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Barbara and Glenn's Life Story--As a Timeline

World Events: 

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated, Murrah FederalBuilding in Oklahoma City destroyed by terrorist bomb, OJ Simpson verdict - "Not Guilty"

Elections in Bosnia, after Dayton Accords end civil war, Taliban capture Afghanistan, Suicide bombers hit Israel, TWA Flight 800 explodes. Initially, foul play was suspected, but eventually it was determined that the crash was most likely due to mechanical problems.

Great Britain turns over Hong Kong to the Chinese after 99 year lease expires, Mars pathfinder lands

Northern Ireland Peace, Republicans lose seats in the House elections, US Embassies bombed-- On August 7, 1998, bombs exploded simultaneously at US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar el Islam, Tanzania. The bombings killed a total of 224 people. The bombings were said to be done by international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

1999 President Clinton Impeached

Events in our lives:

1995 January LOTS of Dr. visits for Barbara (throat swelling after surgery, vertigo) Glenn (irregular heart beats) Al (Congestive heart failure), Pauline (leg tumor surgery, infected cyst removed from back).

1995 Jan. 03 Barbara has thyroid nodule surgery at Salem Hospital. Is benign. Barbara is discharged next day. Put on thyroid medicine to suppress any more nodules.

1995 Jan. 10 Dr. Fletcher turns over Pauline's care to Dr. Winthrop.

1995 Feb. 01 We tour the Assisted Living section of Keizer Retirement with Kemmerichs, Noel & Betty.

1995 Feb. 08 Kemmerichs & Barbara go to Saalfeld's office, they sign Living Trust changes, making Barbara their legal representative, has power of attorney, etc

1995 Feb. 10 We spend a couple days at Depoe Bay, Holiday Surf Lodge suite with Joles.

1995 Feb. 12 Snow for two days. Cold—in the 20's.

1995 Feb. 28 Yucatan trip is back on. We take first "Aralen" pills for malaria

1995 March 05 Glenn & Barbara drive to Sea-Tac airport, stay at nearby hotel. Leave car there while in Yucatan.

1995 Mar. 06 Karen meets us at Seattle airport, we all fly to Cancun, meet Mark there at airport. Stay in Cancun overnight, then rent car and drive around Yucatan Peninsula. We visit: Cancun posh hotels, beaches, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, drive across Yucatan to Akumal on Caribbean, ferry to Cozumel.

1995 Mar. 15 We return to Seattle, stay overnight at motel, drive home next day.

1995 Mar. 22 Gloria & Terry visit (moving to Albany? Terry transferred to Corvallis H-P plant)

1995 Mar. 28 We leave for Green Valley, AZ. Enroute we stay at: Redding, Bakersfield, and Harrah's hotel in Laughlin.

1995 April 01 We arrive in Green Valley. Stay in a townhouse at 1382 Tolteca. $900/month. While in Green Valley we visit: Madera Canyon, Sabino Canyon, Knoches (Diane recovering from brain surgery, related to her cancer), Arivaca, King Canyon (by Desert Museum), Nogales, Mt. Hopkins, Kitt Peak, Indian casino, Titan Missile Museum, Cyprus copper mine, Ginny Hutchison, Amerind Museum and Cochise Stronghold, in the Dragoon Mts., Saguaro Park, Desert Museum, Tubac with Schopperts.

1995 April 07 Karen to drives (?) to Denver for Star Trek convention, staying in Rawlins, WY on way back. (Did she have car trouble?)

1995 May Both Al and Pauline Kemmerich are now losing weight—Pauline more drastically. Probably due to the fact that she has problems swallowing food, and regurgitates it frequently. Al's congestive heart failure is getting more severe, along with his other problems.

1995 May 01 We drive north through Oak Creek Canyon, stay at Flagstaff and visit the "Sunset Crater" and Wupatki Anasazi ruins.

1995 May 02 We drive through Zion Nat. Park, stay at Springfield, just outside the park.

1995 May 03 Pat Whitbeck drives up from St. George for dinner with us.
Pauline having a lot of difficulty with swallowing. Dr. Winthrop tries her on "Propulsid."

1995 May 04 We go to Salt Lake City, to see Karen, but stay at Skyline Motel, as Mark also arrives the next day and stays with her.

1995 May 05 Glenn & Barbara visit her old workplace, Regional Learning Resources Service, at the VA Medical Center. Old boss, Paul Smith, and Yoshiko are still there. New remodeling of the offices though. Also visit John Johnston at his apartment in City Canyon. Meet Karen at the U of UT Library, and have lunch with her.

1995 May 06 Karen takes us to see the "Man of La Mancha."

We celebrate Mark's birthday a few days early.

1995 May 07 Mark leaves on his around-the-world trip. First stop: China, Beijing to negotiate the sale of gravity meters, then to Qindao for a Marine Trade Conference. We go to Baker City, enroute back to Salem.

1995 May 24 We meet Terry & Gloria at their home in Albany, and then go to Finley Refuge to see endangered native plants.

1995 May 31 We spend a couple nights at Gracies B&B in Depoe Bay.

1995 June 08 We attend Jason's graduation from Barlow High School. Ceremony held at the Coliseum in Portland. Spend an hour trying to get out of Portland afterward, as we become entangled in traffic, Rose Festival waterfront events, etc. Glenn swears never to drive into Portland again.

1995 June 14 Mark completes his 6-week round-the world trip and gets back to Austin. Along the way he visited: China, Thailand, Singapore, India, Poland and Boston. Mostly business, partly pleasure.

1995 June 23 We go to Ashland for Shakespeare play with Joles, going on to Crater Lake, and staying at Diamond Lake enroute to Salem.

1995 June 30 Glenn orders a lot of "manor stone" concrete blocks and embarks on a new landscaping project, building a low wall at lower end of the back yard.

1995 July 01 Sears installs a new garage opener with security keyboard. We never get locked out again!

1995 July 05 We show Terry & Gloria Iron Mt., then Clear Lake and McKenzie River waterfalls. Stay overnight at " Blue River" on the McKenzie River.

1995 July 10 -14 Mark is in Boulder, CO delivering a paper on his airborne gravity project at a meeting.

1995 July 12 We deliver our collection of NPSO plant lists to Scott Sundberg at the OR. ST. Univ. Herbarium in Corvallis. Will be used in their new project to create a new flora and online info about Oregon plants.

1995 July 14 We attend a presentation on a new HMO "Secure Horizons" that will be based at Salem Clinic, where our Dr. Winthrop practices.

1995 July 17 We go to Bend for two nights, driving up to Bachelor Butte and the Cascade Lake Highway.

1995 July 22 Barbara takes Lee Heyneman, Noma Halliday's good friend, to the Mangla Dam reunion at " Clackamette Park" in Gladstone. Lee & Noma & their husbands were neighbors in Mangla, Pakistan, where Irl's employer, Guy F. Atkinson, was one of the partners in the dam construction project.

1995 July 23 Al & Pauline move to Room 49 in the "assisted living" section of Keizer Retirement. Afterward Noel, Betty, Glenn & Barbara clean out the Kemmerich's effects from their apartment—most of it ends up in our storage room. Takes us a week to wind this up.

1995 August 04 Barbara attends the Chi Omega reunion at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland.

1995 Aug. 09 Kemmerich's long-time Fisheries friends, the Cannadys and the Harland Johnsons celebrate Al's 92nd birthday at Kemmerich's apartment.

1995 Aug. 12 Barbara attends her Milwaukie High School reunion in West Linn, at a park.

1995 Aug. 17 Mark leaves for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he gives his Colorado lecture to a different group. Then, he explores northeastern Brazil for a few days.

1995 Aug. 20 Al Kemmerich is admitted to Salem Hospital as they try to alleviate his congestive heart failure. He stays for four days.

1995 Aug. 24 Dr. Winthrop thinks Glenn has a skin cancer on his ear, refers him to a plastic surgeon.

1995 Aug. 27 We stay in a "rustic" cabin at Lost Lake, near Mt. Hood. The waterline to the cabins breaks—it gets even more rustic, but the views are wonderful.

