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Laura & Margaret Basta, Detroit MI         Data source: Van Hise ("paragon of Trekzines"), Trexindex

includes "Federation and Empire" series


Babel #1, 80p.
Babel On(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) V. Conder
Script Reviews(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) L. Basta
Cry l the Knife(A) L. Basta
Sprockett's Brain F. Reiss

[Data source: Trexindex; image contributed by Morgan Dawn]

  Babel #2, 102p
Babel On(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) V. Conder
Script Reviews(A) L. Basta
Script Reviews(A) M. Basta
Cry l the Knife(A) L. Basta
Why the Prime Directive? B. Van Treuren
On Rigel F. Reiss
You Can't Go No Place If You Don't Know Where You've Been "N.T. Prize"
Genetic Analysis of the Kataytikhe(A) C. Lynn
Evolution of the Vulcan Primate(A) C. Lynn
The Lemminian Encounter C. Ayer


Babel #3, Oct 1972 90p

Babel On(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) V. Conder
Script Reviews(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) L. Basta
Cry l the Knife(A) L. Basta
'Plato's Stepchildren' (script review)(A) L. Basta
On Rigel F. Reiss
Off Rigel (A) M. Lelik
The Garden Was A Wild M. Lelik
Scenes We'd Like to See(A) "N .T. Prize"
'This Side of Paradise' (script Review) L. Basta
'Whom the Gods Destroy' (script review) V. Conder
'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' (script review) V. Conder
Star Tracks -Where No Man Has Gone Before F. Reiss
Lest We Forget (A) M. Lelik [also in Academy Vol. 2 #1]
"Amok Time" (script review) R. Berman
'Metamorphosis' (script review) R. Brown
'The Ultimate Computer' (script Review) F. Reiss
Myths of Integrity L. Basta
The Chekov Syndrome (A) F. Reiss
'Friday's Child' (script review)(A) M. Basta
In Defense of T'Ytzel (A) J. Lichtenberg [Also in Kraith Creator's Manual]


Babel #4, 75p

Babel On(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) V. Conder
Script Reviews(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) L. Basta
Cry l the Knife(A) L. Basta
'A Piece of the Action (script review)(A) M. Basta
Scenes We'd Like to See(A) "N .T. Prize"
The Winds of Will L. Basta
Amok Daylight Savings Time F. Reiss
The Unusual Starship Impossible K. Phelps
"Arena" (script review)(A) G. Felipe
City on the Edge of the Suburbs F. Reiss
Ssarsu n's Argument J. Lichtenberg [Also in Kraith Collected #2]


Babel #5, 88p

Babel On(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) M. Basta
Script Reviews(A) L. Basta
Script Reviews(A) V. Conder
Cry l the Knife(A) L. Basta
The Last Voyage B. Libe [Also in Subspace #1]
Warp Factors and Relativity(A) B. Libe
The Products of an Empire L. Basta
Scenes We'd Like to See(A) "N .T. Prize"

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Babelian Council

Ed. Shelley Allan


Babelian Council #1

Variations In Green L. Stewart [Also in Intr. to Star Trek Fanzines]


Babelian Council #2

The Hostage (Part 1) J.C. Goins


Babelian Council #3

The Hostage (Part 2) J.C. Goins


Babelian Council #4

The Hostage (Part 3) J.C. Goins
Leonard Nimoy's Portland Visit(A) P. Nass,




Michelle Malkin, Philadelphia, PA



Spectre Out of the Past / Michelle Malkin [McCoy story - Trex]



  Bait Once, Bait Twice by L. Jaecks, Jersey City, NJ, 243p [Novel?] Catalog


  The Bargain by Keith Jackson (England) [Novel]  



Kay Johnson, Kansas City, MO


#1 96 p. Includes 2 short SW stories
#5 108 p includes 2 orig. sf stories




Beam Me Up, Beam Me Down, 15 p. [ADULT]
Sarek/Amanda material




The Beast by Teri White, Shaker Heights, OH 49p [Novel]

van Hise: novella dealing with Spock being accidentally thrown into the Earth of 1910. His memory is gone... he is captured, imprisoned and turned into "The Beast," a circus oddity...a well written and nicely printed hurt/comfort and action/adventure new insights into the characters... Kirk and Spock live rather than just perform.


Van Hise


Bedside Grope   [ADULT] - see Grope


Before the Glory  [ADULT: K/S]

Kathleen Resch
Stories that feature Kirk and Spock and other members of the crew meeting before the Enterprise assignment.


Authors: Syn Ferguson, Ray Newton, Kathleen Resch, Ginna LaCroix, Indra, Tere Ann Roderick, Annette Hall, more.

from KnightWriter site:

Where were they, before the glory that is the Starship Enterprise? Shivering in the sewers of Imperial Earth. Killing their enemies on Hellguard. Facing aliens... and the alien in themselves. There was the time a very young cadet erased an experimental program it had taken a Vulcan prodigy six weeks to create. There was the stopover for R&R on Tarsus IV - days before Kodos' massacre. There was happiness and heartbreak, innoncence lost - or never known.

Joyboy (by Syn Ferguson) Ambassador Sarek's young son finds life during a diplomatic conference somewhat restrictive. Then the survivors of Tarsus IV arrive - and his life changes in a most unexpected way.

The Companion (by Ray & Sandy Newton) In an alternate universe, the Vulcans went on Quest for a compatible mind to save the life of their young ruler.

On the Way to the Sky(by Ginna LaCroix) James Kirk fnids opposition to his Starfleet dreams from his own mother. His trip back to his hometown brings both reconciliation - and tragedy.

And much, much more!




  The Beginning and the End [Novel] ?



