items I've come across.


Kraith originally appeared in the following zines (order is chronologically in the storyline, not by date of writing):
[info from WXYZine #1]

Kraith I: Spock's Affirmation (Lichtenberg) T-Negative #8, August 1970
With Sarek presumed dead, Spock must carry the Kraith to the important Vulcan ceremony of affirmation; on the way he has to induce pon farr to contact one of the Vulcans and effect a rescue, and impregnates her. She therefore dies from the stress of the affirmation.
Kraith IA: Shealko (Author?) Impulse #4
Kraith IB: Zyeto (Author?) Starbase Omega
Kraith IC: Yehaena (Author?) ?
Kraith ID: A Matter of Priority (Anna Mary Hall) (?)
Kraith II: Spock's Mission (Lichtenberg) T-Negative 10, April 1971
After T'Ruel's death, Spock presents flame gifts to Kirk and McCoy to assist in their healing - and, fortunately, to get them and not-dead Sarek out of a Romulan brig.
Kraith IIA: T'Zoral (?) Impulse #3
Kraith IIB : The Disaffirmed (Berman) T-Negative 15, May 1972
Nice adjunct to Kraith. Enterprise rescues a young Vulcan who missed the Affirmation and is now an outcast - and proposes to Uhura, who promises to be there for his time if necessary.
Kraith IIC: untitled (Lori Dell)
Kraith III: Spock's Argument (JL) T-Negative #12, October 1971 (says, June 1970)
Spock and T'aniyeh construct a motek - a philosophical dance - as their response to the Vulcan secessionist movement. T'Aniyeh continues to reject Spock's marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Enterprise picks up a load of violent Vulcan orphans they must look after.
Kraith III: Spock's Argument Part 2 (JL) T-Negative #13, December 1971
Tanya dances out the argument for the Vulcan council, Spock wins; Vulcan will stay in the Federation until the next fan-fic takes up this plotline. More rich, rather silly ritual and logic-dance hoo-hah.
Kraith AIII: The Tanya Entry (Pat Zotti & JL) Voyage II (same timeframe as III)
Kraith IIIA: Federation Centennial (?) Regina Marvinny
Kraith IIIB: Coupe de Grace (?) TABA
Kraith IIIC: Secret of Groskin (?) ?
Kraith IIID: Ju'nfreya (Carol Lynn & Deborah Goldstein) ?
Kraith IV, Pt. 1: Spock's Nemesis (JL) T-Negative 16, July 1972 (says January 1971)
Something has put everyone on the Enterprise to sleep, locked in memory loops; Spock manages to get clear by calling up painful images (pulling him out of healing trance), the whats-it apparently runs on energy from Tanya. Spock grabs those he's melded with - can't reach any others at all - and shuttles them down to the planet to try to rescue the damsel and free them all. Not bad, but again, Spock gives all the orders; Kirk is superfluous, except for getting in the way because he is getting more and more telepathic.
Kraith IV, Pt. 2: Spock's Nemesis (JL) T-Negative 17, August 1972
Spock, despite oncoming pon-farr aggravated by the Night of the Blooms, manages to construct crystall devices to protect other members of the crew who then rescue Tanya while Spock goes crazy.

Kraith V: Spock's Decision Berengaria 2, January 1974; Voyages III (?)

Kraith VI: Spock's Command ?

Kraith VII: Spock's Challenge ?

Kraith VIII: Spock's Memeory ?

  Kraith Collected
Carol Lynn, Detroit MI
Author's Preface (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Surak's Construct / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Pastakian Sharturus #2; Pastakian Vesla #2; Star Fleet Handbook #1, Best of Tetrumbriant v.1]
T'Zorel / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Impulse #3]
The Tanya Entry / P. Zotti
Death of a Flame / Doris Beetem [Also Intr. to ST Fanzines; Grup #1]
Hope to be Spared / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Overload #1]
The Disaffirmed / R. Berman [Also in T-Negative #15]
Spock:Guardian of the Tradition (A)/ J. Lichtenberg [Also in Tetrumbriant #1]
A Matter of Priority / Anna Mary Hall
Shealku / J. Lichtenberg [Also Impulse #4; Tetrumbriant #3]
Zyeto / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Tetrumbriant #3; Kraith Creator's Manual]
Kraith Master Plan (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Ssarsu n's Argument / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Babel #4]
Federation Centennial / J. Lichtenberg
The Obligation / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Tetrumbriant #5]
Coup de Grace / J. Lichtenberg
Coup de Partie / R. Berman
May You Live Long and Prosper (A) / J Lichtenberg
The Secret of Groskin / J. Lichtenberg
The Learning Process / J. Sellar
Through Time and Tears / J. Winston [Also Tetrumbriant #4, #5]]
Spock's Pilgrimage / J. Lichtenberg
Initiative / J. Lichtenberg
Spock's Decision / J. Lichtenberg [Also Berengaria #2, which see]
  #5 1977  

Kraith Collected, 1993 ed.
Ed. Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Hupe: "completely reorganized, placing all the Kraith Collected stories into chronological order. The definitive classic Trek zine series penned by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, winner of the first Surak Memory Alpha Award. Kraith is a series of stories and articles exploring Vulcan culture and its intersection with the Human-dominated United Federation of Planets. This series extrapolates from the "givens" in the original Star Trek series to create a truly alien Vulcan, the discovery of the depth of differences between Vulcan and the Federation, and the cultural dynamics of the interface provide the background. Point of interest: points of contention with Kraith fans about this series: a Vulcan secessionist movement, an ancient Vulcan psychic technology, Sarek having a son by a Vulcan princess, and the symbolic destruction of the Enterprise have now all been established via the classic movie series and TNG episodes through Gambit 2"

catalog: Hupe
  V.1 (pre Series and Series 1), 91p  
  V.2 (Series II), 68p  
  V.3 (Series III through Federation Centennial), 89p  
  V.4 (rest Series III, Series IV), 101p  
  V.5 (Series V), 118p  
  V.6 (alternate universe issue), 142p  
  Kraith Creator's Manual
Carol Lynn, Detroit, MI
  In Defense of T'Ytzel (A) / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Babel #3]
Letter and Answer (A) / J. Yasner
Trisonic Model for Kataytikhe Genetics (A) / J. Benson
The Culling Flame (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Celebration (A) / J. Lichtenberg
The Joys of Vulcan (A) / J. Lichtenberg
The Linger Death / J. Lichtenberg
The Spock-T'Aniyeh Relationship (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Reccommended Readings (A) / J. Lichtenberg
The Lesson (outline) / J. Lichtenberg
Vulcan Realms (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Ssarsun Biography (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Vulcanur Sememics (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Humor (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Open Letter (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Editor's Forward (A) / C. Lynn
The Kirk-Spock Relationship (A) / J. Lichtenberg
Zyeto / J. Lichtenberg [Also in Kraith Collected #1, Tetrumbriant #3]



K/S And Other Risque Stuff    [ADULT; K/S]
Anita Livings

  #1, 100p catalog: Hupe
  #2, 200p
" Kirk is challenged by the mirror Spock to break the cycle of violence; Gary Seven makes a surprise visit to the Enterprise; a maniac is on the bridge and in control of the ship; and much more, Predominantly K/S"
catalog: Hupe



K/S Collected    [ADULT; K/S]
Pon Farr Press

catalog: Hupe



Gayle Feyrer

  #1, 225p catalog: Hupe
  #2, 225p catalog: Hupe