1995 Sept. 01 Glenn sees "Dr. Nesbitt" a plastic surgeon. Confirms that Glenn has skin cancer on his ear. We have 2 units of bark dust delivered. Costs $250 this time.

1995 Sept. 04 Mark returns to Austin from Brazil.

1995 Sept. 06 Glenn has skin cancer removed by Dr. Nesbitt, in outpatient center at Salem Hospital.

1995 Sept. 09 We take part in Salemtowne "flea market" in Towne Hall and have plenty of "stuff" to sell.

1995 Sept. 13 Glenn has stitches removed from his ear, and then we set off on a trip to Yellowstone Park, where we meet Karen and a friend from Univ. of UT Library. Enroute we visit: Vina in Kennewick (stay with her), Twin Falls (seeing amazing Shoshone Falls), West Yellowstone, where we stay with Karen for 3 nights, Tetons, staying at Colter Bay cabins, Jackpot Nevada (where Barbara goes "blind" in a power outage!), Baker City and return to Salem on Sept. 21.

1995 Sept. 16 Terry's daughter, Stephanie, marries George Robert Overton in Los Gatos, CA.

1995 Sept. 26 Al Kemmerich is growing progressively weaker, now on oxygen. He and Pauline move to the nursing home section of Keizer Retirement.

1995 Sept. 29 We sign up for Secure Horizons (Glenn) and Pacific Care (Barbara) health insurance plans.

1995 Oct. 03 Barbara sees ENT Dr. Johnson for her vertigo.

1995 Oct. 04 Al Kemmerich passed away at 2:00 p.m.

1995 Oct. 06 Karen arrives from Salt Lake. She stays with us, and Noel's until the 9th.

1995 Oct. 07 Al's memorial service is held at the Simon Funeral Chapel in Woodburn. Both Noel and Barbara speak. Al is cremated. We arrange for Pauline to have a private room at the nursing home. She now is showing more and more evidence of senility. Still losing weight, but is very cheerful and agreeable.

1995 Oct. 08 We go to Reno, stay at the Silver Legacy. Probably with the Joles.

1995 Oct. 14 Mark leaves for Switzerland.

1995 Oct. 15 We attend the ballet in Eugene with the Joles.

1995 Nov. 02 We go to Mt. Angel cemetery with Noel and Betty, talk to "Fritz Berndt" about grave site for Al Kemmerich. We learn he and later, Pauline, can be buried adjacent to his parents, August and Barbara Kemmerich.

1995 Nov. 11 Karen goes to Pasadena, CA for Star Trek convention.

1995 Nov. 14 We take Al Kemmerich's ashes to Mt. Angel cemetery for burial.

1995 Nov. 17 Pauline has esophageal test at Salem Hospital.

1995 Nov. 23 Noel's family and Pauline join us for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Week—Mark goes to northern Mexico with friends, visiting Monterrey, Saltillo & "Cuatrocienegas" springs.

1995 Nov. 26 We buy our first cell phone—a Motorola.

1995 Dec. 07 Barbara bothered by rapid heart beat all day. We attend an "Internet orientation" meeting at the Salem Public Library.

1995 Dec. 08 Diane Knoche dies in Green Valley, AZ.

199511995 Dec. 12 Mark leaves for Panama, from where he takes a cruise to Cartagena, back to Panama, then "Bocas del Toro" Caribbean island, later to coffee plantation area "Boquetre" in Panama mountains Returns to Austin on 12-28.

1995 Dec. 13 Terry & Gloria come for lunch. Barbara realizes…..her vertigo is gone!

1995 Dec. 20 We go to Victoria to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. Enroute, we stay overnight at Port Angeles, leave car there. Have the "Honeymoon special" at the Empress Hotel ($50/night)

1995 Dec. 22 We go to the Olde England Inn in Esquimalt, near Victoria for lunch. This is where we stayed on our honeymoon. We show them the paid bill for their honeymoon suite in Dec. 1950--$7.50!! They treat us to dessert.

1995 Dec. 24 We take evening tour to Buchart's Gardens, with illuminations everywhere. Cold! Icy! Find red felt stocking on our door on return.

1995 Dec. 25 Carolers wake us up. We have Christmas dinner in the Empress' "Crystal Ball Room." We return to Salem the next day.

1996 January During the year, we look after Pauline Kemmerich, manage her investments, take her to medical appointments, etc. Barbara helps with Board & Finance Comm. minutes. Computer Club still going. Going to "Grande Ronde" now appears fairly often—the new Indian casino in Grande Ronde, enroute to the coast. Friday night pinochle at various homes in Salemtowne is a regular event.

1996 Jan. 01 Mark returns to Austin from Panama.

1996 Jan. 06 We take part in the Willamette Law School Trial practices

1996 Jan. 08 Glenn works on the Salemtowne phone directory—he has all the files on his computer, sets it up for printing.

1996 Jan. 09 Glenn attended Secure Horizons orientation at Salem Clinic.

1996 Jan. 15 – 26 Noel leaves with Oregon Air Nat. Guard pilot friends on a "tropical golfing tour" across the Pacific Ocean. Stops in Hawaii, south Pacific islands, Guam, Hong Kong and Macao.

1996 Jan. 30 Glenn has a bout of vertigo and high blood pressures. Sees Dr. Winthrop.

1996 Feb. 02 – 05 VERY cold, with ice.

1996 Feb. 04 We drive to Portland during the one-hour "warming" window in midday. Terry & Gloria join us at the Quality Inn, on Sandy Blvd, where we wear our golf shoes for better footing while unloading the car! Stay overnight before our plane trip on "Reno Air" to Harrah's, in Laughlin, NV.

1996 Feb. 05 We see ice floes in the Columbia River as we take off from PDX. 70-degrees and sunshine in Laughlin.

1996 Feb. 06 We notice on Laughlin hotel TV that it is now raining in Portland.

1996 Feb. 08 On our return to PDX we find it has been raining since we left and now serious flooding is occurring. They are towing the Air Nat. Guard planes to higher ground! As we drive through Keizer, all intersections are sand-bagged, with Nat. Guard soldiers on duty. Pauline's nursing home was ready to evacuate, but never had to do so. There is flood water almost up to Glenn Creek and Wallace Road, with sandbags around Roth's.

1996 Feb. 09 The Willamette River crests at Salem at 10:00 a.m. In Portland, even Mayor Vera Katz is helping fill sandbags along the waterfront. A temporary barrier is barely enough to keep the waterfront area from flooding. Water is almost up to the east-side golf car path below the house. The berry vines are totally covered, and motor boats are zooming over the tops of the berries.

1996 Feb. 27 Barbara helps with other volunteers to give the Townehall kitchen a thorough cleaning. We buy a Suburu Outback at Capitol Chevrolet in Salem, for $20,290.

1996 Feb. 29 Barbara's cousin, George Stupfel & new wife, Mary, with Sister Justine of Mt. Angel come to visit Pauline.

1996 March 04 The first Chi Omega sorority sister from Willamette Nu Delta chapter, Dorothy Hobson, dies. Barbara and several other sisters go to her funeral in Stayton, OR.

1996 Mar. 06 Doris Terril and her new husband, Mick visit. Terry & Gloria come up to see them.

1996 Mar. 16 Mark flies out from Austin. He buys the Colt from us, and drives it back to Austin, filled with Al Kemmerich's desk, bike rack, etc. The Colt gets a last service check-up, wheel alignment, etc.

1996 Mar. 19 Mark sets off in the loaded Colt, headed east, with a stop in Salt Lake City to see Karen.

1996 Mar. 20 Terry & Gloria leave for Terry's temporary assignment in Switzerland, with Hewlett-Packard.

1996 Mar. 21 Karen joins Mark on his drive to Austin. They go to: Lake Powell, Natural Bridges Mon., camping along the way. Through Arizona on the "Coronado Highway, then past Silver City, NM, Las Cruces, White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, McDonald Observatory, and finally to Austin. They have great views of a newly-visible comet, "Hyakutake" along the way. Mark shows Karen some of the sights around Austin, then she takes the Colt to Aransas Wildlife Refuge, before returning to Austin, and then to Salt Lake City on 02-31.