Judith Aho, Star Klique, Daly City, CA [Club Zine]
v. 2 #5/6 said to have a DK interview


The Legend of Bellerophon(A) F. Aguilar
Captivity: A Personal Record D.J. Wheeler
Comments at EquiCon/FilmCon(A) G. Roddenberry
Report From the East Coast(A) K. Giblin
Poetry Corner(A) K.G. Runkel

Lasers and Fusion Power(A) S. Stone
Talbot Mundy(A) K.G. Runkel
Westercon Report(A) J Aho
Janice (Part 1) P. Turner
Poetry Corner(A) K.G. Runkel
Janice (Part 2) P. Turner
The First Planet Vulcan(A) P. Turner
Poetry Corner(A) K.G. Runkel
Janice (Part 3) P. Turner
"I Am Not Spock" (review)(A) K. Giblin
Lasers(A) S. Stone
Return to Yesterday(A) A. Hochstraser
Star Trek Technical Manual(A)(review) K. Giblin
Poetry Corner(A) K.G. Runkel



Joyce Thompson & KathE Donnelly, 1982
Directory of "Big Name Fans" - title from presumed pronunciation of BNF [data source: Trexindex]


#1 (1973) - #10 (1978)

Diana Barbour, Memory Alpha, North Highlands, CA


Berengaria #1
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, September 1973, 56p.

"Apostasy" / Richard Heim, Jr.
Space battles, aliens on board murdering everyone, and generally wretched writing.
"Challenges" / Carle Johnson
A Pike-era Scotty-focused Mary Sue -- she gets them out of dungeon with microelectronics in her compact.
"Rennox 4" / Ken Gooch
More threatening aliens and silly technobabble.

Berengaria #2
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, January 1974, 72p.

"Spock's Decision" / Jacqueline Lichtenberg (1971)
[Kraith V (1971) with additional scenes on Vulcan by Sondra Marshak (1972). Also reprinted in Kraith Collected #4]
Typically convoluted Kraith thing. Kirk is esper-shocked, as is most of the crew to a lesser extent, due to some space phenomenon. He and Tanya are somehow linked, Tanya dies of the shock. Spock takes over just about all ship functions, telling McCoy how to treat everyone (with Theragin derivative) and Scotty how to make the engines go and so forth. Spock keeps Kirk alive, barely, by invoking the Liege-Ward programming that had been installed in him when Sarek adopted him (huh? - anyway, he appears to have been on Vulcan for some kind of training, and one thing must have led to another...). This puts Kirk in a slave relationship to Spock - who seems to really get off on it. When they get away from the danger zone, Kirk has to be taken to Schillia for emergency psionic treatment by the local aquatic folk. Later he will have to go to Vulcan for more Vulcan discipline. (Hmmm) A Schillian about to become a starship captain asks Spock (with his amazing telepathic prowess) to help him consult the Oracle. For some reason, this is going to require Spock's retirement. But he agrees. They do. And the Enterprise goes on to Vulcan... more tripe no doubt to follow. Don't get me wrong; Jacqueline Lichtenberg can write a good story, and if you enjoy gaudily ritualistic, patronizing Vulcans, you'll like hers.
"Maya" / Carmen Dexter
Non-Trek vignette: two strangers meet in a bar, one insisting that they are dreaming, and wanting to exchange addresses to prove that contact occurs during dreams.

Berengaria #3
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, July 1974, 50p.

"The Decision" / Claire Gabriel
Sarek, over Amanda's objections, insists that Spock be delivered prematurely to save her. Oddly bigoted healer here, valuing the fetus more than the mother. But an interesting story.
"Equicon '74" / Richard Heim, Jr.
Con Report.
"Galactic Crisis" / Ken Gooch
Dull space war claptrap; didn't read it all.
Lecture / Gene Roddenberry
text of his Saul O. Sidore Lecture, New Hampshire (institution not stated).
"Child of Earth" / Vicki Kirlin
Pretty interesting little story about a Vulcan woman stranded and captured by apish people intent on torturing her to exorcise ghosts from their village, and her rescue by a dragon-riding fellow from another group of people. He heals her, they fight off the villagers, she heals him, and they finally communicate by mind-meld and fall in love. But she has to go home and see if she is allowed to return because of prime directive considerations.
Item in hand
1975 Berengaria #4
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, March 1975, 52p.
* "The Brew" / Barbara-Katherine
Screenplay-format romp; McCoy, attempting to provide Kirk with an adequate substitute for coffee, instead comes up with a brew that makes Spock drunk and gives him amnesia to boot - and finds out only after Kirk makes him throw it all out that it was the long-sought cure to the common cold. Best of show for this zine.
"Christine's Decision" / Sharon Emily
[Kraith 5-A]
While Spock takes Kirk off somewhere on Vulcan to cure his esper-shock, Christine stays with Sarek and Amanda, overhearing a conversation of theirs that convinces her she would never be a suitable mate for Spock. She determines to attempt to be a worthy friend instead. Amanda wants Sarek to make a Flame for Chris but he declares it impossible, that her mind is not suitable; Kirk and Spock need Flames to keep their creative minds from becoming unstable, but it would destroy Chris. Typical Kraith hoo-hah.
"A Greater Love" / Trish McDaniel
Unappealing ½ p. vignette of The Three each attempting to sacrifice himself for the others, Spock succeeding
"Strange Time, Familiar Place" / Richard Heim, Jr.
Odd little piece done as a history project. The Enterprise crew assist a historical team to blast through an archaeological barrier; Sulu is transported to 12th century Japan with a laser cannon and becomes power-mad.
"Fear Itself" / Wayne Allan Dick
Crew is trapped in Kirk's nightmare.
Item in hand



Berengaria #5
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, August 1975, 60p.

Berengaria #5/6
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, [undated; reissue?], 108p.
Cover: ? [forgot to enter this...]

