September 8, 2004


The ice bergs from Sawyer Glacier float all the way out to the mouth of the Tracy Arm fjord. Gorgeous colors in the ice.

After leaving Tracy Arm the ship headed for Juneau where we had the afternoon to see the town.

We took a tram up "Mt. Roberts" which looms above Juneau. We had eagles' eye views of the town, the cruise ships in the harbor and the mountains above and around us. 

Karen spotted mountain goats on the mountain behind us in this picture. Lots of gold came out of these mountains too.

So many cruise ships visit these Alaskan ports, they have to play "musical chairs." When we arrived in Juneau, our ship anchored out in the harbor and we took tenders (aka the lifeboats) into the dock. Later in the day, one ship left and they pushed the "Sapphire Princess" into that spot.

We had to visit the most famous tourist trap in all of Juneau--the “Red Dog Saloon.” Sawdust on the floor, stuffed animal heads on the walls and cruise ship passengers--everywhere!

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