1996 April 01 We have a trailer hitch installed on the new Suburu.

1996 April 04 Noel goes to Mt. Angel Cemetery to check on the grave marker we ordered for Al's grave.

1996 April 08 We leave on a trip around northern Calif. visiting: Coos Bay, Arcata, Petaluma (3 nights), and Fremont where we meet Glenn's high school friends: George Betancourt & wife, Frank Pinto & wife, Stan Lewis & wife. Drove by Glenn's high school: Washington Union High in Centerville (now part of Fremont), on to Yosemite Park, staying in Mariposa, to Henk & Adien Bezemer's, Redding and return to Salem on April 18.

1996 April 19 Mark leaves for a week in Belize with friends Bill Petrick and Glenn Glover. Scuba diving, including the famous "Blue Hole."

1996 April 23 We buy a new dishwasher from Sears.

1996 April 27 We help with an NPSO work party at Deepwood—pulling ivy that was choking the native spring lilies, Erythroniums.

1996 May 03 We discover water leaking through the west wall of the storage room. Proved to be a broken water line, but ended up requiring major excavation right under front bedroom window.

Salt Lake City friend, Jennifer Harrington visits, we take her on an NPSO trip to Kingston Prairie, near Stayton.

1996 May 24 Chi Omega reunion is held at Willamette Univ.

1996 May 25 Noel & Betty meet us at Mt. Angel cemetery where we decorate all the family's graves. Al Kemmerich is buried next to his parents, August & Barbara Kemmerich.

1996 May 28 Mark leaves for Europe. Represents LaCoste & Romberg at a geophysical exhibition in Amsterdam, then on to Brussels and Zurich.

1996 June 05 We spend a couple nights at "Gracie's Landing" in Depoe Bay, then take in the Rose Parade with Travel Club on June 8.

1996 June 08 Barbara starts her application for Social Security, with a phone interview, than had to take her Alaskan birth certificate to Soc. Sec. Office in Salem.

1996 June 15? Mark returns to Austin from Europe.

1996 June 21 We take part in a 3-day NPSO field trip to the Illinois River area in southwestern Oregon. John Johnston joins us. We hike into Babyfoot Lake in Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

1996 July 06 Barbara picks raspberries at the Clark's farm on Wallace Rd.

1996 July 11 Glenn, Barbara, & Gordon & LaFyrne Pratt pick Marionberries in Gehring's fields.

Barbara gets cortisone shot for hip bursitis.

1996 July 12 We attend Norvada Smedley's summer concert at her home.

1996 July 15 Repair work still going on for leak in west wall of storage room.

Betty goes to Yuma to be with her parents. Mrs. Guenzi has surgery.

1996 July 17 Former next-door neighbors, Addie & Packy McFarland come from Madras, we have lunch. Addie is showing signs of memory loss.

1996 July 20 We leave on trip to the Canadian Rockies. We visit: Christina Lake, B.C., Cranbrook, B.C., Banff, staying 4 nights.

1996 July 24 Mark arrives in Banff, after flying in to Calgary. He is starting another round-the-world trip. Karen, friend Susan Wierenga and daughter Elizabeth arrive by car from Washington & Utah. We take hikes around Banff, soak in hot springs.

1996 July 27 We drive to Jasper Park, stopping at Columbia Glacier for a ride out on the ice fields. Karen, Susan Wierenga & Elizabeth take a tram to top of Whistlers Mt. near Jasper, while Glenn, Mark & Barbara go to Maligne Lake, where Mark does a river trip on the Maligne River.

1996 July 29 Karen, Susan & Elizabeth back home; Mark drives to Lake Louise with us, and takes a bus back to Calgary to continue his trip. Glenn & Barbara stop at Revelstoke two nights, then on to Grand Coulee Dam, and back to Salem on August 2.

1996 July 31 Mark goes to Korea and Singapore for gravity meter installation.

1996 August 03 Mark goes on to Beijing for International Geological Congress.

1996 Aug. 04 We attend the Kemmerich/Stupfel picnic at Wildwood Park, near Welches on Mt. Hood highway.

1996 Aug. 12 Mark goes to Istanbul, to "Side" in Greece, back to Turkey & to Ephesus.

1996 Aug. 13 Barbara applies to join "Secure Horizons" HMO upon her 65th birthday, Oct. 20.

1996 Aug. 14 We buy an IBM P133 computer & HP printer. $2,742. Bought at "Futureshop" in Salem.

1996 Aug. 17 Mark now at Zurich, then on to Brussels for business visits.

1996 Aug. 22 We buy a "zip drive" to save computer files on "zip disks"

1996 Aug. 23 Mark returns to Austin, having gone round the world a second time.

1996 Aug. 27 Barbara is called for jury duty at Dallas courthouse, and then is selected for Grand Jury, as Assistant Foreman. She goes to Dallas every Wednesday until Oct. 30.

1996 Aug. 31 Terry and Gloria go on a vacation trip in northern Europe, to the Netherlands.

1996 Sept. 09 Mark goes to Lake Powell with friends, rents houseboat, explore canyon area.

1996 Sept. 07 Mildred Eckley, a school chum of Al Kemmerich, passes away. Barbara attends the memorial service at her home in Salem.

1996 Sept. 08 We attend the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for George & Harriet Schoppert at Camp Adair, near Corvallis.

1996 Sept. 12 We go to the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest on opening day.

1996 Sept. 15 Terry & Gloria leave Switzerland, return to Albany.

1996 Sept. 24 We meet Terry & Gloria at Grande Ronde to hear about their time in Switzerland.

1996 Sept. 26 Barbara goes to Secure Horizons orientation at Salem Clinic.

1996 Sept. 27 The Joles come up, stay overnight.

1996 Oct. 01 We fly to Las Vegas, stay at a Comfort Inn a couple blocks off the Strip. Visit with the Mullans, return on Oct. 5.

1996 Oct. 10 Noel has lymph tests indicating a return of the kidney cancer.

1996 Oct. 17 We meet with lawyer, Clark Williams, for estate planning.

1996 Oct. 20 To Eugene for the ballet, with the Joles.

1996 Oct. 21 Noel flies to Los Angeles, goes to UCLA Kidney Cancer center to see if they will accept him in a program of "Interferon" injections to combat the recurrence of his cancer.

1996 Oct. 25 Barb has annual exam, gets pneumonia shot. Told to use "Efudex" on "actinic keratoses" (pre-skin cancer lesions) on upper lip.

1996 Oct. 27 We spend a couple nights at Gracie's Landing, Depoe Bay.

1996 Oct. 30 Barbara's Grand Jury group has final session, we wear "hangmen's hoods" then wind up with cookies and coffee.

1996 Nov. 09-14 Mark in Denver for geophysics conference.

1996 Nov. 28 Noel's family has Thanksgiving dinner with us.

1996 Dec. 06 Mark to China.

1996 Dec. 08-11 We're off on the annual bus trip to Reno with Salemtowne people.

1996 Dec. 11 – 18 Mark doing gravity survey in the Gulf of Tonkin, China

1996 Dec. 20 Mark flies to Anchorage, Alaska from China.

1996 Dec. 23 Both Karen and Mark fly in to Portland and arrive for Christmas

1996 Dec. 25 We have Christmas dinner at Noel's.

1996 Dec. 26 The four of usspend a night on the coast, staying at the "Whale Cove Motel" (Whale Cove is touted as the actual locale where Sir Francis Drake repaired his ship, rather than in California)

1996 Dec. 28 Candie and Dale Farley come down for a visit while Mark & Karen are here.

1996 Dec. 30 Noel has a CAT scan.

1997January Noel is accepted into the UCLA "Interferon" program at their Kidney Center. He flies to UCLA every other week for 8 weeks to get injections of "Interferon." We all visit with Pauline frequently. Glenn & Barbara continue to manage her affairs, confer with nursing home and her doctors on her care. We go to Grande Ronde casino, but not too often.