[Berengaria #5]
"A Separate Search for Peace" (p. 1-31) / Carmen Dexter
Sarek/Amanda romance bringing in the premise that T-negative blood is a "throwback" trait and therefore despised on Vulcan and, more interestingly and plausibly, that it would result in the death of a Vulcan bondmate and child because of the blood reactions. Includes the Spock/Sarek estrangement scene.
"Captive Audience" (p.34-45) / Carle Johnson
A very peripherally ST story, but not bad. A young woman escapes overcrowded Earth to become a personal maid to the very nasty rich-bitch owner of a starliner, who strands her on a non-Federation world with no papers or belongings. She becomes the prisoner/assistant of the system's Emperor, who keeps suspending her mandatory sentence of death for being stateless. She warns him of the evil intentions of the woman who had been her employer with regard to a mining contract, and assists in forming a more advantageous treaty with the Fed. Said contract is negotiated by our boys who offer to take her home, but she prefers to stay with the Emperor, who promptly adopts her.
"Carmilla" (p. 46-61) / Rebecca Ross
A vampire story - this one signs on as a security crew-woman, and is a good vampire, a member of the Brotherhood, who find ways of coping with their disease without being too damaging to human partners, and track down the occasional wayward violent ones. With a several-hundred-year lifespan, she is also quite a story-teller, catching Spock's attention with information she has about old legends, which cannot be found in the computer. Such a one attacks another crewwoman, and Carmilla has to track him down and, when he attacks again after she explains things to him, kills him.
[Berengaria #6]
"The Day the Dragons Went to War" (p. 62-66) / Vicki Kirlin
A sweet little tale of an elder dragon telepathically recounting to dragon-children the story of their first encounter with humans - the Enterprise landing party. The dragons, believing the humans responsible for injuries to one of their children, are about to wage bloody, fiery war, but thanks to Spock's telepathy all is sorted out.
*"Trek to the Planet of the Apes" (p. 67-78) / Paul Gadzikowski
A charming romp in which Gil Paul pops onto the Enterprise from "another fiction-plane." Nice touches are McCoy's insistence that every time Kirk complains of boredom they get in trouble - subsequently proved out despite Spock's disdain - and Gil's conviction that he is immune to landing-party dangers because he is an ongoing series character in yet another fiction-plane. (Which also explains the survival of the Enterprise week after week.) Assigned to study the newly-discovered fiction-plane, the Enterprise boys end up in the Planet of the Apes fiction plane, from which they rescue two humans. They try to drop Gil off in Australia, where there are still some humans, but that society has deliberately repressed its creativity and therefore has insufficient technology to return Gil home - oh, yes, the gizmo that sent him to our fiction-plane blew up after delivering him - and Gil will just have to stay on board until the ship's explorations of the fiction-plane vortex stumble across his own plane and he can get off.
"The Lost Child" (p.79-102) / Vicki Kirlin
Mary Sue with kings and dungeons. On planet Kletonia, the King orders his newborn princess daughter destroyed because his beloved queen died giving birth; the nurse rescues the baby, who ends up a crewwoman on Enterprise, now headed for Kletonia. The woman, Charleen, has dreams revealing her heritage; she and Spock are also both having visions of the Captain in danger. She arrives to the acclamation of the people just in time to reconcile with her father before he dies, leaving her the new queen. Oh, and by the way, Kirk is also in love with her. Ends with Kirk kidnapped by her rebellious cousin (who accuses her of treachery for agreeing to a Federation treaty). His rescue awaits in part II. Dull to my taste, which doesn't run to royalty.
"I Cry" (p.103) / Vicki Kirlin
Post-apocalyptic vignette in which gnomes have stolen and hidden away children under the earth to eventually repopulate when the surface becomes habitable again.

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Berengaria #7
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, April, 1976, 60p.
Cover & back cover: Larry Greider

"The Lost Child" Part 2 (p. 3-19) / Vicki Kirlin
A castles & dungeons story. Kirk is captured and tortured by one of the parties in clan warfare/castle intrigue until he is rescued by the telepathic princess.
"The Day Rickles Was Phased Out" (p. 20-23) / Teri Meyer
Report (?) of a Trek con in which Don Rickles roasts the crew.
* "Nessie" (p. 24-28) / Gerry Downes
[reprinted in Stardate:Unknown #2, Nov. 1976]
Scott has a little heart-to-heart with the Loch Ness dragon, over a few bottles of Scotch. A lovely romp.
"Interlude" (p. 29-35) / Gerry Downes
Chris Pike takes Spock on a hedonistic shore leave, including intoxicating substances and serving girls. Many years later, Spock escorts Kirk to the same establishment.
Empires Downfallen: first installment (p. 37-61) / Gerry Downes
The first 4 chapters of a novel: "Disappearance of the Doves" in which the Organians decide they will no longer enforce the Klingon/Federation treaty; "Scotty's Decision" in which Scott decides not to take a promotion after having designed a fancy new warship for Starfleet; "New Ken" in which the commander of the new ship, now partnering with Enterprise, explains that the Federation intends to provoke the Klingons into open warfare while they feel they still have the upper hand; and "Reilly's Return" in which Kevin Reilly is assigned as helmsman to the new Courageous and saves everybody's bacon by taking command from a reluctant officer when Klingons attack. Good action adventure writing; characterization is neither offensive nor sterling.

Item in hand


Berengaria #8
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, [July?] 1976, 52p.
Cover: Larry Greider; back cover: Teri Meyer

"Carmilla's Capture" (3-16)/ Rebecca Ross
In the ongoing adventures of this Mary Sue vampiress, Carmilla is injured and imprisoned in a cave (along with Spock and others of the landing party) by primitive tribespeople planning to sacrifice them to a volcano god. Said volcano is rumbling along, getting ready to explode (Carmilla is a geoscience specialist). Having lost blood, Carmilla is also having difficulty controlling her own appetite whenever she looks around at the crew. They manage to escape through a volcano vent just in time, and without even bending the Prime Directive as regards phaser use. Spock, however, picks up telepathic indications of Carmilla's secret nature... to be continued, no doubt. These are pretty well-written and more entertaining than many ST vampire tales.
"Flame Time" (p. 18-21) / Amy Falkowitz
Spock Get-'em. Alternate "Amok Time." Spock defeats Stonn and claims T'Pring, only to fall into the dread Linger Death when his anger at her severs their bond. T'Pau releases Spock into death.
"Meld (p. 23-25) / Ann Bagley
H/C. McCoy is unconscious and slowly dying of paralysis from the bite of a Tholian green spider. Spock administers CPR while sending out telepathic signals to Kirk and Ker, a ciliated, tripodal, telepathic Bercan. Well-written.
"USS Sesame" (p. 27-36) / Paul Gadzikowski
Romp; second in the "alternate fiction-plane series. When Enterprise officers (in order of billing) start being replaced by muppets as they explore the fiction-plane vortex, Gil goes to New York, stumbles onto Darrin and Samantha of Bewitched, and solves the situation when Tabitha (now 13) turns out to be doodling in her math book with a magic pencil - and she likes to draw her favorite tv characters as muppets. Amusing & well-written.
"Gold Towards the Golden" (p. 38-49) / Cheryl Rice
Kirk is sent on a Guardian mission to ancient Greece, and he and Spock have quarrelled over this use of his talents. He winds up spending an evening with Alexander the Great. Okay, it sounds sillier than it is - it is actually quite nicely written and thought-provoking as Kirk muses on Alexander's combination of kindness and cruelty, civilizing intentions and megalomania. Most interesting is perhaps the vision of time as a river, where all of us are in fact, living forever.

