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Family History:

Karen's translations of the von Pressentin family history books

Karen & Barbara's transcriptions & translations of Kemmerich-Urbain correspondence 1903-1932

Photo Lifelists & Trip Photos:

    Birds      Mammals     Reptiles & Amphibians       Insects     Wildflowers    
Sundry photos of creatures who have been willing to pose at least briefly. The Birds section is by far my largest collection, since most of my travel is primarily for birding. I'm not a pro, but I've managd to get some pleasing shots - come in and take a look!

Animal & Plant Photos arranged by Trip:
Local NW Birds
2017 Guatemala (January 5-21)

2016 Panama (August 5-16)

2016 Ethiopia (20 Feb - 6 March)
    Part 1: Addis, Jemma Valley, Lakes, Bale Mts NP, Sof Omar
    Part 2: Negele, Liben Plains, Yabello, Lakes

2015 Bhutan (12-25 February)

2014 Guyana (8-20 November)

2014 Trinidad (5-8 November)

2013 Costa Rica (August)

2013 Bulgaria (February)

2012 Prairie Birds Montana to Minnesota (June)

2011 Namibia (December)

2011 Panama (August)

2011 Morocco (March)

2010 Costa Rica  

2009 Madagascar

2008 Ecuador (April/May)

2008 Mexico (San Blas & Cuernavaca, Jan/Feb)

South Africa 2007: Western Cape     
South Africa 2007: Kruger NP     

2006 Mexico (Yucatan; Dec)

2006 Ghana (March)

British Columbia July 2005
Malheur NWR May 2005
Venezuela Dec 2004
Hawaii May 2004
Germany May 2003

California, March 2003
Texas, March 2002
Florida, December 2001
Florida, December 1999
Kenya, 1987
Nepal, 1985

2012-03-24 Tom McCall Nature Preserve, Rowena, OR
2011-09-13 Zumwalt Prairie and Mount Howard, OR     


Other Trip Photo logs:

Venezuela - Dec. 2004


DeForest Kelley Filmography
Exhaustively researched & annotated. Everything the versatile actor who portrayed Star Trek's Dr. 'Bones' McCoy ever appeared in apart from Star Trek.
(Hey, everybody's entitled to a silly obsession...)
The Zinedex:
An index to Star Trek (original series) fan-fiction I have read - or at least perused
This is a massive and tedious work-in-progress... but if you like fan-fiction, feel free to come explore while it's under construction. (Okay, so make that two silly obsessions...)


Glenn & Barbara Halliday's Home Page - travel & genealogy links

Mark Halliday's Home Page - see my peripatetic brother's latest wild adventures!

Nepal-60 Virtual Reunion
Maintained by Jeff Rocheteau - thanks, Jeff! - Reunion site for Peace Corps volunteers and staff of Nepal 60, Math/Science Teachers, 1976-1978.

My Star Trek fan-fiction (all of it original-series, McCoy-focused):

Healer of the Wraith     
My novel, originally published by Orion Press, is now available in reprint from Kathleen Resch, New cover art by T'Guess. 145p.

Romulans, mind-melds, and plagues, oh, my! Fellow fans of the Good Doctor, all I can say is, I wrote the McCoy novel I wanted to read - I think you'll like it!



"Shadows Over Deneva"
A short story of the aftermath of episode "Operation: Annihilate," in a serious vein.
Appeared in Orion Press's Antares #1. Out of print; not posted electronically.

"Out on a Limb"
A romp, originally appeared in Orion Press's Antares #2; posted in their Archive site and reprinted in their volume Orion Archives, First Mission, part 2.

I highly recommend the Star Trek fan-fiction published by Orion Press - they are well-edited and feature many excellent stories for the Trek-o-phile. My particular favorites are anything by Jim Ausfahl, Pat Detmer, or Anne Zewen. Printed zines frequently feature superb cover art from Christine Myers.