1997 Jan. 01 We have 3 inches of rain in one day. Rivers flood.

1997 Jan. 02 The Willamette River crests. Berry fields are covered in water again, but not as deep as in February, 1996.

1997 Jan. 07 Our disposal dies; Sears puts in a new one.

1997 Jan. 10 Barb orders "computer eyeglasses"

1997 Jan. 11 We attend the Trial Practice at WU Law School with others from Salemtowne.

1997 Jan. 20 Glenn loses a tooth to an abscess.

1997 Jan. 21 Terry & Gloria come for lunch.

1997 Jan. 23 US West phone company installs a second phone line, dedicated to our computer modem—needed for Internet access without tying up the phone line.

1997 Feb. Mark goes to Trinidad with Austin friends for Carnival, also visiting Curacao.

1997 Feb. 11 Noel & Betty, Pat Napier & Delores Esch (Pauline's nieces) and we all meet at Keizer restaurant with Pauline.

1997 Feb. 17 We buy a Whirlpool refrigerator at Montgomery Ward. $747. plus $30 to deliver.

1997 Feb. 19 Barbara and her cousin Delores Esch do some genealogy work at the LDS Library. Delores is searching for her birthmother. She was adopted by Barbara's Aunt Clara Bartosz when about 2 years old.

1997 Feb. 23 We go to the Eugene Ballet with Hal Jole.

1997 Feb. 28 Pauline has an endoscopy at Salem Hospital for her swallowing problems. She is given an injection of "botulinum" to relax muscles in her esophagus which have restricted swallowing. It works!

1997 March 01 We go to Barlow High School with Noel & Betty, to see Nicole act in a play she wrote.

1997 Mar. 04 We sell our Fred Meyer utility trailer to Ted Seavey for $150. Also sold our old refrigerator for $90 to a private party.

1997 Mar. 11 We meet Terry & Gloria at Grand Ronde, for early celebration of Terry's birthday on Mar. 15.

1997 Mar. 14 Mark starts another trip to China, going first to Salt Lake City, then visits us for a couple days. Noel & Betty come down and we all meet at Pauline's, and take her out for lunch.

1997 Mar. 17 Mark flies to China, first Beijing, then on to Zhanjiang on the coast, where he tests gravity meters, then trains his Chinese customers in its use, including a test cruise in the South China Sea. Later, he toured the Guilin area, taking a river cruise past those amazing "karst" limestone hills.

1997 Mar. 20 We review our Family Trust with lawyer, Clark Williams.
Barbara finishes her annual task, preparing and mailing out the Chi Omega newsletter to about 40 sorority sisters.

1997 Mar. 27 We leave for Green Valley, AZ, going via: Redding, Bezemers in Jackson, CA, Bakersfield, and Harrah's at Laughlin for two nights.

1997 April While in Green Valley we have good visits with Allyn Knoche & Lucy Hernreid, his "significant other." She is a retired pediatrician and Allyn handled the financial accounts of her and her deceased husband, also a physician. We also see: the Skirrows, & Ginny Hutchison. Also take trips to Mt. Whipple, Arivaca, Tubac, Madera Canyon, Asarco Mine, King Canyon, Indian casinos, Nogales, U of AZ museums, Box Canyon.

1997 April 01 We arrive in Green Valley, and rent a home at 2533 Calle de Humes, $1675 for one month plus $40 recreation cards.
Mark goes to Hong Kong, then to the Philippines from China, and on to Thailand, partly to train people on a gravity meter, partly to enjoy the Thai New Year celebration which involves throwing a lot of water on people. In late April, Mark spends ten days doing a "first descent" of a section of the Mekhong River, in China, below the Man Wan Dam.

1997 April 05 We take part in a "comet star party" at the Whipple Observatory Center.

1997 April 07 We go on the guided van tour to the top of Mt. Hopkins and see all the interesting telescopes.

1997 April 09 Karen and friend Susan Wierenga arrive, they camp in Madera Canyon. Go to Arivaca with us—we see lots of birds, with birders in the party.

1997 April 13 BOTH Glenn and Barbara develop irregular heart rhythms. Last for several days.
Noel has his first "Interleukin" injection. The Interferon injections did not arrest the kidney cancer. This is the next step. Interleukin injections are somewhat risky and have many side effects, so Noel has to remain in the hospital for several days after each injection.

1997 April 27 Glenn has a bout of high blood pressure.

1997 April 28 We start the return trip to Salem, stopping at Barstow, and Willows enroute.

1997 April 30 We arrive in Salemtowne.

1997 May 02 Barb attends her Chi Omega reunion; Glenn sees Dr. Winthrop about his high blood pressure.

1997 May 04 We celebrate Noel's 60th birthday at our home, with Pauline and Noel's family. Pauline is once again developing some swallowing problems.

1997 May 08 Mark arrives from China, we visit Silver Falls Park with him.

1997 May 11 Noel's family comes down and we celebrate Mark's 45th birthday.

1997 May 12 Mark returns to Austin.

1997 May 14 Barbara starts working on her Milwaukie High School 50th reunion, going up to Milwaukie and meeting other classmates for planning.

1997 May 17 We join an NPSO field trip to " Saddle Mt." in the north Coast Range. VERY sheer drop-offs. Barb gives up on the last "exposed" section.

1997 May 18 Barbara's cousin, Norbert Stupfel, dies in St. Paul.

1997 May 20 Glenn has oral surgery with Dr. Pederson in Salem.

1997 May 22 We attend Norbert's funeral in St. Paul.

1997 May 23 We attend the Spring Dance Concert at WOU in Monmouth. Also have bark dust delivered.

1997 May 24 Mark embarks on another round-the-world trip. This time he goes to: Geneva, Switzerland for a conference, on to Beijing to train customers on gravity meter use, then to Singapore, Cambodia and Angkor Wat ruins.
We go to Eugene to help Hal Jole celebrate his 70th birthday.

1997 May 28 Noel has another CAT scan to see if the Interleukin treatment helped.

1997 May 29 – June 01 We go to the Illinois River Valley for a "Siskiyou Ecology Meeting" in Cave Junction. Have lots of good field trips as well.

1997 June 01 Mark is in China on second leg of his "RTW" trip.

1997 June 05 We attend Nicole's graduation, along with her parents and brother. Also held at the Convention Center in Portland.

1997 June 06-07 We help host the state NPSO annual meeting at "Camp Cascade" on the Little North Fork of the Santiam River in Elkhorn Valley.

1997 June 08 We sell our big office desk to Judi Tripp for $175.

1997 June 09-15 Karen goes to Seattle.

1997 June 10-13 We fly to Reno, staying at the Eldorado Hotel.

1997 June 15 Fernando Aguilar's brother, Luis Aguilar, performs in Salem, but we aren't able to go.

1997 June 17 – 20 Mark visits us, as he winds up his RTW trip. He left Cambodia just in time—a mini-war breaks out, with shelling, etc. We visit with Terry & Gloria at their home in Albany, next day we go to Tillamook and Cape Kiwanda with Mark. Mark goes on to Salt Lake City to see Karen and do some crawfish fishing with his friends in a high Utah lake.

1997 June 18 Noel checks in at Good Samaritan Hospital for a second Interleukin treatment. We visit him before taking Mark to the airport on 6-20.

1997 June 25 Glenn and Barbara pick 25 pounds of raspberries at Gehring's fields off Wallace Rd.

1997 June 28 Mark in San Francisco??
There is a von Pressentin family reunion in Sedro-Woolley over this weekend, but we hear about it too late to attend. The German family historian, Friedrich-Franz von Pressentin is the featured speaker. Barbara talks to him briefly by phone while he is in Mt. Vernon.