Item in hand


Berengaria #9
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers), Omaha NE, June 1977, 196p.
Cover: ? [did not record]

"The Human Time" (p. 1-67) Michele Arvizu
Mary Sue. Computer specialist Petra Abelard is assigned to the Enterprise for a month to work with Spock on an upgrade. All the senior officers vie for her attentions; her attempted seduction of Spock distracts him to the point of missing a computer glitch -- which then begins to disrupt systems all over the ship at the very moment that she and Spock are hiding out to consummate their relationship and Spock refuses Kirk's demands that he report to the bridge. This naturally causes problems between Kirk and Spock. However, McCoy smooths things out, Spock dutifully chooses the ship and his Vulcan heritage, and Petra departs.
"For the Fear of McCoy" (p. 73-89) Elaine Romig
Told first-person from the pov of a crew woman who is crawling the ceiling - literally, and with the help of McCoy's Arcturian resins - to elude capture while hallucinating. When they catch and sedate her, it transpires that she had been spirited away by unkown beings she remembers as "giant flutterflies" and clouds, who sent her back after about an hour with an artificial pituitary gland substituted for her own. So far, so good - the character is witty and the situation interesting; however, it devolves a bit in the resolution: Spock is called on to meld with her to discover the beings' nature and intentions. They are creatures who need the master glands of other species to continue their life cycles, which seem to be a never-ending series of metamorphoses.
"Yippie" (p. 91-108) Vicki Kirlin
Non-ST story; protagonist appears to be a member of a telepathic 3-eyed lizard race.
"Flame Time" (p. 139-142) / Amy Falkowitz
Reprinted from issue #8 because opening scene had been omitted. Spock Get-'em. Alternate "Amok Time." Spock defeats Stonn and claims T'Pring, only to fall into the dread Linger Death when his anger at her severs their bond. T'Pau releases Spock into death.
"Only Human" (p. 147-159) / Ginna LaCroix
Despite continued commendations from Star Fleet and adulation by the public, Kirk has lost confidence after some of his recent decisions resulted in a number of deaths and a near-disaster for the ship. Sent to Earth on home leave, he decides to resign, over McCoy's objections. On the return trip aboard a Star Fleet training vessel, Kirk is forced to take over during an attack by Orions, and consequently revises his decision.
"Fellinian Secrets Concealed" (p. 161-177) / Elaine Romig
Scotty is stranded on a mysterious ghost ship full of tanks, most of them holding mysterious beings, but some empty. The Enterprise determines that the ship is exerting some kind of force and appears to be attempting to absorb the Enterprise. Meanwhile, back on the ghost ship, Scotty is joined by Ytas Ciryte - her ship turns out to have disappeared a hundred years before. Throwing junk into the empty tanks proves to disrupt the energy field, and Scott escapes, but Ciryte fails to materialize from the transporter. The Enterprise runs off, leaving the mystery of the ghost ship and the time warp unresolved.
"A Small Voice in the Distant" (p. 179-196) / L.S. Willard
[My copy was missing the first page of this story.]
Spock is having trouble functioning because of the voice of a crying infant in his head and fears he is going insane. Instead of doing anything about it, though, he delays until he collapses. Under McCoy's questioning, he determines that the distress cry is that of T'Pren - the infant daughter of friends he had visited on Outpost Colony 8 several days before. When Enterprise fails to raise Outpost Colony 8, they go there and find it destroyed by an explosion. They aid the survivors (including Spock's friends and their baby) but the incident leaves Spock with the guilt of not having responded more quickly.

Item in hand


Berengaria #10
Ed.: Vicki Kirlin (Rogers) & Teri Meyer, Omaha NE, June 1978, 112p.
Special edition: trio of Michele Arvizu's stories
Cover & back cover by Mike Brown

* "Turnabout Survival" (p. 2-34) / Michele Arvizu
Janice Lester gets revenge by abducting the Big Three and switching Kirk and Spock into one another's bodies. The consequences and reactions are very well drawn - Spock is mortified, Kirk is enjoying the adventure; both bodies are in physical danger because Spock is burning up Kirk's and Kirk can't keep Spock's autonomic system going. Lester presents herself to her victims as a monster. Kirk and Spock finally trick her into switching them back by pretending the transfer is spontaneously degenerating as it did in "Turnabout Intruder." They have to play each other well enough to fool both Lester and McCoy.
* "The Gathering" (p. 36-57) / Michele Arvizu
McCoy visits at the deathbed of his mother-in-law, runs into his ex, Ariana, and they end up in bed. Back aboard Enterprise, he suffers from debilitating depression exacerbated by drink. Things come to a head when Spock arrives with an abdominal obstruction and McCoy is too impaired by drink and exhaustion to do the surgery - but persuades a cautious M'Benga of his diagnosis. The McCoy/Spock and McCoy/Kirk heart-to-hearts make a number of good points about the friendships and have some good lines, but are over-done and over-emotional - far too much talking for these guys.
"The Mirage" (p. 58-108) / Michele Arvizu
Spock visits an aging, arthritic Kirk. When he learns that Kirk is dying, he persuades him to have an android body built for himself at an experimental facility. Kirk is excited at the prospect but rejects it at the last minute, demanding to die in his own body. Spock seems very out of character here.
[Reprint of novella published by editors of Contact, November 1976.]

