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AUGUST 9, 2013

Early postcard of Timberline Lodge

Mt. Hood, as we saw it from Timberline Lodge's Lobby

The immense stone fireplaces in the lLobby

We have visited Timberline Lodge many times over the years.  Now that our own travels are more restricted, we were delighted to learn that our "Senior Apartments" section of Avamere at Keizer was planning a bus trip to the Lodge. We signed up to go along. At the Lodge, we enjoyed a lovely buffet luncheon served near the huge stone fireplace in the center of the lodge's lobby.

Timberline Lodge, perched on the south slope of Mt. Hood, is a fascinating place to visit because it is both an inn and a museum.  A WPA "works project" of  the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, it was constructed during the darkest years of the Great Depression.  Today, the Lodge is unique in America.  The following is from the "Friends of Timberline website:

"[The Lodge] is the only twentieth-century public building of its size constructed and furnished entirely by hand with original craft work in wood (both carved and inlaid marquetry), wrought iron, weaving, applique, painting, mosaic, carved linoleum, and stained glass."

Wherever you look in the Lodge, you see evidence of that hand crafting.  Click here to see some photos we took of this Oregon treasure.

Barbara and Glenn


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