1997 July 02 Noel has another Interleukin treatment at Good Samaritan Hospital.

1997 July 03 Gloria Halliday has surgery (hip replacement??) Judsons installs a new electric water heater for us.

1997 July 09-12 We go to Ashland for a Shakespeare play with Schopperts, then go on an NPSO field trips to: Mt. Ashland area and the next day to Pilot Rock and Dead Indian Road with Schopperts, Wilbur Bluhm and Skirrows.

1997 July 14 Barbara and LaFyrne Pratt pick Marionberries at Gehrings.

1997 July 18 Mark flies to London, then takes the Chunnel to Brussels, going on to Luxembourg, then to Switzerland where he makes preparations for an air gravity survey to be done in 1998. Then, on to Sicily and Naples, with visit to Pompeii.

1997 July 19 Barbara develops a VERY sore right knee.

1997 July 20 – 22 We meet Joles and stay in Coos Bay, going to Sunset Bay and Cape Arago. We locate the beautiful Lilium occidentale on the cliffs high above the ocean.

1997 August At some point, Noel has a "stent" inserted near his bladder to relieve pressure from a tumor.

1997 Aug. 01 We take Pauline to meet old Fisheries friends, the Cannadys, in Portland.

1997 Aug. 03 We attend the Stupfel/Kemmerich family picnic near Mt. Hood. Barb's cousin, Dolores Esch, comes along. We pick up Noel at his home.

1997 Aug. 06 Mark leaves Zurich, and returns to Austin same day.

1997 Aug. 07 Dr. Winthrop sees Pauline for a follow-up on an anti-dementia drug, "Aricept" which he's been trying on her.

1997 Aug. 08 We are busy finalizing plans for a Globus guided trip to England.

1997 Aug. 10 George & Mary Stupfel come for a visit.

1997 Aug. 26 Barbara sees an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lawton, about her sore knee. "Torn cartilage. Do leg lift exercises."

1997 Aug. 27 Noel & Betty drive to McChord AFB near Tacoma, stay at the Officers Quarters overnight, then use "space available" to fly on Air Force plane to Anchorage, Alaska on 08-29. They take a tour to Denali Park.

1997 Aug. 29 Glenn has a tooth pulled by "Dr. Howerton."

1997 Sept. 03 We meet Allyn & Lucy at Gleneden Beach. They are renting a cottage on the beach for a week.

1997 Sept. 07 Karen goes to Las Vegas for a conference. Returns to Salt Lake City on 09-09.
Barbara's knee is becoming more painful, making walking difficult.

1997 Sept. 08 Barbara sees Dr. Winthrop, he advises we NOT take trip to England. We cancel the trip ONE day before we were to leave!

1997 Sept. 10 Barbara sees orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lawton again.

1997 Sept. 27 We rent a table at the semi-annual Salemtowne "Flea Market" held in the Towne Hall.

1997 Oct. 08 Glenn paints the ceiling in the kitchen.

1997 Oct. 16 Glenn finishes wallpapering in the kitchen.

1997 Oct. 18 We attend the 45th WU Class of 1952 reunion at Illahee Country Club.

1997 Nov. 04 We order new carpeting for entire upstairs from Home Base $3,318.

1997 Nov. 11 We fly to Las Vegas, stay at Harrah's for two nights. Barb's right knee is hurting. She uses a cane.

1997 Nov. 13 We fly to Austin and stay with Mark.

1997 Nov. 15 Mark drives us down to San Antonio in the Colt Vista. We stay two nights, visit the Alamo, and Tower of the Americas, Institute of Texan Cultures nearby. Too cold (icy!) to take boat in the Riverwalk area.

1997 Nov. 17 We drive back to Austin, with a pause north of San Antonio to have a flat tire fixed at a Wal-Mart.

1997 Nov. 19 We fly back to Portland.

1997 Nov. 21 Karen goes to San Jose for a week (for professional meeting? Star Trek?)

1997 Nov. 27 We have Thanksgiving with Noel and Betty.

1997 Dec. 01 Mark leaves for a 4-week trip to Brazil and Paraguay. He attends a Portuguese language school in " Curitiba" Brazil. Also goes to Iguassu Falls between Brazil & Argentina & visits Jesuit missions in Argentina near the Falls.

1997 Dec. 02 We go to Portland with Travel Club. To: Pittock Mansion & Powells Book store.

1997 Dec. 03 Joe Duyck, husband of Barb's cousin Dorothy Stupfel Duycks dies after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease. We attend an Archeology Society lecture at WU.

1997 Dec. 04 We book a trip to England for Sept. 1998—with Grand European Tours.

1997 Dec. 06 We attend Joe Duyck's funeral in Roy, OR, with Noel & Betty.

1997 Dec. 07 We go to Reno with the Travel Club; stay at the Reno Hilton.

1997 Dec. 12-13 New carpeting is installed.

1997 Dec. 14 We go to Depoe Bay with Noel and Betty, our Christmas present to them. Stay at "Gracie's Landing."

1997 Dec. 24 We get a Christmas Eve phone call from Mark in Paraguay. Take Pauline to Dr. for an irregular heart beat. EKG "O.K."

1997 Dec. 25 We have Christmas dinner here. Noel's family and Jason's girl friend, "Kelly" join us.

1997 Dec. 26 We go to Terry and Gloria's for post-Christmas dinner.

1997 Dec. 28 Mark calls from Rio de Janeiro.

1997 Dec. 30 Mark meets a von Pressentin relative, "Marcelo von Pressentin" at his home in " Niteroi" near Rio.

1997 Dec. 31 Mark spends New Years Eve in a hotel above Copacabana Beach in Rio.

1998 We keep busy with activities in Salemtowne—Barbara is "scribe" for Board and other committees. We have frequent pinochle parties in addition to Tuesday night pinochle. Go on Travel Club outings, very involved with NPSO, and now attending Archeology Society meetings. Barb goes to local genealogy club meetings at State Library. We do wildflower and travel slide shows for Salemtowne groups & NPSO chapter.

1998 Jan. 02 Mark returns to Austin.

1998 Jan. 06 We buy a LaZBoy "apartment sofa" at Kuebler's Furniture, Salem. $820.

1998 Jan. 07 Barb sees Dr. Lawton about sore right knee. She is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery in February. Starts on regimen of pre-op vitamins

1998 Jan. 27 The heat pump dies. We start getting bids on a new one.

1998 Jan. 28 Mark to St. Louis for two days to visit a Government gravity meter company

1998 Feb. 02 Barb has surgery on her right knee. They even give her a videotape of the procedure. (No Academy Award for it though)

1998 Feb. 08 Clint Urey, a friend from NPSO died. We attend his funeral.

1998 Feb. 16 Hansen Electric installs a new heat pump—a 2-day job.

1998 Feb. 20 We have a 90th birthday party for Pauline at Keizer Retirement nursing home. Noel & Betty and many of her nieces and nephews attend.

1998 Feb. 21 Mark goes to Lucerne, Switzerland where he does an airborne gravity meter survey over the French Alps. Later, he goes to Trieste, then Venice for Carnivale, and on to Barcelona, Spain.

1998 Feb. 26 Pauline has a 24-hour Holter monitor EKG test, requires two special nurses and Barbara to stay with her all night and make sure she doesn't remove the lead wires.

1998 Mar. 02 Mark returns from Europe.

1998 Mar. 05 Gloria Halliday has hip surgery. We go to Western OR Univ. to see a Gershwin musical "Crazy for You."

1998 Mar. 07 Norvada Smedley's father, Harold, dies. Norvada is a sorority sister of Barbara's.

1998 Mar. 10 We give a wildflower slide show at Capitol Manor, retirement center.

1998 Mar. 19 Noel has appointment with his doctor about his kidney cancer.

1998 Mar. 20 We sign a contract with Orkin to get rid of carpenter ants.

1998 Mar. 25 We leave for Green Valley Ariz. And return April 11. Enroute to AZ, we: visit Folletts in Redding; stay in Calistoga, CA, Bakersfield, Bullhead City and Yuma, visiting Guenzi's. We arrive in Green Valley Mar. 31. Check in at Fairfield's "guest" villas, Suite 4717A.