Item in hand



Beside Myself

Beside Myself #3
Ed.: ?, Merry Men Press, El Cajon, CA. Undated, 148p.
Cover: ? [forgot to record this]

Most of these are pretty much the pair agonizing over their love, not much plot, nor even much consummation. The zine is insufficiently proofed, but worth having just for the title story.

"The Morning Moon" (p.4-19) / Wheaten Buckly
On a frustrating diplomatic mission, Kirk finds himself drifting off into daydreams of Spock, and forces a discussion of their relationship, promising honesty. Fade out on their first time together.
"The Jaws of Night" (p.20-29) / Kathy Tipton
Mirror Spock and Mirror Kirk confront their desire for one another, taunting one another. Most interesting bit is that this Spock would have settled for Kirk in Janice Lester's body – but didn't take her when he had the chance. Spock insists on commitment; Kirk gives in, with the implication that their love will light their dark universe.
"Crystal Wall" (p.32-58)/ Kathy Tipton
Best plotted of this zine, until it all turned into a dream. Spock rescues an asphyxiated Kirk from a crystal cage, only to have him fall unconscious in the shuttle, and docks the shuttle on Enterprise only to find himself back outside the crystal cage, another Kirk asphyxiating within. Yet a third Kirk comes on the scene and shoots the other two. Back in reality, we find that McCoy is doing psych-therapy on him. The three all review Spock's dreams and discuss the meanings. All ends well with Kirk and Spock falling into bed together..
"Star God" (p.60-80) / Carol Turner
In an alternate universe, Kirk stumbles across a young, mute, telepathic Spock who has been cut off from his society for his imperfection. Their telepathic intimacy leads Spock to join him in the stars after Kirk convinces a mean Sarek to grant permission. Fade out on the two on the floor of Kirk's scoutship.
"The Color Green" (p.82-84) / Carol Turner
Mirror universe s & m story, with Mirror Kirk taunting and sexually threatening Mirror Spock, who finds it arousing.
"Dear Devil" (p.88-102) / Susan Delon
Spock is stranded on a planet where he becomes their pet, honored, beloved devil. When Kirk finally finds him, one of the aliens encourages the captain to declare himself to the Spock. He does, and is received joyfully. Fade out...
* "Beside Myself III" (p.104-148) / Robin Hood
This, despite poor proofing, was worth the rest of the zine. A transporter accident splits Spock into his human and Vulcan halves, and Kirk discovers it's the Vulcan side he likes better, though it's the human side who has a crush on him. A fun idea, well executed.


Item in hand


Best of...

Diana Barbour, Memory Alpha, North Highlands, CA


#1: Best of Christmas on the Enterprise, 1976, 46p.

Catalog: Rondeaus

#2: Best of Scotty, 1977, 64 p.

Catalog: Rondeaus

#3: Best of Pon Farr, 1978 72 p.

Catalog: Rondeaus
  ?: Best of Sarek and Amanda ?


Beta Lyrae

Frances Evans, Encino, CA 1974 28p


Beta Lyrae

D.C. Fontana interview
David Gerrold article
TAS artwork

Catalog: Rondeaus


Beta Niobe

Jenny Elson, Leicester, England


Adventures of Kathy King J. Elson
The Bulls of Minos J. Elson
Beasts of Darkness H. Lennon
Infiltration H. Lennon
The Tar of Nedin J. Elson

The Ceremony J. Elson
A Distant Whisper H. Lennon
Kathy King Two J. Elson
Stars of Paradise J. Elson
The Snowflower J. Elson [Also in Space-Time Continuum #3]
Never Ending Hate R. O'Kane
Where No Man Has Gone Before? B. Hill
A Time to Rebuild, a Time to Die F. Ball
More Adventures of Kathy King J. Elson
The Parting J. Elson
Lelia A. Wigmore
The Genesis Equation H. McCarthy
The Rift J. Butler
The Stranger B. Waters
Dear Jo J. Elson

Beta Niobe Revisited

Rusty Hancock, Rochester, MI, Nov. 1976, 98p.

Zarabeth zine from the Mariette Hartley Fan Network. [data source: R & R #2]


* Betrayed by Mary Rottler [with Lynn Syck]; Orion Press 1998, 175p [Novel]
Cover: Christine Meyers
McCoy suffers hellish imprisonment -- and guilt -- for causing a devastating plague. Back on the Enterprise, Kirk's own guilt for testifying against the doctor drives a wedge between him and the crew until they manage to pull back together to find the Orion/Klingon truth behind the frame-up. Excellent characterization and dilemmas, though the "hurt" part of the HC seems over-done -- surely the guy would be dead by about page 30 or so.


  Between the Sheets by Vel Jaeger, Clearwater FL [Novel?][ADULT] ?



Between Two Worlds by C A Maliett, 60p [Novel][ADULT]
Sarek/Amanda story.

Catalog: Hupe



Dennis Fischer, Paramount, CA

Commentary zine [source: Van Hise]


Beyond Antares (AU)

Joanne Keating, Asbury, Australia


#1  42p

Catalog: Rondeaus
  #2 34p
Catalog: Rondeaus
  #3 34p
A Wee Bit of Scotch - S.Clark
Catalog: Rondeaus

#4 46p

Catalog: Rondeaus
  #5/6 52p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #7 36p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #8 42p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #9 34p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #10 38p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #11 41p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #12 36p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #13 29p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #14 26p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #15 44p Catalog: Rondeaus

#17 44p

Moonwind - S.Clark

Catalog: Rondeaus
  #18/19 68p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #20 61p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #21 58p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #22 60p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #23 46p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #24 45p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #25 45p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #26 50p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #27 50p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #28 64p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #29 50p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #30/31 125p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #32 59p Catalog: Rondeaus
  #33 54p Catalog: Rondeaus

Beyond Antares #34
Ed.: Joanne Keating and Susan Clarke, Clarke & Keating Ink, Faulconbridge Australia.
August 1993, 57p.
Cover: Marianne Plumridge. Back cover: signed R. Paterson

"The Treatment of Women in Trek" (p.7-10) / Sue Bursztynski
"The Price of Experience" (p.11-16) / George Ivanov
TNG - Wesley's first love.
"Extracts from the Personal Log of Dr. Leonard McCoy, M.D." (p.25-47) / Christine Hawkins
McCoy is holed up in Sickbay fending off a vampire Spock.


