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On the Golden Princess

May 22 – June 3, 2006 12 days

Traveling: Glenn and Barbara

We're back!   And, here are some pictures of what we saw while cruising for 12 days through the Eastern Mediterranean--from Venice to Rome, via Croatia, Greece and Turkey.
We sailed on the "Golden Princess" and were pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to a handicapped room--which was HUGE by usual cruise ship standards.  Even an oversize balcony.  A great place to have a room service meal and bask in the balmy weather we enjoyed throughout the cruise
We took a boat ride to two of the other islands in the Venice Lagoon--Murano and Burano.  We passed right by the famous bell tower and Doges Palace (on the right) at St. Mark's Square.
Our first stop was Dubrovnik, in Croatia.  We walked the fortress walls surrounding the old city.  Many of those red tile roofs had to have new tiles installed--after the Serbs laid seige to Dubrovnik and shelled the city from the sea just a few years ago!
Our favorite site for ancient Greek history was Olympia.  This is a temple that Alexander the Great erected in honor of his father.
And, yes, we climbed up the Acropolis to stand at the base of the Parthenon--along with about three thousand fellow tourists!
Some of the famous windmills of Mykonos, a popular Greek island.
The Library, at ancient Ephesus, near Kusadasi, Turkey.  Beautiful remnants of a once-great city that was the home of many Greek scientists. Later, when it was a Roman city, Cleopatra paid a visit.
Oia, on the Greek island of Santorini--clinging to the sides of the crater formed when a mountain blew up.  Santorini is the leading candidate to have been the site of Atlantis which sank into the sea.
A Greek Orthodox church in Oia, on Santorini Island.
The ruins of Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius looming over them.

A golden Mediterranean sunrise, from the "Golden Princess."




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