1998 April Mark spends two weeks in Panama with friends. Visits: Bocas del Toro, Boquete, upper Chiriqui River, Panama City, then solo he went to the San Blas Islands (where he got Barb a "mola") then he finished up with a one-way cruise through the Panama Canal.

1998 April 01 Lunch with Allyn & Lucy Knoche. Skirrows visit us

1998 April 04 Karen & friend, Yvonne Stroup, fly to Tucson, rent a car and stay in villa adjoining us. We enjoy Madera Canyon with them, and other drives around Green Valley.

1998 April 07 We all leave Green Valley. Barb & Glenn drive to Laughlin, then on to Las Vegas, where we stay in Henderson. David & Carolyn Mullan spend the evening with us, at casinos.

1998 April 09 We go to Bakersfield, then Redding, and return to Salem on the 11th.

1998 April 11 Karen and Yvonne return to Salt Lake City after more birding in AZ.

1998 April 14 Orkin does pest control inside house. We have to vacate for several hours. They drill holes into wall, insert pesticide. Ants DO disappear. $772.00 for year contract.

1998 April 19 We celebrate Nicole's birthday here. Her 19th birthday.

1998 April 20 Santiam Insulation does attic insulating and finishes installing insulated windows in deck sliding door, and downstairs windows.

1998 April 21 Noel has skin cancer surgery. Barb goes to Milwaukie for 50th high school reunion planning session.

1998 April 24 Barb's Chi Omega reunion is held at the Willamette Valley Vineyards south of Salem.

1998 April 26 We go to Coos Bay for two nights, staying at the " Bay Bridge" motel.

1998 April 30 We go to Butte Creek Falls with Schopperts.

1998 May 03 We celebrated Noel's 61st birthday at Grande Ronde.

1998 May 06 Salt Lake friend, John Johnston, came for a visit and went to the NPSO annual meeting at Mosier, in Columbia Gorge with us.

1998 May 20 Barb going to Milwaukie frequently now as the Class of 1948 is getting serious with their 50th class reunion plans for September.

1998 May 23 We attend the WU Trial Practice at Law School

1998 May 24 To Eugene to see "Bolero" ballet with the Joles.

1998 May 26 We leave for trip to Utah. Mark leaves for another "RTW" (round the world) trip to: Perkasie & Doylestown, PA, Greenland for an airborne gravity surveying meeting, Leipzig, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Berlin, Potsdam, China, & Japan, and Salem.

1998 May 27 We stay with Karen, visit with friends Virginia and John Aldrich.

1998 May 30 We drive to Moab, staying at a condo with Karen and her friend. Go to Dead Horse Point and Arches with them.

1998 June 01 We start back, via: Page, staying at the Waweap Lodge on Lake. Powell, Zion, St. George, visiting with Pat Whitbeck, on to Las Vegas staying at the "Reserve" hotel in Henderson, and meeting Mullans for dinner there, Lone Pine, Carson City, Sparks, to Roger & Bonnie's home in Downieville, via the "Malakoff Diggin's, Ashland and back to Salem on June 11.

1998 June 16 We have roofing repairs done by the "Jim" of the "3 Sisters Roofing."

1998 June 18 Karen goes to Cedar City for conference?

1998 June 23 Pauline sees Dr. West regarding her continuing swallowing problems.

1998 June 24 Noel has another CAT scan.

1998 June 28 Sam Jones paints our deck.

1998 June 30 Mark arrives—we are his next-to-last stop on his RTW trip. (SLC after us).

1998 July 01 Mark stays with us until July 3. We visit Pauline, have neighbors in to visit with Mark, go to Grand Ronde, then up to Clackamas Towne to meet Noel & Betty for a late lunch.

1998 July 06 Home Depot delivers 224 "manor stone" blocks ($275) so Glenn can build a low wall at east edge of lot.

1998 July 08 Pauline has a second botulinum injection at Salem Hospital outpatient section. A-1 tree removal takes down our sequoia tree in back.

1998 July 09 We take part in NPSO field trips in Cave Junction and Ashland, OR areas.

1998 July 12 We go to Crater Lake on way home, staying at the Mazama Village motor Inn.

1998 July 15 We get up early to pick Marionberries with Gordon & LaFyrne Pratt.

1998 July 19 Noel and Betty drive to Colorado to visit her family. Return about August 1. Noel's doctor says CAT scan shows tumor still growing; they agree no more therapy will help.

1998 July 23 Michael Parent applies bark dust to entire yard.

1998 July 27 We attend Dick Johnston's funeral at Willamette Nat. Cemetery. Hottest day of the year!

1998 July 28 We help count cars entering and leaving Salemtowne. Hope is that we can convince the Dept. of Transportation that we need a traffic light at the entrance. They are not convinced.

1998 July 31 Karen and Salt Lake City friends go to Cedar City for the Shakespeare festival.

1998 July 31 Dr. Winthrop says Pauline now has congestive heart failure.

1998 August 02 We attend the annual Family Picnic at " Wildwood Park" near Mt. Hood.

1998 Aug. 04 We take John and Mary Miller to Grande Ronde. John gets a nice win on the video poker machine.

1998 Aug. 06 Pauline's medical care is transferred from Dr. Winthrop to the nursing home's staff doctor—Dr. Paul Young.

1998 Aug. 13 The annual Chi Omega reunion is in South Salem at "Roberts" restaurant.

1998 Aug. 15 We help set up for the Salemtowne "Ice Cream Social."

1998 Aug. 17 We attend the Salemtowne Garden Club picnic and show wildflower slides at the Farm House.

1998 Aug. 19 We go to Noel & Betty's to review legal forms for Pauline's death.

1998 Aug. 26 Noel and Betty go to Seattle for a couple days—to check on possible treatment at Hutchison Cancer Center. He's not accepted.

1998 Aug. 31 Barb sees Dr. Winthrop for pelvic pain.

1998 Sept. Mark goes to New Orleans Sept. 11 – 17.
Karen goes to Nepal for six weeks with friends Barbara Inglin and Amy Brunvand. They visit the villages where she was posted.
Both Noel and Pauline have stopped eating.

1998 Sept. 04 Barb has a re-check on pelvic pain.

1998 Sept. 06 We take a walker up to Noel.

1998 Sept. 07 We go to the State Fair. Pauline has a fall, gets a slight cut.

1998 Sept. 08 Barb has pelvic ultrasound. Is negative, but Dr. Winthrop wants to do a barium enema. We cancel planned trip to British Isles, scheduled for Sept. 10 departure. Invoke trip insurance.

1998 Sept. 10 Barb takes her cousin, Pat Napier, to visit Pauline.

1998 Sept. 17 Barb has barium enema and x-rays at Salem Clinic. All negative.
Pauline placed on morphine suppositories.

1998 Sept. 18 Pauline passes away at 9:30 p.m.

1998 Sept. 19 We go to Noel and Betty's, read Pauline's will leaving amounts to all the grandchildren as well as to Noel & Betty, and Barbara & Glenn. Noel now is pretty much confined to a recliner chair and very, very thin.
We go on to the Milwaukie High School Class of 1948 50th reunion at a hotel near Clackamas Towne.

1998 Sept. 28 We pick up Pauline's ashes at Simons Funeral home in Woodburn. At Pauline's request we hold no memorial service for her, but we do send a letter to her friends, describing her life. Later, we go to see Noel and Betty.

1998 Oct. Barbara starts taking a "writing your life story" class at Salemtowne with Don Uhl.
We have bathroom and family room downstairs painted, including ceilings. Probably result of earlier leak from dishwasher in kitchen that stained family room ceiling. Can find no record of when the water damage occurred.