Item in hand

  #35 60p Catalog: Rondeaus


Beyond Antares (CA)

Michelle L. Carter, Visalia, CA [catalog: Rondeaus]


Beyond Antares #5     April 1985, 29p.
Ed.: Michelle L. Carter, Visalia, CA
Cover: Gennie Summers

"Coming Home" / Jack Barritt Carter (p. 6-17)
Ensign Alex Concord gets acquainted with the ship & crew.
* "Mystic Miscalculation" / M. Lee Bareti (p. 18-19)
Chekov has a dream (?) encounter with Dr. Strange - you know, the Mystic Master of Dormammu, from the comics - and blames it on the borscht.
"The Transfer" / Philip R. Cable (p. 20-22)
Rand must confront Kirk over her decision to transfer because of her unrequited love for him.
"Courtesan" / Michelle L. Carter (p. 23-28)
Smarter this time, Spock has made arrangements with an empathic courtesan for his second pon farr, and she asks him for help in gaining perspective on her own memories.


Item in hand

  #6 28p  
  #7 36 p  
  #8 28p  
  #9 28p  

Beyond Antares #10     April 1987, 31p.
Ed.: Michelle L. Carter, Visalia, CA
Cover: Tom Howard

"Kobayashi Trumped" / David Marks (p. 7-9)
Just prior to TMP, Kirk beats Kobayashi Maru again, this time with the new Enterprise.
"The Delivery" / April Schowyrs (p. 10-11)
Janice Rand ponders her future as a hybrid baby is born on the Enterprise.
"Valley of the Sentinel" / B. E. Trimble (p. 12-19)
Mystic poop about a magic Moonstone, and a near-death experience for Kirk.
"A Change of Heart" / Tom Howard (p. 21-27)
While awaiting whatever, post STIII, Uhura is assigned as advisor for a Vulcan-location vid series, and finds herself kidnapped along with the star, who has a Dorian-Grey-ish relationship going. Interesting twist on that story, despite heavy reliance on magic here.
"Logical at the Time" / Edna Cline (p. 28-31)
Amanda has agreed to accept a political marriage to a Vulcan; Sarek offers challenge, and manages to win without actually killing his opponent.

Item in hand


Beyond Antares #11     October 1987, 29p.
Ed.: Michelle L. Carter, Visalia, CA
Cover: Gennie Summers

"Unexpected Aid" / David Marks (p. 4-7)
Harry Morrow tumbles to Kirk's plans to steal Enterprise – and decides to help out. Nice take.
"Weststa" / B. E. Trimble (p. 8-15)
Kirk, Spock, Sarek, Amanda, McCoy, and Spock's wife Paula (in labor) are kidnapped and sold to a Klingon bent on vengeance for Terran war crimes. The good bad guy has to help deliver when McCoy's arm is broken protecting Paula in a crash landing.
"Time Times a Time" / Edna Cline (p. 17-25)
Kri, a Klingon defector and now an ensign on Enterprise, is having a tough time adjusting to life among humans, as well as to his own childhood memories.
"The Day Spock Went Berserk" / Tom Howard (p. 26-27)
Farce. Chris bakes a pie to which Spock has a bad reaction; McCoy diagnoses rabies.


Item in hand


Beyond Antares (LA)

Peter Veters, Chalmette, LA

#1 July 1974 [Trexindex S1]


Beyond Antares (UK)

(newsletter) at least 40 issues, about 16p. (source: catalog - Rondeaus)


Beyond Antares R-Rated [ADULT]

#1-9 [catalog: Hupe]


  Beyond Diplomacy by Ann K. Schwader MKASHEF Enterprises [Novel]
A novel by Ann K. Schwader. Taking place in the Ford Final Reflection universe, this novel followed the life of Neysa El Man, a Starfleet lieutenant whose specialty is Klingon culture and custom. See also One Blade, One Blood.
[Landers: TWR]


Beyond Dreams   [ADULT: K/S]

Jenna Sinclair and Dusky, Garland, TX
Stories that feature Kirk and Spock and other members of the crew meeting before the Enterprise assignment.


#1 233 p
Cover by Shelley Butler.
Seven pieces of interior art: Deeb, Liz, clm, Linda Wan, Kathy Stanis, Alison Fiddler.
Thirteen stories:
M.E. Carter, D.A. Marsh and Gena Moretti, C. Liane de Maler, Phaedra Morgan, Greywolf the Wanderer, Khaki, D.A. Marsh, Deanna Gray, Dr. T'Rhys, Rosemarie Heaton, Gena Moretti, Kathy Stanis, Jenna Hilary Sinclair.

Featured stories:

  • "All This Time" a long and luscious first time story of love revealed after "The Galileo Seven" while Commissioner Ferris is still onboard. Ferris dislikes Kirk and wants to set a trap with Spock as the bait.
  • "The Tribble with Troubles" you'll laugh out loud as two of fandom's masters of the lighthearted take a look at the lone tribble on board; she is hungry and lonely and looking for love, and very, very pregnant.




#2, 232 p
Art by Butler, Mueller, Liz, Zoost. Eleven stories: Michele Arvizu, kira nerys, Gena Moretti, Islaofhope, Robbi, Rosemarie Heaton, S.R. Benjamin, Anna S. Greener. Poetry by S.R. Benjamin, Kir'Anne, Jenna Hilary Sinclair.

Featured stories:

  • "Snowman" Kirk seeks solace on a snow swept planet during shore leave, but he is abruptly visited by a strange individual who says his name is Spock. This Spock is 88 years old and has been searching for his Jamie for years.
  • "A Meal to Remember" Kirk knows he isn't supposed to want to make love with his first officer, but when in the privacy of their hotel suite Spock starts eating strange cucumber like Vulcan vegetables whole and with his fingers! what is a poor starship captain to do?



