As seen on May 15, 2009


In mid-May, our town of Keizer, Oregon throws an "Iris Festival." Just a few miles north of Keizer, in Brooks, Oregon is one of the premier Iris growers in the world, Schreiner's Iris Gardens. So, on a lovely sunny Friday, the Avamere Court bus headed for Brooks and the Iris gardens.

For reasons best known to the Iris and Mother Nature, the usual bloom time for these lovely flowers was pushed back a couple weeks. The broad Iris fields straddling Interstate 5 are usually such a colorful sight that cars whizzing down the freeway invariably slow down a bit to take in the swaths of bright blue, pink, yellow and all the shades in between. This year, as we approached the Schreiner's Iris fields, only the early dwarf iris were in bloom, but just wait a couple weeks and the big color show will be on.

Schreiner's also provides demonstration gardens featuring their Iris and many other May-blooming flowers. We had time to stroll through the gardens and there we were rewarded with a variety of colorful flowers. You can see what we saw in these photos.

Barbara Halliday,
May 17,

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