1998 Oct. 02 Mark arrives—on his way to China for gravity meter test.

1998 Oct. 04 We all visit Noel and Betty.

1998 Oct. 05 Mark leaves for China and Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

1998 Oct. 06 We meet with "Tony Hill" an accountant in Salem to prepare to do the final tax return for Pauline.

1998 Oct. 14 We go to a Monet exhibit at Portland Art Museum with Travel Club.

1998 Oct. 15 Neighbor Joan Carey is admitted to Salem Hospital where they diagnose a malignant brain tumor.

1998 Oct. 16 We take Pauline's ashes to the Mt. Angel cemetery for interment with Al.

1998 Oct. 20 We go to Depoe Bay for two nights, staying at "Gracie's Landing" B&B.

1998 Oct. 25 Betty calls to say that she thinks Noel is near death and asks Barbara to come up and stay with them.

1998 Oct. 26 Noel passes away at 12:45 p.m.

1998 Oct. 27 Barbara and Betty go to the "Chapel of the Chimes" to make funeral arrangements for Noel. Barbara is asked to view Noel's remains for verification and she is struck by how much he now looks like his father. Barbara goes home in the afternoon.

1998 Oct. 29 Barbara starts attending the Glenn-Gibson Creek Watershed Council meetings as Salemtowne's representative.

1998 Oct. 31 We go with Betty to "Parents' Day" at Nicole's college, Western Oregon St. Univ. in Monmouth.

1998 Nov. 01 Karen and Mark meet in Bangkok, Thailand, the night before she and her friends fly home.

1998 Nov. 11 Barbara stays with Joan Carey while her family has a meeting with her doctor. She is rapidly deteriorating and soon is moved to Keizer Retirement nursing home.

1998 Nov. 13 Karen flies to Portland.

1998 Nov. 14 Glenn, Barbara and Karen attend Noel's memorial service at the Little Chapel of the Chimes. This turns into a wonderful experience, enjoying everyone's good memories of Noel. Many of his friends from the Air Nat. Guard are in attendance.

1998 Nov. 15 Mark arrives at the end of his Asian trip.

1998 Nov. 17 We meet Betty and her sister, Jan, at Spirit Mt. for lunch.

1998 Nov. 18 Mark leaves for Austin.

1998 Nov. 26 Betty, Jason and Nicole join us for Thanksgiving which seems very "empty" without Noel.

1998 Nov. 28 We go to Terry and Gloria's home in Albany for lunch.

1998 Dec. 03 We showed wildflower slides at the Hunter Arboretum in Dallas, OR.

1998 Dec. 05 Mark to San Francisco until Dec. 10.

1998 Dec. 08 We took Barbara's wedding rings to Patton's Jewelry in Woodburn to have an "arthritis" clasp put on them. $295.

1998 Dec. 13 Betty and Nicole fly to Yuma to spend a week with her parents.

1998 Dec. 17 Barbara signed up for membership in the West Salem Courthouse Athletic Club which now has a warm-water pool for water aerobics.

1998 Dec. 20 We attend Norvada Smedley's Christmas "musicale."

1998 Dec. 25 To Betty's for Christmas dinner.

1998 Dec. 28 Terry and Gloria visit us.

1999 January We invite Betty to be our guest on our first family cruise, to the Southern Caribbean in mid-January. During the year, we continued our usual activities: Salemtowne volunteering, travel club, NPSO, Archeology meetings and genealogy meetings for Barb.

1999 Jan. 04 Barbara meets her cousins and Betty in St. Paul for a lunch reunion.

1999 Jan. 06 We attend Joan Carey's funeral at Golden's in Salem.

1999 Jan. 09 We take part in the WU Law School Trial Practice with others from Salemtowne.

1999 Jan. 14 We meet Betty at the Portland airport and fly to Houston where we meet Karen and Mark. We fly together to San Juan, Puerto Rico and stay for two nights, going to see the old fortress, nearby National Park and a beautiful beach.

1999 Jan. 16 We all board the Celebrity Galaxy at San Juan and sailaway at 11 p.m. During the one-week cruise, we visit: St. Lucia, Barbados (where Glenn treats everyone to an undersea cruise on the Atlantis submarine), Martinique, Antigua, and St. Thomas.

01-23 We leave the Galaxy and pick up a rental van in San Juan. Drive to the west end of the island at "Rincon" staying at two places, "Beside the Pointe" at very tip of island (no water, so we left) and "Villa Cafresi." Enroute to Rincon we tour the Areceibo Observatory with its huge "dish."

1999 Jan. 25 We fly home from San Juan.

1999 February—just usual stuff for us. Mark flew to Salvador, Brazil with friend Glenn Glover to take part in Carnivale. They paid to join the "bloco-afro" called "Olodum."

1999 March 13 Erin Follett and her fiancÚ, Jim McCurdy, come for lunch. Erin is daughter of Barb's Pressentin cousin, Tim Follett. Erin & Jim are living in Portland.

1999 Mar. 17 We pick up Pauline's final tax return from accountant Tony Hill.

1999 Mar. 18 Betty and Nicole visit us, enroute to Ashland. Nicole is thinking of transferring to So. OR. Univ. at Ashland.

1999 Mar. 19 We get our first cell phone. Cheapest deal is to open an account at the MAPS credit union, and get a cheap phone and rate!

1999 Mar. 26 We leave for a month in Green Valley, AZ. Stay at Laughlin enroute to Ajo where we spend two nights at the former mine manager's house, now a B&B.

1999 April Nicole starts looking at colleges in Florida and Chicago.

1999 April 01 We check in at our Green valley rental at: 2503 Cervantes Dr. for a month's stay. While there, we visit with the Knoches, Skirrows.

1999 April 12 Karen and Yvonne Stroup come (but stay elsewhere) and we go to Madera Canyon, Sonoita, Patagonia Preserve, Tumacacori with them.

1999 April 15 Mark flies in and stays at casita with us.

1999 April 16 We all go to AZ-Sonora Desert Museum.

1999 April 17 Karen & Yvonne go to Pena Blanca Lake. Mark and we tour ASARCO mine north of Green Valley, and Titan Missile site in Green Valley.

1999 April 18 We all go to Kitt Peak.

1999 April 19 Karen and Yvonne leave; we tour Pima Air Museum with Mark, and then he leaves at 2 p.m. We check out the Desert Diamond Casino on way back to Green Valley.

1999 April 24 We have lunch with Virginia Hutchison at her retirement apartment.

1999 April 25 We start back, staying at Laughlin, Bakersfield, then to Morro Bay where we take a tour at Hearst Castle and also do botanizing at the Montana del Oro St. Park near Morro Bay.

1999 May We keep busy with NPSO field trips, Salemtowne activities.

1999 May 01 We return to Salemtowne.

1999 May 10 Glenn has juror orientation at Dallas Courthouse.

1999 May 16 - 21We take a tour of the "Bretz Floods" region of WA state. Go first to Yakima; visit Barbara's cousins, Anna May Stupfel van Keulen and Margaret Stupfel Fromherz. Go on to Coulee Dam, touring the dam, then down through the "coulees" and Dry Falls to Moses Lake. Then, to Moscow, Idaho through wheat country and more evidence of the great Ice Age flood. Drove to the top of "Steptoe Butte" enroute to Pullman. Drove east to Troy, ID where Irl Halliday was born. Couldn't get good directions to Andrew Halliday's former homestead, gave up, but got some good family history information at the Moscow Public Library. Drove south toward Kennewick, going to see spectacular Palouse Falls—also carved out by the Bretz floods. In Kennewick visited with Glenn's relatives: Vina Terril Hudson, Doris (Orvel Terril's widow) and Bob and Alice Rupp.

1999 May 22 Went to both the WU Law School Trial Practice AND the Spring Dance Concert at Western OR Univ.

1999 May 29 Decorated graves at Mt. Angel cemetery and Woodburn Belle Passi mausoleum.

1999 May 31 Went to Willamette Cemetery with Golden's Funeral Home bus tour. Met Betty at the cemetery for ceremonies. Thousands of American flags—one on every grave in the national cemetery.