Beyond Mutara Sheila Clark, ScoTpress [Novel?] [are there 2 zines by this name?]

McCoy's Soliloquy / L. Wood
Remembering / A. Preece



Beyond Orion

Ed.: Carol Hunterton, Jersey City, NJ

1977 Beyond Orion #1 Ed.: Carol Hunterton, Jersey City, NJ; Jan. 1977, 104p.
Cover: Gene Reynolds; back cover: Kevin Birnbaum
"Beyond Orion" (p.3-68) / Lee Jaecks
Spock returns home to spend time with Amanda, who is dying of lymphoma. He plays along with her need to see and treat him as a child in her last days. Sweetly sentimental, with rather emotional Vulcans attempting to allow Amanda to die in her way, not the Vulcan way. Odd subplot involves Sarek's nosy and self-absorbed aide intruding on the family.
"The Jelly Donut Memorandum" (p.71-76) / Lee Jaecks & Carolyn Venino
“Amok Time” spoof, with Spock obsessing about jelly donuts.
"Computer Readout" (p.77)
Trek jokes (the sound of punching a Vulcan on the nose? “T’Pau”)
"No Greater Monument" (p.83-94) / Lee Jaecks
Enterprise is called to retrieve Pike’s body from Talos; the Talosians, with no pets to care for anymore, commit mass suicide by causing Sulu to fire main phasers at them.
"Mid-Summer" (p.96-102) / Carolyn Venino
This one made no sense to me. Spock, ill, is running, trying to elude capture by Starfleet. Note says this story is an “interlude” in “Summer’s End, Pt. II” by D.T. Steiner in Metamorphosis #2.

Item in hand

1977 Beyond Orion #2 Ed.: Carol Hunterton, Jersey City, NJ; July 1977, 104p.
Cover: Gene Reynolds; back cover: Suzanne Kirwan
** "Without Pomp or Circumstance" (p.3-18) / Leslye Lilker
Sahaj Series. Spock turns his panic-stricken son over to Sarek and Amanda to raise.
"Aftermath" (p.21-22) / Toni Cardinal
Vignette of Spock mourning Chapel's death.
*"All that Glitters" (p.24-45) / Roberta Rogow & Carolyn Venino
Captain Koloth plots revenge for the gift of tribbles, infiltrating Enterprise with gifts of his own which make the crew belligerent. Best bit is Uhura telling Kirk what he can do with his hailing frequencies.
"Imitation of Life" (p.51) / Carol Hunterton
Vignette of Kirk in a dream world, insane after witnessing Spock's death.
"The Seventh Year" (p. 52-55) / Carolyn Venino
Sarek and Amanda. It's Time... no, not that Time. Cute.
"The Doleful Ballad" (p. 56-61) / Roberta Rogow
Entertaining filk of Tom Lehrer's "The Irish Ballad." Illustrated by Stephen Gray.
Reprinted from Tetrumbriant
"Descent" (p.62-68) / Martha J. Bonds
Kirk watches over Spock, who is recovering from torture suffered to save Kirk. Standard H/C.
"A Traveler Between" (p. 76-79) / Bev Volker
Kirk muses on Edith's sacrifice.
"The Last Uncharted World" (p. 81) / Mariann Hornlein
Vignette. Kirk and Spock head off to explore the afterlife together.
"And So To Bed" (p. 82) / Carol Hunterton
Vignette. A new take on McCoy's divorce - and drinking - tracing them to impotence.
"The Guardian Knot" (p. 92-102) / Jean L. Stevenson
Events of "Yesteryear" - and the return to "our" timeline - from Sarek's pov. Interesting premise, well-written.

Item in hand


  Beyond Shattered Illusions by C. Decker 91p. [Novel] Catalog (Rondeaus)


Beyond the Farthest Star [ADULT]

#1-8 [catalog: Hupe]

1985 Beyond the Farthest Star #1
Ed.: ?; copyright 1985, 67p.
Cover: ? [forgot to record]
[reviewed copy is a photocopy reprint]
*"Reputation" (p. 3-46) / Anthony Sanders
On shore leave on Argelius, first Kirk, and then Scotty and McCoy are captured by slavers intent on turning them into mindless sexually enhanced "sexoids" - but not before they've entertained themselves with their new toys. The slavers bemoan their discovery that while Kirk's technique might be up to his reputation, his equipment definitely is not - and they make some corrections (to Uhura's later delight). The men are rescued by Harry Mudd. Explicit, raunchy and pretty darned funny..
"Clothing You'll Never See on Vulcan" (p. 47-48) / Gennie Summers
exotic costume portfolio
"Dalliance" (p. 49-51) / Esther LeMay
Chapel seduces Spock with one of his mother's recipes.
"Tryst" (p. 53-57) / Beth Holland
Klingon-style sexual interlude between Valkris and Torg - Kruge having been sent on a mission from which he is not expected to return.

*"One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" (p. 56-66) / Mary Cross & Chris Hamann
Full-frontal photos of Kirk mysteriously appear posted all over the Enterprise. Amusing.

Item in hand


  Beyond the Veil by Alexis Fegan Black; MKASHEF Enterprises [Novel][ADULT: K/S]
A tale that involves UFOs, repressed memories and innate fears


  Bigot!Brother!Bondmate! [Novel?][ADULT: K/S] Verba


Bits 'N Pieces

Ginger Burrison, Howell, MI (Club Zine) [Trexindex]


How to Drive 1500 miles...(A) J. Thompson
"You and I" (review)(A) G. Burrison
Encounter(A) T. Flynn
1974 Diary(A) G. Burrison



Black Magic

Dale Kagan, Searingtown, NY


The Ultimate Solution G. Zimmerman
And From the Romulans...(A) D. Kagan
Does Your Favorite Character Measure Up? D. Kagan
The Prime Directive: A Short Dialogue L. Frankel
Editorial(A) D. Kagan
An Illogical Trek M. Malkin [Also in Vorpal Sword #3]
A More Distant Star C. Morrow
The Neophyte (script) G Abbott
Between Distant Stars D. Kagan
'The Enterprise Incident' (review)(A) D. Kagan
Starbourne D. Kagan



  Black Star Unrepressed Press, Houston TX [Novel?] [Trexindex]



Blood Of Others L. Vivens; ScoTpress, 69 p. [Novel]
A space anomaly carries the Enterprise into unknown space

Catalog (Hupe; Rondeau)


  Blood Ties Gamin Davis Hupe: 250p [Novel]
"sequel to 'Something to Remember'. As husband and wife. Spock and Chapel journey to Vulcan where the Human female is treated to a cool reception by most of his clan. Pregnant with twins and determined to win the acceptance of Spock's family - an acceptance that Amanda his never fully won-- Chapel risks her life and those of her unborn children as she finds herself the target of blind racial hatred."
Catalog (Hupe)



The Bloodstone [Novel]
by Carol Frisbie, Susan K. James & Merle Decker, Pulsar Press, Arlington VA 1983, 180p.

From Boldly Writing:
"Kirk and Spock are stranded on a world of medieval danger and intrigue, swords, and strange psionic crystals.

Boldly Writing


  Blow Back N. Comtet, 87p, [Novel]
"Sequel to Return to the Source, T'Pring seeks revenge for imaginary wrongs."
Catalog (Hupe)


Blue Pencil

#1(1985) - #4 (1986)

Carolyn Cooper, Houston, TX
picked up from Stylus - for zine editors


Blurb Zine

Carol Page, Clenison SC [Trexindex]


Bondbrothers Gloria Fry, Glasgow, Scotland, 98 p. TOS Alternate Universe [Novel]

"A T'Varon Chronicles story. In an alternative universe Kirk and Spock investigate a parallel Earth in danger from aliens and its own Roman empire. They face members of a super race and are caught up in turbulent events that could decide the fate of millions. Cover art is a gorgeous, long haired Spock. Note: It is not necessary to have read T'Varon Chronicles. Bondbrothers stands on its own."

Landers, TWR



  Book of Prophecy Gloria Fry, 98p [Novel]
"classic Trek novel, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Chapel, Sulu, and Chekov are snatched away to an alternate universe where magic rules. They must learn to accept their destiny as Heroes of the Prophecy and save a land from the Evil Lord and his minions. Art includes stunning long haired Kirk and Spock portraits by Maggie Symon. See King of Prophecy for sequel."
Catalog: Hupe


BortaS ChoQ, by Elizabeth Knauel, Orion Press, 2001, 109p. [Novel]
Cover: not stated

Captain Sulu / Excelsior adventure, Orion Press universe.

           Review of Excelsior's log records turns up pictures of a crewman on the bridge - weeks after he was killed. The ensuing investigation of possibilities from time warp to evil twin to imposter to ghost never does solve that mystery, or the mystery of something tampering with the transwarp drive programming, but no matter - plenty else is going on. The Albino tests an engineered plague weapon, first on a few of his co-conspirators and then on a province of planet Korvat. Excelsior, having picked up the ashes of Admiral Yves Gervais of Starfleet Intelligence, who mysteriously "died in his sleep" and was equally mysteriously "cremated according to local custom," is assigned to transport Sarek to Korvat for a Romulan - Klingon - Federation conference called by Azetbur. Kevin Riley, now in Starfleet Intelligence, is behaving very oddly - trying to prevent Excelsior's Dr. Ariel Cord from examining the Admiral's ashes, and failing to inform Sulu of the plague on Korvat. He does, however, send plague expert Dr. Susan Nuress to Korvat to work on the problem, promising her a support team, but not delivering it. When Excelsior learns that they have just transported Sarek onto a plague world, CMO Ariel Cord - former porn star [?! - was this Rick's idea?], current Captain's lover, and immortal granddaughter of Flint - goes down to help, and ends up infected. Fortunately, she had Susan's partially effective vaccine, and her immortal, self-healing body.
          Meanwhile... Kang has been despondent - and impotent - since the murder of his infant son by the Albino. Mara - who wants her warror husband back - snaps him out of it by trying to kill him. This works admirably, and Kang, Kor and Koloth are in hot pursuit of the Albino when Excelsior shows up per Starfleet orders to protect the shipping around that particular planet, and spoils the plan, allowing the Albino to escape his disguised and self-destructing Orion freighter in a lifepod.
           It all comes together at the conference - Azetbur is poisoned with plague, but saved by the two doctors' new vaccine, the plot revealed, and the conference goes on - with, as the diplomats say, some progress but no real resolution.
           This story is full of dangling plotlines, but also fast-paced and a pleasant read with plenty of good scenes.

Item in hand


* Boy Scout by Ann Zewen Orion Press, 1997. 87 p. [Novel]
Cover: Zaquia Tarhuntassa
[reprinted in Orion Archives 2001 - Beginnings]
Nice job on the background of Kirk & Carol Marcus. After a disastrous tour on the Pegasus, in which Lt. Commander Kirk became a hero by getting everyone home after the entire bridge crew was wiped out, Kirk is being pushed into early promotion and captaincy of the Enterprise. He wavers, wanting to take a ground assignment to have Carol and David back in his life, and slowly wins over David. Things go awry when Kirk accompanies David on an introductory boy-scout camping trip that goes all wrong. Though he's the hero again, and discovers that command comes naturally to him, Carol is unwilling to ever face that kind of worry again. Very nice set-up for the movies.

Item in hand


  Briar Rose P. Thompson 62p, [Novel]
Hupe: A six man scientific expedition from Vulcan to the planet Pantellek. When civil unrest in a nearby city threatens the safety of the party, James Kirk and his crew are sent on a rescue mission.
catalog: Hupe


  Broken Images by Beverly Sutherland [Novel][ADULT: K/S] ?


  Brother's Keeper Pat Mitchell 60p [Novel]
"Authorized reprint of classic Kirk/Spock hurt/comfort novel"
Catalog: Hupe