1999 June Mark spent most of the month in Europe.

1999 June 03 We visited the new Polk County Historical Society museum in Rickreall with Mary Miller.

1999 June 05 Mark left for Helsinki where he manned a booth for LaCoste & Romberg at a geophysical exhibition. From there, he went to Talinn, Estonia and then on to St. Petersburg, Russia. He was there for the "white nights" at summer solstice. While there, he toured Hermitage Museum, saw the "gold room" and later took a short cruise on "Lake Oneida" south of St. Petersburg to "Valaam Island" full of old eastern Orthodox monasteries.

1999 June 11 We toured some plant nurseries with Betty, then went to Monmouth to help load up Nicole's stuff at the end of the college year.

1999 June 12 We go to western Polk County to help rescue native plants from forest to be clear-cut.

1999 June 18 Betty has a graduation pizza party for Jason, who graduated from Oregon St. Univ.

1999 June 21 Mark leaves St. Petersburg, flies to Zurich, Switzerland to help install a gravity meter. He also visited the Black Forest in Germany. Takes "Jungfraujoch" train to Jungfrau, where train goes through tunnel inside the mountain.

1999 June 22 We meet Terry & Gloria at Spirit Mt. for lunch and gambling.

1999 June 28 Mark returns to Austin.

1999 July 01 Betty and Jason go to Phoenix and Yuma to see her parents, the Guenzi's.

1999 July 03 We pick raspberries at Gehring's fields along Wallace Rd. with Mary Miller.

1999 July 07 We take a trip down the Oregon Coast to: Yachats, Coos Bay, Crescent City, then north to Cave Junction and on to Ashland where we see "Much Ado About Nothing." Return to Salem on July 12.

1999 July 14 We go with the Travel Club to Fort Vancouver, WA.

1999 July 16 Mark leaves for Jamaica, an entry point for Cuba. He goes to Santiago de Cuba for the "Cuba Carnival" on July 24.

1999 July 18 We meet Tim & Kathi Follett at Erin Follett's home in NE Portland. Betty and Nicole join us.

1999 July 23 Picked Marionberries at Gehrings' fields with Mary Miller.

1999 July 25 John Johnston visits us.

1999 July 25 Jason starts work at Office Depot.

1999 July 30 We go on an Alaskan cruise on Celebrity's "Mercury." We fly to Anchorage and are bussed down to Seward.

1999 July 31 The "Mercury" goes into Yakutat Bay so we can see Hubbard Glacier calving. Amazing!

1999 Aug. 01 We spend the day in Juneau. Take tram half-way up a mountain.

1999 Aug. 02 We are in Skagway, and take the narrow-gauge train to the Canadian border. Walk around Skagway with a US Park Service ranger.

1999 Aug. 03 Sitka is today's port. We walk around the city, see the Russian Orthodox church. Take a tour to outskirts of town, and to beautiful park with totem poles, and see Sitka women perform Russian dances.

1999 Aug. 04 In Ketchikan, where Barbara locate the old hospital where Barbara was born in 1931. VERY low-rent housing now. Walk up to totem pole museum, visit "Dolly's House" former bordello on Creek Street. Call Stan Bishop and he reminisces about Ketchikan in the 1930's. Mark returns to Austin from Cuba and Jamaica.

1999 Aug. 05 We sail along the Inside Passage. Back in Salemtowne, Sam Jones starts painting the house trim.

1999 Aug. 06 We arrive in Vancouver, BC at dawn. Fly home to Portland.
Karen's Nepali friend and mentor from her Peace Corps service, "Ganesh" comes to visit her. She and Ganesh fly to Seattle, stay with Barb Inglin.

1999 Aug. 08 Mark finishes his relationship with LaCoste & Romberg.

1999 Aug. 11 Karen & Ganesh come to Salem on Amtrak train, and stay with us. We show Ganesh many "firsts"—go to Depoe Bay where he and Karen go whale-watching.

1999 Aug. 12 Mark heads for Rio de Janeiro for geophysics conference. Later, goes to western Brazil and tours along the Amazon River.

1999 Aug. 14 We take Ganesh to Silver Falls, Betty meets us and we have a picnic there.

1999 Aug. 15 Karen & Ganesh fly back to Salt Lake City.

1999 Mid-August Mark's contract with LaCoste & Romberg is terminated. Mark is now retired.
We buy a new Compaq computer at Sears, Salem. Later, Mark bought us a 19" BIG monitor for the computer. Operating system: Windows 98.

1999 Aug. 18 Mullans come for a visit. We take them to Salemtowne Travel Club as we are showing Caribbean cruise slides.

1999 Aug. 221 Mark flies from Rio to Rio Branco in western Brazil.

1999 Aug. 26 Mark to Manaus on Amazon.

1999 Aug. 27 We visit the Knoches who are staying in Gleneden Beach.

1999 Aug. 29 Mark to " Santarem" on the Amazon.

1999 Sep. 01 Mark to Belem at the mouth of the Amazon. Later, he visited some islands offshore and ended up in Salvador.

1999 Sept. 02 Glenn sees Dr. Winthrop for sciatic pain, and ends up with a diagnosis of a recurrence of ear skin cancer!

1999 Sept. 05 Ganesh returns to Nepal after a month in the US.

1999 Sept. 07 We have cable computer modem installed.

1999 Sept. 08 Mark in Salvador, Brazil.

1999 Sept. 10 Mark flies from Rio to New York City, returning to Austin on Sept. 13.

1999 Sept. 14 Betty and Barbara drive up to Federal Way where Barbara goes with Ray and Jackie Dapp (von Pressentin descendants) to copy the Book II of the von Pressentin family history. The Dapps have the only known copy of the book among USA von Pressentin family members. Betty goes shopping at McChord Air Base.

1999 Sept. 23 Mark comes to Salem for his 25th Class Reunion (Class of 1974) at Willamette Univ.

1999 Sept. 25 Barbara goes to WU reunion banquet with Mark.

1999 Sept. 28 We go to the coast with Mark, visiting Indian casino along the way.

1999 Sept. 30 Mark leaves for Fairbanks, Alaska.

1999 October 02 Barb has annual exam; gets to use nasty skin cancer ointment for 3 weeks. We go on a "fall color" field trip to McKenzie Pass area.

1999 Oct. 13 We take two-night trip to Astoria. Visit Ft. Clatsop, parks on WA side of Columbia River, Astoria Column, and Maritime Museum.

1999 Oct. 16 Karen goes to Capitol Reef Nat. Park.

1999 Oct. 20 Barb has an "esophogram" for swallowing problem.

1999 Oct. 21 Glenn has outpatient surgery for ear skin cancer with Dr. Nisbet.

1999 Oct. 22 We meet Doris and Mick Phillips, her husband, at Wittenberg Inn, in Keizer for lunch.

1999 Oct. 29 Mark to Houston.

1999 Nov. 02 Barb is elected to Board of Directors, Salemtowne. 2 year term, starts Jan. 2000.

1999 Nov. 06 The Joles come for lunch.

1999 Nov. 14 We go with Pratts to see "A Tuna Christmas" at Pentacle Theater.

1999 Nov. 16 Mark to Belize for 3-week Central America trip. Visited: Honduras, Guatemala (Tikal Mayan ruins with friend Rob Edson).

1999 Nov. 25 Thanksgiving dinner at our house, Betty, Nicole & Jason come.

1999 Nov. 26 Terry and Gloria come up.

1999 December Christmas parties, etc. in Salemtowne.

1999 Dec. 20 Karen and friend Susan Wierenga, and daughter Elizabeth, fly to Ft. Myers, Florida for birding.

1999 Dec. 24 To Betty's for dinner.

1999 Dec. 29 Barbara & LaFyrne both called for Polk County jury duty.

1999 Dec. 31 Karen returns to Utah from Florida. The pinochle club has a big New Years Eve party, with champagne, to celebrate the Millenium.

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